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This school has an established record for the support of local, national and international charities.  We have a two year programme which is reviewed by the School Council, this has supported Francis House, Manchester Children's Hospital, Barnardos, Children in Need, NSPCC, RSPCA, Sports Relief and many others.  Our main school charity is Ugandaid.  We support students in Uganda and members of staff take part in projects such as school building, clean drinking water projects, home and latrine building.  More details will be included on this page throughout the year.


Mrs. Morrow's Uganda Visit Report

Just a fraction of 2013-14 charity fund raising

Just a fraction of 2013-14 charity fund raising 1 Shoe Box collections for Samaritan's Purse
Just a fraction of 2013-14 charity fund raising 2 Wacky Day for Children in Need
Just a fraction of 2013-14 charity fund raising 3 Y3 Sleepover for Brentwood's hydrotherapy pool


        Ugandaid 2015

Bowdon Church School                                                                                                                                                                                   September 2014


Dear Parents,

            Over the last few years our school has been supporting ‘Ugandaid’. This small charity supports young people in Uganda in getting an education and training at the ‘Nile Institute’ near Jinja, so they can then work and support themselves and others. It also undertakes practical ‘on the ground’ projects, such as refurbishing schools in the Jinja area of Uganda. There is a website if you’d like to know more.

As a school we sponsor three students and some staff members also support a student personally. I did this and it was unbelievably rewarding. James, the lad I supported over three years, was an orphan with nine siblings. He was also quiet and hard-working. I am delighted to report that last year he graduated as a sheet metal worker and  - this is what is wonderful - is now working to support his siblings to achieve the same. I think the most humbling thing in the world was that he wrote to me saying that he ‘thanked God for me’ every day. I realised that what was a rather small thing in my life was everything to him; it has literally meant he can step out of almost total poverty and have some hope.

As part of this work, for the last four years, the school has sent a teacher to join the Ugandaid team as they visit the projects across the February half term and next year it will be me. Although I am excited and appreciate the school allowing me to do this, it is definitely not a ‘jolly’ as I have had to pay for myself to get there and I will lose my half term holiday.  In addition, I am told I will have to work very hard when I arrive! 

However, as a condition of joining the team, each person must contribute as much as possible to the projects we will work on so we can make a difference whilst there. For this reason, I am asking for your support and ANY donations will be gratefully received. Over the next few months -  and with the kind support of Mrs. Norbury  - I will be organising some fund-raising events and as far as possible, we’d like these to involve the children as this is first and foremost, their charity. There will be a loose change collection starting shortly, as well as a cake sale in the next few weeks. However, we are kicking off with a ‘guess who owns these knees?’ competition! Many brave members of the teaching staff have allowed us to picture their knees for this…!! (Thank you!). There will be a small charge for entering and prizes for the child  -or adult! -  who correctly identifies the most knees…(Yes, mine are there somewhere, I’m afraid...) You can, of course, have more than one go!


Thank you very much for your support,

Karen Morrow (Year Five teacher)