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End of Year - Summer 2018

Dear Year 5,

It has been such a busy half term that we have not even managed to keep up our blog - apologies! Hopefully the children have not yet reached the stage where they don't tell their parents anything about school, and so you have been kept them updated about all the things we have been doing!

We both wish all of the children the best of luck in Year 6 and would like to thank you for your incredible generosity - we received so many lovely, thoughtful presents and cards. 

Have a happy summer and we will see you all in September! 

Best wishes, 

Mrs Morrow & Mrs Thompson

Year 5 - Trashion 2018

Super resource for revising the coordinate plane

Summer 1 Week 4

In English this week we completed our unit of work on persuasive writing by planning and writing a balanced argument on whether zoos are a good idea or not. In Maths we did further work on area and perimeter and then on scale drawings - many children found this tricky, so we will revisit it over the coming weeks. In History we continued learning about the Victorians, thinking about the life of Victorian working children. On Friday 5M had a wonderful day participating in an Art project for the foyer area and then creating their Trashion designs.

Next week whilst Y6 are doing SATs, 5T will be stepping into their 'School Manager' shoes and doing their jobs, and 5M will do the same the week after when Y6 go to the Isle of Man. 

Summer 1 Week 3

This week we have been working on shape in Maths: finding missing sides, perimeter and area. We have found that some of the children have struggled with this topic more than with number-based work, so we are going to continue with it for a little longer. In English we continued with our unit of work on persuasive writing, thinking about the pros and cons of keeping animals in zoos. We completed our Science topic on Life Cycles by learning about how human babies are made and born. Both classes impressed their teachers by the maturity - well done. On Friday 5T participated in an Art project and worked in their Trashion items all day - 5M will do this on Friday next week. 

We hope that you all have a wonderful, relaxing, SUNNY Bank Holiday weekend! 

Summer 1 Week 2

This week we completed our work on fractions, decimals and percentages in Maths, and we are now moving onto a geometry topic. In English we continued honing our persuasive skills: Mrs Morrow's class completing a writing task based upon persuading Humpty Dumpty's town council to take down the wall, and Mrs Thompson's writing an essay examining the positives and negatives of either Year 5 homework or the BCS snack policy. In Science we were split into single sex groups on Wednesday to discuss body changes during adolescence, before rejoining our class groups to talk about it further. They children were very mature and sensible during these sessions.

On Wednesday evening it was wonderful to see so many of our Year 5s taking part in the music concert and Mrs Thompson took photos and videos of some of the soloists and groups - please contact her if you wish to have a copy (sthompson@bowdoncs.org). 

Next week:  

We are continuing to scooter and pedal to school - please support this effort if you can! 

Food tech children: do NOT forget your ingredients. 

Trashion - on Friday, 5T will be working on this, alongside a special Art project, all day. You MUST bring your 'trash' on that day. 5M will be doing the same the following week. 

They have sprouted! Next stage: plant them.

They have sprouted! Next stage: plant them.  1

Summer 1 Week 1

Welcome back Year 5! We had a busy week ploughing straight into this term's work, starting with Maths, where we added and subtracted decimal numbers with varying digits after the decimal point, before finishing the week on fraction/decimal/percentage conversions. In English we have started thinking about how to be persuasive and had a go at writing formal persuasive letters. On Tuesday we have a superb visit to Bowdon Synagogue where we were graciously hosted by two congregants who taught about their faith and answered the children's very well-informed questions. Both classes were, as usual, brilliantly behaved, and we would like to thank the adult helpers who accompanied us. In Science we continued our life cycles work by looking at reproduction in different types of plants, insects and by the end of the week, amphibians. Next week we will start looking at the PSHE aspect of this topic, which concerns how our bodies prepare themselves for adulthood.


Next week:

Parent Meeting about statutory SRE content on Monday at 3.10pm.

Wednesday 7pm is the choir and instrumental concert. 



  • In hot weather you need to put sun cream on before coming to school, to bring a hat, and to drink lots of water during the day. 
  • ​​​​​​​As Mrs Martin explained in Friday's assembly, we are pedalling/scootering to school next week! Please think about how you can contribute. 

5T are attempting to grow their own potatoes. Stage 1: make them sprout.

5T are attempting to grow their own potatoes. Stage 1: make them sprout.  1

Useful Reading & Spelling Resources






Spring 2 Week 6

This term has flown and now we find ourselves with only a third (or so) of Y5 remaining! We completed our termly assessments this week and the results so far have been excellent, so congratulations are certainly due to these brilliant, hard-working children. On Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons both classes had a Trashion trial run, where they were tasked with making an item of clothing out of bin bags. Real skill was on display in designing, pattern-cutting and 'sewing', and 5M's corridor Trashion show was certainly something to behold. We continued looking at the lifecyle of flowering plants in Science - after the holidays we will move on to non-flowering plants (e.g. ferns) and simple animals. In Maths we finished our work on decimals, solving tricky number puzzles and filling in decimals numbers and fractions on number lines.


