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What's new this week?

More information on the Reception curriculum can be found under the main 'Curriculum' page on this website. 

This broad curriculum remains reasonably flexible allowing us to adapt to any particular interests of the children or current events.

Imagine That - Liverpool
Picture 1 Making bath bombs
Picture 2 Remote control cars
Picture 3 Water play
Picture 4 Painting a fridge magnet
Picture 5 American diner
Picture 6 Making a volcano
Picture 7 Panning for gold
Picture 8 Making slime
Picture 9 More slime
Picture 10 Slime!
Picture 11 Waiting for the water to tip
Picture 12 Road safety
Science Exploration in class
Picture 1 Slippery Slopes
Picture 2 Building a stone tunnel
Picture 3 Can you build a tunnel?
Picture 4 At hospital

Week commencing 25.3.19

  • Revising what we have already learned about coins and the value of each
  • Matching coins to Numicon pieces
  • Testing different liquids to find out how fast each runs down a slope (water, syrup, washing up liquid, oil and shaving foam)
  • Testing different materials to find out which is most suitable for a tunnel (wet sand, dry sand, rocks or twigs)
  • Writing words are consonant, vowel, consonant, consonant (eg. help, went, jump)
  • Writing sentences to describe a picture (I can see ...)
  • Learning to hopscotch
  • Walking to church for our iSing Pop concert
  • Finding out what to expect on our Reception trip to 'Imagine That'

Week commencing 18.3.19

  • Learning iSing Pop songs and actions with Jess
  • Finding out more about God's love through the songs
  • Thinking about our forthcoming  class assemblies and what we would like to share in them
  • Writing descriptive labels for a duckling
  • Writing consonant, consonant, vowel, consonant words (eg. clap, twig, plan)
  • Matching number and quantity using numbers to 20
  • Counting and comparing number value
  • Writing simple sentences using tricky words
  • We read The Odd Egg

Week commencing 11.3.19

  • Listening to 'Wakey, Wakey' - a story about animals waking up after a winter sleep
  • Finding out what each of the animals in the story eats
  • Learning about 3D shape and describing each one (cube, cuboid, sphere, cone, pyramid)
  • Looking at the properties of each one (number of faces, whether they stack, roll or both)
  • Looking at the shape of each face
  • Writing about the signs of Spring (what can they see around them?)
  • Working hard on letter formation and leaving a space between each word
  • Listening to and discussing the Easter story and what it means to Christians
  • Retelling the story using our class Easter garden
  • Understanding why there are 3 crosses in an Easter garden

Week commencing 4/3/19

  • Listening to the story of 'The Dirty Great Dinosaur', 'Linus the Vegetarian T-Rex', 'Saturday Night at the Dinosaur Stomp'
  • Have a go at writing a 3 part story about a dinosaur
  • Think about how stories are structured with a beginning, middle and end
  • Thinking of words to describe dinosaur movements, extending vocabulary
  • Learning new sounds - ear, ure, ture, er
  • Working hard on writing independent sentences
  • World Book Day and listening to stories read by Junior children
  • Comparing the heights and weights of a variety of objects
  • Using the appropriate vocabulary - heavy, light, heavier, lighter, longer, shorter etc
  • Use spring scales and balances to compare weights
  • Find things which are longer and shorter than a ruler

Week commencing 25/2/19

  • We will be starting to find out lots of facts about dinosaurs
  • Reading the book 'Owls and Dinosaurs' together to find out more about dinosaurs
  • Finding out about fiction and non-fiction books and deciding which will give us more information about dinosaurs
  • Sharing interesting pages from non-fiction books about dinosaurs, eg. size and diet
  • Making a list of dinosaur parts - eg. tail, head, neck, frill etc
  • Write a sentence about a dinosaur
  • Listen to dinosaur raps
  • Find one and two more than a given number
  • Add 2 more cubes to a tower and write the matching addition - eg. 5 + 2 = 7
  • Focus on forming numbers correctly

Week Commencing 11/2/19 - we will be:

  • Hearing the story of The Gingerbread Man and joining in with the repeating refrain
  • Discuss how each character might be feeling and how that may have influenced their behaviour
  • Revising all the sounds we have learned so far in phonics
  • Making sure we are forming letters and numbers correctly and doing lots of practice
  • Finding different ways to partition sets of ten objects
  • Reading the corresponding addition (eg. 6 + 4 = 10)
  • Practise counting to 100 using a 100 square
  • Look for and identify hidden numbers on a 100 square 
  • Listen to the story of Strega Nona
  • Learn to recite the poem 'What you don't know about food'


