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Role reversal - pupils dressed as grown ups and teachers dressed as school children

Role reversal - pupils dressed as grown ups and teachers dressed as school children 1

Children in Need - Dress as what you want to be when you are grown up

Children in Need - Dress as what you want to be when you are grown up 1
Children in Need - Dress as what you want to be when you are grown up 2

This is the prayer used in assembly this morning, written by Niamh and Eloise:


Dear God,

We thank you for your creation,

The moon, the stars, the sky,

The land you have created

And when the clouds pass by.


For making us different,

Letting us have fun.

Leading us the right way,

With every Joke and Pun.


Not all goes to plan,

So please forgive every sin.

Help us to remember,

That we don't always win.


We pray that you look down on us,

Help us to know you're there.

We pray for those who mourn,

We know you are with us everywhere.


For the fun we've had a B.I.G. Club,

The laughs, the games, the reflection.

Thank you so much,

For pointing us in the the right directions.



We were fortunate to have a very interactive assembly from B.I.G. Club this morning.  They told us all about what they have been looking at, discussing and playing this year. Thank you to Mrs Addenbrook and Mrs Wood who lead B.I.G. Club on behalf of St. Peter's and St. Mary's churches.








































And they're off!
Of course we picked the hottest day of the year so far but everyone had a great time.  Three laps was a mile and some children did 10 but the best part was seeing the older children helping the younger ones along.
We are already for our Smile for a Mile walk/run this afternoon.  It's going to be a hot one but we will still have lots of smiles.

Prayer Space Week has started. Haven't Mrs Horner and her team done a fantastic job of setting it all up?

Prayer Space Week has started.  Haven't Mrs Horner and her team done a fantastic job of setting it all up? 1
Prayer Space Week has started.  Haven't Mrs Horner and her team done a fantastic job of setting it all up? 2
Prayer Space Week has started.  Haven't Mrs Horner and her team done a fantastic job of setting it all up? 3
Prayer Space Week has started.  Haven't Mrs Horner and her team done a fantastic job of setting it all up? 4
Prayer Space Week has started.  Haven't Mrs Horner and her team done a fantastic job of setting it all up? 5

Reception exercising with Joe Wicks live this morning.

Reception exercising with Joe Wicks live this morning. 1

Passing the sick man over the heads of the crowd in our worship this morning.

Passing the sick man over the heads of the crowd in our worship this morning. 1
Passing the sick man over the heads of the crowd in our worship this morning. 2
Thank you from 'The 4T Cake Team'
Thank you to everyone that baked, helped or bought at last Friday's Cake Sale. Hopefully everyone has cake boxes back (and if not, please check with reception). We are really grateful to everyone for the fantastic support and are delighted to report that the total raised from the Cake Sale for Ugandaidwas an amazing (and possibly record breaking!?!) £474.00 !! This money will make such a difference - So a HUGE THANK YOU for your incredible support.

Beth receiving her award on Saturday night for winning the North West Junior Triathlon Series for her age group, from the World number 1 para triathlete Lizzie Tench. She also won the Northern Junior Triathlon Championships, for her age group. ( North West and North East). Amazing news Beth, we are so proud of you.

Beth receiving her award on Saturday night for winning the North West Junior Triathlon Series for her age group, from the World number 1 para triathlete Lizzie Tench. She also won the Northern Junior Triathlon Championships, for her age group. ( North West and North East).  Amazing news Beth, we are so proud of you. 1

Thank you to the Anti-Bullying team for a moving and challenging assembly. At BCS we STAND UP TO BULLIES.

Thank you to the Anti-Bullying team for a moving and challenging assembly.  At BCS we STAND UP TO BULLIES. 1
Thank you to the Anti-Bullying team for a moving and challenging assembly.  At BCS we STAND UP TO BULLIES. 2
Thank you to the Anti-Bullying team for a moving and challenging assembly.  At BCS we STAND UP TO BULLIES. 3
Epiphany: here are our 3 wise men visiting classrooms as they near the end of their journey to see the infant Jesus.

Welcome back everyone and a happy new year to you all.  I hope that everyone has had a enjoyable Christmas spent with family and friends.

The staff (teachers, teaching assistants and office) have all asked me to thank you for the very generous gifts and lovely cards received on the run up to Christmas and I would like to add my thanks too.  They were much appreciated.

We have held the first achievement assemblies of the year and it is clear that many children have come back raring to go, impressing their teachers in the first few days of term.