We hope that all of our Y5 families have a wonderful, restful Easter!

Best wishes,

Mrs Morrow, Mr Hayward & Mrs Thompson

Spring 2 Week 5

This week we completed some of our end of term assessments and the children showed just how much progress they have made by performing really well in both Maths and Punctuation/Grammar short tests.  In English we wrote moving first person narratives from the perspective of Peter (following the arrest of Jesus) and we also started writing our Easter poems, some of which we will be reading in church next Thursday at the Easter Service. On Friday we joined the rest of the school to skip for Sport relief - see the Photo Album for pictures of our enthusiastic and very capable skippers!  

Next week: 

On Tuesday we will be walking up to church for Experience Easter on Tuesday morning and then again on Thursday morning for Easter Service. Parents/grandparents to accompany us are always welcome! 

Spring 2 Week 4

This week saw us visiting Altrincham Baptist Church for Rewind to Easter (see the Photo Album page for photos of this). The children behaved impeccably and it was a lovely morning where we reflected upon key aspects of the Easter story. In class we continued writing about the Easter story, thinking about events in the Garden of Gethsemane, and in Maths we furthered our learning on decimals. Our topic is still Judaism and we thought about what is is like to grow up Jewish, as well as learning about the Bar and Bat Mitzvah ceremonies. On Wednesday 5T had their class assembly, which was on the topics of inclusivity and kindness. They performed Horton Hears a Who and sung Stormy's Blinded by your Grace to very appreciative audiences

Spring 2 Week 3

Another busy week in Y5, the highlight of which definitely was our visit to the Bridgewater Hall, where we joined about 20 other schools from the Manchester area to watch the Halle perform several classical pieces, before joining together to sing. Unfortunately the file size is too large to load to our Photo Album, but you can view it on our twitter page @bowdoncs (you don't need a twitter account - just search for us). 


In Maths we continued with fraction work, including multiplying fractions (pretty tricky: we will all need to keep revising this), and in English we carried on writing about the Easter story. Our topic is Judaism and we thought about Shabbat and about objects that are of special significance to Jews. We have been unable to proceed with our Trashion project in DT due to Mr Hayward's illness, but we wish him a speedy recovery and hope that we can pick this back up soon.


Next week: Parents Evenings Monday & Wednesday, our trip to Altrincham Baptist Church on Tuesday morning, and 5T class assembly Wednesday morning. 

Spring 2 Week 2

This week we moved on to some pretty tricky fraction work in Maths - multiplying mixed numbers by each other and finding, say, five sixths of 7. Despite finding it hard, we all made progress. In English we started writing about the Easter story, telling of Palm Sunday's events from the perspective of a fan of Jesus and then a Pharisee. We started our new topic, which is Judaism, by learning some key facts about Jewish beliefs and practice. Because of Mr Hayward's absence,  we could not do our normal Computing, Games and DT lessons and so on Thursday/Friday we were treated to our class teachers covering those subjects!! Mrs Thompson had a lovely hour playing badminton in the hall with 5T, whilst 5M did relays and games.

Please remember: on Wednesday we are visiting the Halle at the Bridgewater Hall in Manchester. Smart school uniform please! 

We are not expecting the cold weather of the last week to continue, but please wrap up warm for school - hats, scarves, gloves and if necessary, boots. 

Spring 2 Week 1

Welcome back Year 5! We have had a busy week, completing our Spring Term tests, adding fractions in Maths, and completing reading and writing tasks based upon older literature in English. We also launched our new and very exciting DT project - Trashion. Working in small groups, we will be designing and creating haute couture (?!) using items that are no longer useful. We looked at lots of images of 'trashion' to inspire us, and have started 'Trashion Diaries' to record our progress. At the end of the topic there will be a formal Trashion Show, with a panel of judges analysing creativity and performance.  

Next week: if you are baking, please do not forget your ingredients! 

Food Tech Schedule 5T

Food Tech Schedule 5T 1

Spring 1 Weeks 5/6

Phew! We have made it through January and to the midpoint of the year! This week we did our 2 Spring Maths papers and our comprehension test. After the holidays we will be doing non verbal and verbal reasoning papers, and when all tests are complete, we will send the results home. In Science we carried on learning about changes of state, including which changes are reversible and which are irreversible, and in Art we completed our Arabian Nights drawings/paintings - they are looking fabulous. 

Over the holidays we have not set formal homework but we would like the children to read every day  and to write a 500 word story, which they may choose to enter into the BBC 500 Word competition - but that must be returned to us by Friday 23rd February. The story can be handwritten or typed and can about any subject, but it must be a story, not a description or a recount. 