Picture 1 Balancing
Picture 2
Picture 3 Learning about symmetry
Picture 4 Different ways to make 10

Week Commencing-04/01/19

  • This week we have been learning all about Chinese New Year celebrations and festivities.
  • We have been experimenting with Chinese writing of words and numbers, as well as saying and writing Chinese seasonal greetings.
  • We read lots of dragon related literature, we drew on our knowledge of dragons to write about and draw a dragon of our own.
  • We have enjoyed lots of creative activities; painting blossom trees, making Chinese lanterns and designing our very own Chinese fans. 
  • We have started to use the wall bars in gymnastics, we really enjoy challenging ourselves further each time whilst learning to keep safe.
  • Our teachers are so impressed with number and letter formation, our teachers can tell we have been practising these at home!
  • We have looked again at repeated patterns in maths and have looked at how to create and spot difficult patterns.
  • We continued to look at what made Jesus a king and discussing our thoughts on this, looking at parables and the story of Easter.



Week Commencing- 28/01/19

  • This week we continued to understand the textual features of recipes, the need for accurate word choices, and the importance of correctly sequencing instructions.
  • We created lots of observational drawings and painting of food and flowers, our teachers were so impressed with our beautiful artwork.
  • In maths we concentrated on mental addition, saying the next number (without counting from 1), adding 1 and 2 to any number and relating it to the corresponding addition
  • We enjoyed lots of activities on Mr H day such as planting, bread tasting, den building as well as wearing our special socks indulging in our favourite snacks and attending the service for Mr H,
  • We really enjoyed the M&M production of the sleeping beauty pantomime, we especially enjoyed Miss Quinn’s dancing.
Picture 1 Odd socks for Mr H day
Picture 2 Bread tasting
Picture 3 Special snack day for Mr H
  • Week Commencing- 21/01/19
  • This week we began our exciting theme of Food and Cooking!
  • We shared our thoughts, feelings and opinions about food, cooking, a healthy diet, food hygiene and the cultural significance of food.
  • We looked at the importance of lists, recipes and sequenced instructions. We read and wrote a range of different recipes, shopping lists and short instructions to cook tasty treats such as jam sandwiches.
  • In Maths we looked at sorting and describing 2D shapes. We looked at symmetry and enjoyed lots of creative activities and challenges around symmetrical butterflies.

Week Commencing- 14/01/19

  • This week we have continued our topic of winter and dark nights, investigating stories about the natural phenomena of the season and sharing non-fiction books which give information.
  • We have extended vocabulary through discussion and sharing books; exploring the key texts, talking about our ideas, acting out events and understanding how books can be used to find out information.
  • We have been writing simple captions and instructions, inspired by our reading.
  • This week in maths we have been looking at ordinal numbers. We have been looking at the skill of estimation, incorporating objects, sounds and actions
  • In computing we have created our very own winter picture, we are becoming very confident using the programme Dazzle and have started to challenge and extend our own learning.
  • We have looked at hibernation and nocturnal animals, we have really enjoyed creating hedgehog homes and den building outdoors.
  • We have sequenced our own bedtime routine, and enjoyed discussing our favourite things to help us sleep at night.
  • We have enjoyed creative activities around hedgehogs experimenting with clay and other mediums. Making clay and paper hedgehogs
  • We have enjoyed ice exploration and the changes that happen to ice, we have had lots of discussions about melting and freezing.

Week Commencing – 08/01/19

  • We have started our two week topic of winter and dark nights.
  • We have been investigating stories about the natural phenomena of the season and sharing non-fiction books which give information.
  • We have been writing simple captions inspired by what we have read.
  • In P.E we have begun our gymnastics topic, exploring with travelling on and around apparatus safely.
  • In Maths we have revisited and concentrated on mastery of numbers 1-20, counting back, ordering numerals and looking at what each number represents.
  • We have been talking about and writing about the things we can see in winter.
  • Some of us have started completing phonics and independent writing in our phonics books, very exciting. We have been very creative, exploring winter pictures with different mediums.
  • We have worked on our cutting skills creating paper snowflakes
Picture 1 Building a den
Picture 2 Ordinal numbers
Picture 3