Thank you for your patience and prompt response yesterday.  Although most of the children were delighted, we were well aware that it was extremely inconvenient for many of you.  Fortunately it was nothing too serious and we had water again by the end of the afternoon.  Everyone pulled together and it was actually a useful exercise in how well our emergency contact procedures worked.  We will be following up any areas where there could be improvement.  I would particularly like to thank the office staff, who were at the front line of dealing with both the problem in the first place and the messaging, phone calls and collection supervision that took place over the following hour.


Father Christmas visits the Infant Christmas parties

Father Christmas visits the Infant Christmas parties 1
Father Christmas visits the Infant Christmas parties 2
Father Christmas visits the Infant Christmas parties 3
We enjoyed a delicious Christmas Dinner yesterday.  Well done to Mrs Dunn and her kitchen team.

I couldn't resist taking this photograph from my office window, of our Reception children having such a lovely time in the sun this morning.  What a blessing our great facilities and beautiful surroundings are.

Y6 visit to the Royal Exchange and 'Wartime Manchester' tour

On Tuesday Y6 had a unique opportunity to watch an exuberant and interactive poetry performance by Valerie Bloom. Valerie is an outstanding performer who delights in being on stage. They found themselves learning about life in Jamaica:  bargaining Jamaican-style for groceries and balancing an imaginary tray on their heads, swaying as they sang the cake seller’s song. Think ripe bananas and fresh callaloo, jerk chicken and rice an’ peas. This performance was certainly full of fun and flavour!

They then went on to have a tour of the Royal Exchange and a walking tour of Manchester, learning about how war has shaped this vibrant city. Thank you to all the parents and helpers and of course the children for keeping up with the fast pace!

Infant children enjoying the sun at lunchtime today.

Infant children enjoying the sun at lunchtime today. 1
Infant children enjoying the sun at lunchtime today. 2
Infant children enjoying the sun at lunchtime today. 3
Infant children enjoying the sun at lunchtime today. 4
Infant children enjoying the sun at lunchtime today. 5
Today we opened Isaac's Garden with Y6 and it was a lovely occasion in beautiful surroundings.  Who would have thought that that small part of school could end up looking so lovely and with such a peaceful feel.  Thank you so much to the team who have designed, fund raised, built and planted the garden and to all of the parents and children who have contributed.  We think that it will play a very important part in our school life.
Mrs. Howsley's class have learnt such a lot about our Queen.  Thank you for your lovely assembly.
The infants had a great time too!  Thank you Mrs. Cochrane, you made it such fun for everyone.
We had great fun at our Sports Days this week and the weather was perfect.  Congratulations to Tatton, winners of the Junior trophy. (Thank you to Mrs. Herrington for the photo)
Here is everyone at the House of Manannon, where we started the day.  It's been another full on day because we then went to Peel Castle, followed by Tynwald Hill.  Dinner soon and then we are off to party.  Parents, be ready to welcome back 58 tired but happy children, they have made some  wonderful memories together.  I am sure that they are looking forward to seeing you.  It is unlikely that I will be able to Parentmail from the ferry.  I will try to put something on here again.
No photos today but we have had another great, if tiring day.  It's been a bit chilly but that did not stop about half of the children from venturing into the sea.  We saw some great designs in the sandcastle competition and enjoyed learning about the crofter's life in the living history museum. Having been well fed, we are now off for a game of rounders. 

Tuesday - hot and sunny again today.  We have had a wonderful day at the Laxey wheel and the wildlife park.  Here are some of the children on the giant bouncy pillow.

Monday - Perfect weather here in the Isle of Man and a brilliant day. Lots of walking - 23,500 steps so far, with beach games to come.  I hope that everyone is doing well back at school.  Here we are at Castle Rushen.

Happy times on the beach.

For some reason my Parentmail is not working with the wi-if here.  I will try later but in the meantime will continue to blog.  


We have arrived safely, had a big dinner and are now off to the beach.  Lots of smiling and excited children!


Mrs Martin 😀

Here we are on the ferry, phew!  There were no more coach problems.  All is fine and everyone is happy.

Happy birthday Bessie 😀🎈

Back in the Autumn Y6 parents organised a cake sale and collected donations to buy a table tennis table , as this was a sport that Isaac enjoyed.  The table has now arrived - to much excitement and I am sure that it will bring a lot of pleasure to the Y6 children. 
Congratulations to School's Out for their 'Outstanding' report from OFSTED.  I have never seen such a glowing write up!
Year 2 SATs, what's all the fuss about?  All that we are interested in is making (and eating) pizzas this week!

