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Summer 1

Chicks in Y1BL

We enjoyed our day at Jodrell Bank.

Maths Problem Solving

In this week's maths problem solving lesson, we looked at adding coins together to make different amounts of money.

We had to find out whether it was possible to make 10p-20p with only 4 coins.



This week we were blessed with beautiful weather and we enjoyed the best of it at Jodrell Bank. 

As part of our space topic, we learnt more about planets and space history. We learnt about what it's like on each of the Gas Giant planets and also got to create our own mini rockets! We even launched them!


Many thank to all our lovely parent helpers.



Life in Granny's Time

We've had yet another busy week in year 1. 


We have completed a lot of topic learning this week. Last week we learnt about Amelia Earhart, a very significant figure in history. This week, we continued with our theme of flight/ space by learning about Neil Armstrong. 


In history we also reflected back on what life must have been like for our grandparents when they were our age. We had some lovely, special visitors come in and talk to us about what life was like when they were in year 1. We learnt a lot of things! For example, we learnt that they had their toilets outside! 



This week was a special week at school. It was prayer spaces week. On Wednesday, year 1 had the opportunity to go and learn about God and Jesus. We thoroughly enjoyed this and loved learning more about the Easter story.



Money problem solving

Welcome back to school!
We've had a busy first week back.

In our problem solving lesson this week we looked at making amounts of money using different combinations of coins. We had to think of ways to may 10p, 15p and 20p whilst also adhering to some rules. (E.G. no pockets have more than 1 coin of the same value). This took quite a bit of thinking!