Week Commencing- 17/12/18


  • This week’s focus is on celebrating Christmas, including the giving of gifts and getting together with family and friends.
  • We talked all our own Christmas traditions and how it related to the stories we have read.
  • We enjoyed exciting Christmas/winter tuff trays and role play activities, especially Santa’s workshop!
  • We retold the story of the First Christmas and realised how much we had learned from taking part in the nativity and creating our Christmas book.
  • In Maths we looked at using the days of the week in context, for example a story.
  • We also looked at recognising a minute as unit of time, we enjoyed experimenting practically by counting different actions that could be carried out in a minute.
  • We really enjoyed our party, having time to dance and play games with our friends and teachers was fantastic, the teachers were very impressed with our moves!
  • We have worked so hard and made so much progress during our first term; our teachers are so proud of us!
We can’t wait for some much needed downtime with friends and family, Merry Christmas!
Picture 1 statues 1
Picture 2 statues 2
Picture 3 statues 3
Picture 4 statues 4
Picture 5

Week Commencing – 10/12/18


  • This week we began our Christmas and winter traditions topic, we have really enjoyed this so far. 
  • We have discussed how we prepare for Christmas and winter traditions and looked at their similarities and differences we notice between these traditions.
  • We have been writing Christmas cards and discussing how the postal system works, we hope we can send ours to our families next week!
  • We have been busy in our role play areas wrapping presents, dressing trees and enjoying all kinds of elf related fun. 
  • We have enjoyed some very messy Christmas crafts, as well as creating some winter art in computing!
  • We have been focusing on money, we have been working hard trying to recognise and understand the value of coins.
  • We have been comparing prices in pounds up to £10, we especially enjoyed talking about what we would need to buy for Christmas!
  • We have been 'buying' our snack at snack time, we really enjoyed running a role play snack shop independently. 
  • We really enjoyed practising our letter and number formation in our own classroom snow scene. 
  • In P.E we went on a Christmas adventure and acted out one of our favourite class Christmas books.
  • We had so much fun watching Father Christmas on our very first school trip!


It really is starting to feel a lot like Christmas in Reception, we can't wait to see what we will get up to next week!


Week Commencing – 01/12/18


  • This week our space topic continued, we have been sharing our thoughts and ideas about aliens.
  • We have been discussing what we think fact and what fiction is, providing reasons for our opinions.
  • We have been listening to Gustav Holt’s planets music and enjoying some very messy alien play.
  • We have been using rhymes to predict words in a rhyming story or string.
  • We have been looking at subtraction and looking at the relevant calculations using planets.
  • We had a fantastic time exploring beat in music, we created our own using hands, feet and instruments.
  • We enjoyed various art activities based around The First Christmas, these involved lots of glitter!
  • We were so busy performing our fantastic nativity, we loved showing off all the hard work we have put in over the last few weeks!
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6

Week Commencing – 26/11/18


  • This week we have been exploring the solar system, we learnt all about planets, moons and astronauts.
  • We have been looking at the difference between fiction and non-fiction texts and their uses.
  • We have been concentrating on 2D and 3D shape, we enjoyed sorting these and looking at how we could describe each one.
  • We used our 3D shapes to experiment with printing and look at the 2D prints we could make using 3D shapes, we were very interested in this!
  • We have been working really hard on sentence writing during our phonics sessions and independent writing.
  • We have been working very hard on perfecting our letter and number formation this week.
  • We have been discussing what the Christmas story tells us about Jesus and are starting to really understand the importance of telling the story ourselves in the Nativity.
  • We have been practicing very hard for our upcoming nativity, we cannot wait for you to join us in celebrating the birth of Jesus.


The Reception Spaceship!

The Reception Spaceship! 1
The Reception Spaceship! 2
The Reception Spaceship! 3

Week Commencing – 19/11/18


  • This week we have started to explore our exciting theme of Space! This week we have started to discuss and share our knowledge of space and space travel!
  • We read whatever next and made our own list of things we would need to take to the moon.
  • We enjoyed lots of space related crafts and activities, we especially enjoyed creating our very own rockets!
  • We had some very messy space trays to explore, it looked like we had just landed on Mars.
  • Our dark den was transformed into a spaceship and we really felt the part dressing up in our real space gear.
  • We have been looking at height and using direct comparison using language of ‘taller or shorter’.
  • We have been also comparing quantities and numbers to see which one is more or less.
  • We have been looking at the Christmas story and what happens, we are writing our very own Christmas book.
  • We have been looking at why Christians perform a nativity and what we can learn about Jesus from this.

