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w/c 01/07/19



- Homophones - words to be learnt for a spelling test next Monday.

Word of the Week is





Sentences using spelling words in cursive handwriting in h/w book.  Remember to write an additional sentence with the word of the week - can you use it as a fronted adverbial (extra Dojo/Gems reward if you can!)?


Fronted adverbials are words or phrases at the beginning of a sentence used to describe the action that follows – they are always followed by a comma e.g. Deliberate – Deliberately, the hungry tiger waited, motionless in the grass.



- Two step word problems.


Please ensure an adult CHECKS and SIGNS both English and Maths homework books every week.


All homework is due in the following Monday*, but if is completed before then, children are encouraged to hand it in before.


*Except Bank holidays when it will be due in on the following day.


Please note: English h/w is marked by the teacher and Maths h/w is marked in class so that any problems can be discussed and gone through together.


Please ensure that both Maths and English H/W books are covered in sticky back plastic to protect them.  ALL children should have both books in on a Monday morning.