We loved the assembly from Mrs. Cochrane's class this week.  Biblical superheroes!

We are sad to see the end of Prayer Space week.  What a fantastic project, inspiring some deep (and some not so deep) discussion about prayer and personal, community  or world concerns.  Well done to everyone who put this together and then supported the workshops, there were a superb number of volunteers. Thank you especially to Mrs Horner, Mr Cross and Mrs Banks, who worked tirelessly to give the children this superb opportunity. 


Here are are some photographs. Don't miss the wonderful prayer from a reception child when asked to write a prayer for the world - one of the reasons why I love my job. 

This week we are exploring praying in our Prayer Space activities. The level of discussion is fascinating.

Next week )25th to 28th April) we will be running Prayer Spaces in Schools.  This is an exciting project which enables children of all faiths and none, to explore important life questions, spirituality and faith in a safe, creative and interactive way.  Prayer Spaces give children and young people an opportunity to develop skills of personal reflection.


Each class will visit the Prayer Spaces in turn and spend an hour visiting the five interactive prayer stations.  They will be focussing on the three aspects of prayer - in, up and out.

Up - towards God

Out - towards others

In - reflective, towards the self


For more information please visit the website: www.prayerspacesinschools.com

Here is an update on the group of parents who did brilliantly in the team marathon in memory of Isaac.  Well done to you all.  (I am sure that we would all like to see a photo.)

Yr6 Mums running for Once Upon A Smile

The team of Mums who ran the Manchester Marathon Relay during the holidays in memory of Isaac Maley would like to pass on their heart-felt thanks to everyone who sponsored them or came out to support them on the day.  With some fund-matching still to come in they will have raised well over £1000.  If you’d like to make a donation then there is still time to visit their fundraising page at https://www.justgiving.com/4isaac


One of the things that I love about this school is the way that everyone gets behind our community work and giving.  It has been so lovely to hear  children talking about Isaac's Garden this morning , particularly the comment about how it will be a happy place because Isaac was such a happy boy.  We have been inundated with cakes for the after school cake sale and they look delicious.

In addition Gill Edmundson, Helen Buckley and Heather Rothwell will also be running the marathon relay, to raise funds for the PTA to fund Isaac's garden.  The link for their giving page is below\;



Here is Mr. Taylor receiving his Golden Award in the Infant assembly this morning.  Mr. Taylor has worked here for 13 years (with a short break) and we are very sorry to see him go.  Good luck with your career Mr. Taylor, we will miss you. (Apologies for the sideways view, it will not turn round)
Y6 gave a very impressive ukulele concert yesterday.  Well done everyone, you were brilliant. 😀
  1. A reminder about Friday which is Sport Relief Day. Children may wear sports clothing for school in return for donating at least £1 to Sport Relief. Bake off arrangements were sent out yesterday. Entries should be brought in to school at the start of the day.
  2. Friday is also the day of the Y3 Sleepover - great excitement. I hope that they get some sleep.
  3. Next Monday (21st) there is a Ukulele concert for Y6 parents, family and friends. The children will be showing off how well they have done during this PTA funded project.
  4. It is our Easter Service next Thursday at 10am. The children walk up to church and back; we need quite a number of adult supervisors to help with this. If you are able to help with escorting the children please let your child's class teacher know and be at school at 9.15 ready for the walk up. This service is always lovely and is definitely worth attending. All year groups will be participating.
What a wonderful assembly we had from Y1B/L this morning.  It is hard to believe that such young children could perform and present with such confidence and skill.  Well done to all of the children and staff - it was a triumph!



We all really enjoyed the class assembly from Y4T yesterday on Jamaica.  What fantastic facts, acting, Jamaican accents and dancing from you all.  It was a wonderful presentation, demonstrating many talents.  Well done.


Great to see so many good dancers amongst the boys!