Week Commencing – 12/11/18


  • We have been looking at length this week and comparing different lengths using a direct comparison.
  • We have been using non uniform ways to measure all kinds of objects, even ourselves!
  • We spent some more time looking at the festivals of light and our feelings towards the dark, we looked at descriptive words for fireworks and candles.
  • Our role play area has been transformed into a dark den where we are able to experiment with different light sources.
  • We looked at performing Bollywood dancing, making divas, producing Rangoli patterns and creating fireworks through transient art forms.
  • We created beautiful firework pictures using the computer program Dazzle.

Week Commencing – 05/11/18


  • We have been consolidating our knowledge this week on all we have learnt so far and becoming super confident with our numbers 1-20.
  • We have started to look at and understand the concept of adding and subtracting looking at one more or one less than a number/amount.
  • We have been learning that the start of winter brings festivals of lights. We have explored firework night and Diwali and the stories behind both of these.
  • We have created some fantastic artwork inspired by fireworks during the festivals.
  • We were introduced to prepositions and how we can use them, we practiced all week and are feeling really confident with these now!
  • We told our teachers all about our autumn walk using prepositions such as ‘over the bridge’ and ‘along the river’, we even created a class map to help us with this!
  • We learnt all about Remembrance Day and the reasons behind wearing our beautiful poppies.
  • We really enjoyed dressing up for Remembrance Day, singing songs with the rest of the school and making poppies in lots of creative ways.
  • We have really enjoyed looking at what a church is, we looked at the churches linked to our school and why Christians go to church.


Picture 1 Outside play
Picture 2 Getting active with Pudsey Bear

Week Commencing – 29/10/18


  • We have been looking at addition and finding five in different ways.
  • We have also been practicing writing our own calculations to show ‘the same as’ 5.
  • We enjoyed traditional tales in literacy discussing the characters we saw, exploring how story maps can represent a story and sequencing events.
  • We had so much fun looking at different versions of the same story and making our own adaptations as a class e.g. the big bad duck!
  • We shared ideas about homes and houses and created our own using junk modelling to create these, we had to think hard about silly and sensible building materials.
  • We enjoyed a scientific puff test of ‘puffable’ materials that would be blown away by the wolf, we also looked at comparing different homes such as an igloo and a tent on explorify!
  • We practiced our cutting of tricky shapes as practice makes perfect, we are becoming much more confident with this!
  • We went on a fantastic autumn walk along the Bollin, we found lots of exciting autumn treasure and cannot wait to talk about our walk next week.
  • We have been discussing our churches and community, we have thought about all the groups we are part of and what this means to us.
Picture 1 mix of oil water food colour to make 'fireworks'
Picture 2 finding out about ordering by height
Picture 3 Learning about The Christmas Story
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 1 ginger pieces
Picture 2 passion fruit
Picture 3

Week Commencing - 15/10/18


  • We have been investigating various types of fruit- looking at the smell, texture and pattern on the inside.
  • We have been discussing where fruit and vegetables come from and talking about harvest.
  • We have been voting on our favourite fruit and vegetables, we created pictograms and analysed our own data!
  • We have been describing our favourite fruit and vegetables, we had a go at writing our descriptions using the sounds we know!
  • We have been practising our scissor skills, cutting around tricky autumn shapes!
  • We have also enjoyed using our fruit for paint printing, they have made for some lovely artwork!
  • We have discussed how to be healthy and healthy foods
  • We have been learning how to give one more than a given number and mastering our number understanding to 10.
  • We continued to deepen our understanding of God through the stories of The Lost Coin and The Lost Sheep.


We have been so busy over the last half term and are certainly ready for a rest!


We can’t wait to see everyone after the holidays!



Picture 1 5 a day Superheros
Picture 2 Printing with fruit and vegetables

Week Commencing – 08/10/18


What a week we have had! 


