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The next meeting of the PTA will take place on Weds 8th November 2017 at 7.45pm in the small room at St Luke's Church, Bowdon Vale. Please use the fire exit to enter the room as there are activities in the main hall. Everyone is welcome.

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Well the wait is finally over & we're delighted to announce that the next Bowdon School PTA Last Man Standing competition will start this weekend.  With 120 teams already signed up & a few more days before the official kick-off on Saturday, I'm sure there must be a few more keen entrants out there, so please pass this on to friends, fellow classmates & encourage them to sign up!  A great fundraiser for the school..... come on, you know it makes sense?!!  After all, who would want to miss out on the chance to join the elite club of Last Man Stand Champions: Steve Oakley (current reigning LMS Champion), Paul Hardwick, Glen Chapple, Nick Buckley, Johnny Haigh, Nigel 'Buzz' Mather, Bert Weeden, Haydn (or was it Nerys) Aird x 2!!... to name just a few.   Also, the opportunity to win a substantial cash prize!!!


Below is the link to our website which we are in the process of updating, so you will soon be able to see your teams, the first week of fixtures, from which you can then make your first round selections: 




For anyone who is interested in participating, please ask them to contact either Ben or I on the e-mail addresses above.  As a reminder, entries can be:


1 team £3

2 teams £5

3 teams £7

5 teams £10


Cheques made payable to Bowdon Church School PTA & can be left in the School PTA box or forwarded to me via Hugh Lovell (Yr 5T).  Please send either Ben or I an e-mail if you don want to join & we'll ensure you details are added to the website.


Don't forget that the competition will kick-off on Saturday 24th September, with the first game being Man Utd vs the Champions Leicester (who would have thought!) at 12.30pm.   All selections must be made before then, otherwise you will automatically be assigned Arsenal for week 1.  For those new to the competition, the above link takes you to our website where the rules, teams, fixtures & results are updated (your team names will be automatically loaded before the start of the competition so that you can select).


Thanks again for supporting the school & Best of Luck!


Ben & James


The remaining LMS Team!!