Here are the guitar group getting ready to perform at the Altrincham Schools' Festival.  They were excellent.  Thank you Mr. Arthur and well done everyone. 
We love reading.  Enjoying our day late World Book Day activities. 
This morning we welcomed The Bishop of Stockport, the Right Revd.  Libby Lane who came to dedicate the building and speak at our special celebration.   Visitors attending included representatives from Trafford Council, the Diocese, St. Mary's and St. Peter's churches, the building firm (Willmott Dixon), the architects, Governors past and present and many friends of the school.  After a guided tour and refreshments, we held a lovely service and the children were all involved in the dedication of the building.  Guests, the school council and two children from each infant class then went outside the school entrance for the prayer of blessing and the unveiling of our new plaque.  Many thanks to Mrs. Brierley and all the staff, for getting everything ready and making this such a special occasion.
A massive well done to the Lacrosse A team who came 3rd in the Trafford round of the National Championships!
Y4 had a fantastic afternoon at the Etihad Staduim yesterday watching Manchester City ladies team, who won 2-1 against a Swedish team.  Thank you to Manchester City for the tickets.
Well done To the winning quiz team, Jacob's Crew.
We have finished the first round of the quiz, sport - that was really difficult Mr. Hamblett.  On to a game of Bingo. 

Well done to our Y6 Netball teams, as they played their first matches on our fabulous new court.  

'A' Team 13 Navigation 0

'B' Team 7 Navigation 0




Y6 Quesadillas making. Yum! #cooking #foodtech




Everyone has been telling me now fantastic Y3P's assembly was on Wednesday.  They are enjoying their investigation of the Stone Age and demonstrated their learning in an entertaining and skillful way.  Well done everyone, I am sorry that I missed it.
Look how much we collected for Bags2school last week!

A great day at Tatton Park. Children behaved perfectly and really enjoyed learning about The Anglo-Saxon and Viking way of life. Photo shows our Anglo Saxon 'Warriors' in a wall of defence against a 'vicious' Viking!

Mrs Davies

More swimming success for Beth.  She is mow the county champion at 100m breaststroke.  Well done Beth!
Wow Mrs Sales -best leading lady in a musical in the North of England.  Those of you who saw her performance in Hairspray will agree that this is a well deserved award.  Aren't we fortunate to have such a talented drama teacher?
Look who Shula (Y4) bumped into on her way home on Wednesday.  Jo Brand and Bill Bailey doing there comic relief fund raising walk from Humber bridge to Liverpool.  (Thank you to Shula's mum for these photos)

Thank you to Mrs. Nosowska (grandparent) who is currently going through the archives of St. Mary's Church, Bowdon.  She has found this copy of the Bowdon Church News for 1971, containing an article written about the dedication of the new school.


As our own dedication is to be carried out by Bishop Libby Lane, the Bishop of Stockport on March 3rd, this is a timely reminder of the great history of this school. 


The school was founded in 1553 as this extract from the will of Edward Janny of Manchester, Merchant shows:

"£4 yearly to be payd to a sffyeyent and honest schole mayster to kepe a ffre scole at Bawden to instruct youthe in vertue and lerninge."


The article goes on to describe the new school building (1970) as," the new Bowdon Church School splacious and lovely in her green playing fields in Grange Road.  For many years that building was no longer spacious and now here we are in 2015-16 moved in a settled in our lovely new school.  Who knows what will be written in the future when this building needs to be replaced ?


We are so proud of Abbie, who has raised almost £475 for Ugandaid by holding a 24 hour silence.  I don't know how you did it Abbie.  She has now paid for a safe and sanitary brick latrine by herself.  The response to Mrs. Morrow's upcoming visit to Uganda next month has been simply incredible, thank you everyone.

Wow! Another amazing pantomime assembly, this time from Y6W.  We had so much fun in the ghost scene and loved the comedy of the ugly sisters.  Note the 'Hairy Godmother' in the photos. Well done everyone I could hardly believe the amount of talent on show.  Thank you to Mrs Sales for putting these assemblies together and for training the children so well.  We know that it takes you hours.


We all enjoyed Y6M's pantomime assembly this week.  What a lot of talented children we have in Y6.  There were some great examples of perfect comic timing, wonderful acting skills and lots of enthusiasm.  Thank you to Mrs. Sales who wrote the assembly (the children wrote the pantomime scenes in their drama lessons) and produced it.  We are looking forward to one from Y6W next week.  More photos are on the class page.

Description: BCS LOGONew Year Message from the Chair of Governors


A very happy New Year to all members of the Bowdon Church School community.


No one could deny that the year 2015 will, should its history ever come to be written, go down in the school annals as an exceptional one.


One incident, a double one in fact, is unique to BCS and will always remain so. In one year two of our Governors were required to resign! The first, Rev Libby Lane of St Peter's in Hale was appointed the first female bishop. The second, Rev Roger Preece, was appointed an archdeacon. The Governing Body is delighted that their contributions to their work has been recognised in such ways and we congratulate them both. Bishop Libby has agreed to officiate at the opening of your new school in March 2016. Both priests have played vital roles over the years as active members of the Governing Body and active members in school itself, where they were popular with staff and parents and particularly with the children. We shall miss their leadership and insight into all matters relating to school and we wish them every success in their new and important roles in their Christian ministries. They will be hard to replace.


