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Summer 2

 This week we had an amazing time at Red House Farm!

We had lots of time to run around and have fun. We also took part in a treasure hunt in the maize maze and got completely and utterly lost!



In Science we have been looking at mini-beasts. We went on a nature walk around school to identify and find some minibeasts. It was fun walking around in the sun and looking for creepy crawlies! We filled in a sheet and also talked about these creatures' habitats. 



Adding 9

This week we have been looking at addition in our maths lessons.

In particular we have been looking at strategies we can use to add 9 to double digit numbers. We have used our knowledge of adding 10 to find the answers to adding 9 sums. 


We found out that when we are adding 9 we can add 10 to begin with and then subtract 1 to get the answer.


Here are some examples from Y1Ho.



Samuel and Judaism

Samuel and Judaism 1
Samuel and Judaism 2

This half term we are going to be learning about a different faith. We have started learning about Judaism and a special visitor came in to tell us all about his faith. We enjoyed listening to Samuel and learnt many things about his religion.