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Cross Country Autumn/Spring terms

Race Dates 2018-19

Saturday 29th September John Leigh

Saturday 13th October John Leigh

Saturday 3rd November Sale Harriers 

Saturday 17th November John Leigh

Saturday 1st December Sale Harriers

**********Change of date (below)************** 


Saturday 9th February Sale Harriers 

Saturday 2nd March Sale Harriers 

Races begin at 10am, please arrive 20 minutes earlier




Important information regarding John Leigh Parking


As I always mention in the pre-season mails we really need to make sure that people attending the John Leigh park races park their cars in a sensible manner. As some of you may have seen in the local press the parking on Oldfield Road is causing the residents, and the Friends of John Leigh park, plenty of concern and the council are planning to introduce tighter controls. Some of the parking is selfish and dangerous.
So can I ask you all to pass on the message again - please park carefully and safely. Don't block peoples drives or limit peoples visibility at the end of roads. There's plenty of parking away from Oldfield Road - check Norman Road, Hartley Road, etc. 
Please ask people to take care - the future of the league is in peril as we need permission from Trafford Council to use the park. This is a very genuine issue and we need to address it urgently. 
Many Thanks
Mark (Race Organiser)