  • We have been learning all about continuing repeated patterns and exploring the different ways patterns can be created.
  • We learnt about what God is like, discussing how strong and powerful he is through sharing the story of David and Goliath.
  • We have been concentrating really hard when forming our letters during phonics and on perfecting our pencil grips.
  • We have been acting out and retelling familiar stories, discussing the characters and their actions.
  • We have been learning our tricky words, we are becoming so confident with the ones we have done so far!
  • We really enjoyed being a part of the Harvest Festival, we tried really hard and really impressed our teachers with our fantastic singing!
  • In P.E we have experimented with movement to music, rhythm and beat using ice and snow animals as a theme. 


We have been so busy! 

Picture 1 A repeating shape pattern
Picture 2 Building a house
Picture 3 Infant Harvest Festival

Week Commencing – 01/10/18


We have had such a fab week in Reception!

  • We have been learning all about different 2d shapes and position.
  • We used our fantastic shape knowledge to go shape hunting in the outdoor environment.
  • We went to the jungle during our animal dance session this week!
  • We listened to lots of stories about being kind to each other and sharing.
  • We have experimented with our scissor skills and using other tools.
  • We created some beautiful harvest paintings, exploring how colours change through mixing.
  • We shared the Parable of the Good Samaritan and were able to tell our teachers all about what happened! We were listening so well!
  • We spent Friday afternoon practicing our Harvest Festival songs, we are so excited to share these with you next week!
  • We have been experimenting with voting, we voted for our favourite season.
  • We are really enjoying our phonics sessions and learning new sounds, our listening skills are becoming really impressive

We can’t wait to see what will happen next week!

Week Commencing – 24/09/18


Another fantastic week for us in Reception!


  • We have been so confident with walking from the gate independently and around school during the day and have learnt so much!
  • We have been listening to, retelling and acting out stories with repeated refrains as well as learning rhymes and chants.  
  • Our animal dance theme continued with a lesson based around farm animals and their movements.
  • We have been exploring Simple City the computing programme and becoming confident using the mouse.
  • We began to learn our harvest songs in preparation for the upcoming Harvest Festival.
  • We have started learning our sounds and have really enjoyed some fantastic phonic related games.
  • We have been trying really hard to perfect our pencil grip with lots of fine motor challenges.
  • We have practised letter formation in some unusual and exciting ways.  
  • We continued to look at good news in the Bible and the stories we could find/share relating to our own good news.
  • We have been matching numerals to the number in a set, as well as, ordering numerals to 10.


See you next week!

Week Commencing-17/09/18


We have had such a fantastic week in Reception!


  • We have continued to get to know our class, teachers and lots of members of BCS, we have made lots of new friends!
  • We have been doing lots of activities around ourselves and our families including; charcoal portraits, fingerprint art and building our houses with various construction resources.
  • We have been talking about ourselves and what we like, we have enjoyed discussing what makes each person special and different.
  • We have discussed autumn as a season and the changes all around us. 
  • We have been practising writing our names in exciting ways, we are becoming very confident with this!
  • We experimented with dance in our P.E lesson looking at how different animals move. Our teachers were so impressed by how fantastic we were at changing independently!
  • We had our first computing lesson, we were very excited to be navigating around programmes independently!
  • We learnt lots of new songs and rhymes, we have loved using actions in these!
  • We have been developing our listening skills through lots of games and activities.
  • We continued to learn about God and good news. 
  • We have enjoyed exploring numicon and counting in lots of ways, 
  • We enjoyed singing in the hall with all of the infants and teachers to finish off our super week. 


We are excited to see what we will be getting up to next week!

Week Commencing-10/09/18


This week in Reception we have been settling into school life and learning so many new things!


  • We have discussed starting school and what happens during the school day. 
  • We have talked about friendship, what makes a fantastic friend and we even learnt a new friendship song.
  • We got to know our new class and teacher with lots of circle time activities.
  • We learnt lots of new songs and rhymes.
  • We had a fantastic P.E lesson! We learnt all about how we warm up and cool down when exercising, as well as having such fun playing games with the parachute.
  • We discussed the seasons and the changes that happen throughout the year. 
  • We learnt about creation and all the beautiful things God created in our world. 
  • We experimented with different activities in our classroom, we had great fun choosing what we wanted to do. 
  • We explored the exciting outdoor areas and enjoyed challenging ourselves on the new climbing equipment!


We can't wait for next week already!