Unlike the old school, which was not hard to replace. It leaked, it was past its sell-by date, but in austere times and despite the Governors continuing efforts, it looked doomed to be with us for the foreseeable future. But such was not to be the case. I really did find it difficult to believe this time last year that we should be safely ensconced in our new school for September 1st 2015. But as Building Committee meeting succeeded Building Committee meeting I began to dare think that it might happen as, of course, happen it has. I hope you will forgive me if I take this opportunity to give heartfelt thanks to all of those who gave so unstintingly, always cheerfully and with good humour, and always so professionally to the work they undertook. First I must place on record my thanks to Trafford Authority. Trafford have worked so hard and at so many levels to see this project through to a satisfactory conclusion, and without their initial conception and their continued commitment it could have fallen at any number of hurdles. Thanks are also due to the Diocese at Chester for its support. The architects redrew their plans on many occasions without hesitation in response to local concerns, and the builders were flexible in their approach and willing to adapt as and when the occasion arose. Believe me, it often did! I thank parents at a number of levels too; their adaptability and legendary common sense (for the most part!) in the face of difficulties in delivering and collecting their children for example, and for the magnificent sums raised to enable the building of new sports facilities. I thank the staff for living through 2015 often in classroom chaos, and for their so willing response to the move into the new school which was far in excess of the call of duty. I have deliberately not mentioned names for obvious reasons. However, you would think it remiss of me (and so would she I suspect) if I did not save until last the work that Sharon Martin has committed to the project. It is no exaggeration to say that she has been virtually doing two jobs for the price of one. No one got away with anything, were they building site manager, chair of Governors, chief architect or humble electrician. She knew exactly what had to be done, where and when and she knew a good job when she saw one. She above all has a right to smile in some satisfaction at a job done well. For me, the most heartening physical sign of happy completion are the magnificent back-lit stained glass windows which adorn the new entrance (and thanks to the teachers who designed them!) and which, with the gothic cross on the wall, will be a constant proclamation of  the ethos of BCS for many years to come.


The Governors' job remains as guardians of this ethos, maintaining a strategic eye to the future and overseeing school management. The DfE recommends that Governors 'publish an annual statement to parents'. In terms of attainment BCS easily maintains its position in the top 5% of all primary schools in the country, and performs outstandingly in extra curricular activities including in sport and music. Of course there are issues ahead; of succession and of finance in an expanding school in particular. But if any school can, BCS can be optimistic about the year ahead thanks to you all.

Well done to Mrs. Parle and the lacrosse team who won the Altrincham tournament yesterday afternoon (13 teams) in extremely cold conditions.  Mrs. Parle was very pleased with how they played.  They are now through to the Trafford round of the nationals .

Competition News!

Thank you to everyone who donated to the crowd funding page organised by Mrs Davies. She raised a magnificent £800!!

Today we can announce that two ladies who donated on the site, have been selected at random to win one of two £250 vouchers to spend at her shop Black White Denim.

They are: Polly Clarke and Abbie Stewart! Congratulations to both of them.  I am sure that they will enjoy their prize!

Mrs Morrow

Classrooms had a visit from the Three Wise Men yesterday; who toured the school showing the children their Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh.
Mrs. Moss took this super photo of the school from the new staff car park.


We have been rehearsing for this evening's Carol Service.  Everyone worked hard and it is sounding great!
Well done Y1/2 - what a fantastic Nativity play.
I was so proud of the Y6 Choir yesterday.  They performed so well at the Parish Senior Citizens' Lunch and The Cedars Care Home.  They also mingled with the guests and residents, wishing them a happy Christmas and bringing smiles to many faces.
Reception and Y1/2 parents are in for a treat this week when they come to see the Nativity plays.  The Reception one - Away in a Manger, was wonderful this afternoon.  I was very proud of all the children, many of whom spoke with confidence.  They all sang their hearts out and danced to the music.  Well done to all the children and thank you to Mrs. Cochrane (who directed this year's play) and all of the Reception staff.  Reception Nativity play
Y5 held a superb concert on Monday where they demonstrated their musical and brass playing skills.  Thank you to Mr. Giles from Trafford Music Service for teaching you to play so well.  Congratulations to everyone in Y5, you played really well and it is clear that you have worked hard.Y5 brass concert