We wish all of our Year 5 families a very happy and restful half term! 

Best wishes, Mrs Thompson, Mrs Morrow & Mr Hayward

Spring 1 Weeks 3/4

What a busy fortnight we have had in Year 5! In English our genre shifted from Arabian Nights to Africa, where we read a traditional tale and firstly added a chapter before writing our own ending. In Maths we have been looking at fractions - simplifying them, converting them and ordering them. Our Science topic is Changing State and we have been thinking about states of matter and planning investigations. In Art we have been creating a cover for our Arabian Nights story, using pencil/wax crayons and then experimenting with watercolours.  On Friday morning we were all treated to a performance of Aladdin by a visiting theatre company. The children were captivated (adults too). 

Next week we start our Spring Term tests. These are nothing to worry about. When they are completed (after the holidays), we will send the results home, and we can discuss them with you at Parents' Evening. 

Due to the theatre performance there were no awards presented on Friday - these will be done in Monday's assembly. 

Spring 1 Week 2

Another busy week in Year 5 - our Maths is getting pretty challenging now, with the children using their knowledge of the 4 number operations to solve 1 and 2 step number problems. In English we completed our Arabian Nights stories and in History we completed our Baghdad topic by learning about the sacking of the city by the invading Mongol army in 1258AD. 

Please ensure that in this cold weather your child has a hat, scarf, gloves etc to keep them warm at playtimes and lunchtime, and that they have warm PE kit for Games. 



Spring 1 Week 1

Welcome back and happy 2018 to all of our Year 5 families. 

This week in Maths we returned to remainders - whether to round them up or down and how to convert them into fractions and decimals . In English we read lots of Arabian Nights stories in preparation for writing our own 'story to save my life'. Our History topic is Baghdad AD900 and we learnt how this much-overlooked period in History was hugely influential and has had a lasting impact, in the same way as did the Greek and Roman civilisations before it. On Friday, both classes completed their DT Giacometti models and some impressive pieces were produced. We now move onto an Art topic inspired by Baghdad - tessellating patterns and traditional Arabian art. 

Merit & Role Model awardees

Merit & Role Model awardees 1
Merit & Role Model awardees 2
Picture 1

Welcome to Spring term!

Mrs Morrow, Mr Hayward and I would like to thank you all so much for the lovely cards and gifts we received before Christmas. You are incredibly kind and we were very touched. 


Below is a link to the English faculty website at Bristol University. The punctuation and grammar requirements now at upper KS2 (Years 5 & 6) are challenging and we are aware that most adults simply did not cover this content at school themselves (terminology also changes over time). The Punctuation Marks section (B) and the Exercises (G) are very useful if you are unsure when supporting your child with English homework. 

Autumn 2 Week 6

This week we had the privilege of watching not one, not two, but three KS1 nativities/carol concerts, before having a full run through of the songs for our own carol service on Friday afternoon. There was still time for (some!) work however - in Maths we moved from multiplication to division and in English we wrote diary entries from the perspective of duplicitous King Herod. In Science we thought about friction and reviewed our learning, and we have also been completing our end-of-term assessments in Reading, Maths and SPaG. 


Next week: Trumpet concert is on Monday 2.20pm.


On Friday it is our Year 5/6 Christmas party all afternoon. Your child should have brought a slip home informing you what  food item they have offered to contribute (or will be bringing one in the next day or so). Thank you in advance! 

5T follow in 5M's footsteps and write/perform Gran, Can You Rap?

Autumn 2 Week 5

This week in Maths we completed our work on multiplying. The children now have repertoire of methods to use when multiplying numbers and most can find the product of two 3 digit numbers, which is very challenging. In English we wrote a play script from the perspective of the shepherds, watching the stream of visitors arriving in Bethlehem the night of Jesus' birth, and in Science we looked at water resistance, upthrust and gravity. We are due to start out very exciting DT project next week - making functional sculptures in the style of Giacometti. 

Next week: outside PE kit and trumpets on Monday please! 

Wonder (2017 Movie) Official Trailer

Many of Year 5 have now read this excellent book and the film is a superb translation of it onto the big screen. Highly recommended.

Upthrust & Paperclips

Year 5 make boats with paperclip passengers to test gravity and upthrust.

Friction Formula 1

Racing toy cars over different surfaces to test friction - Year 5 Science.

Autumn 2 Week 4

What a busy few weeks we have had in Year 5! The residential photos are now all loaded under the 'Culmington Manor' icon - please do look in all of the files for pictures of your child, as all of the adults present had an iPad and were snapping away, not just of their own group. We were incredibly proud of how the children conducted themselves during the trip - they were superb company, and excellent ambassadors for BCS.Thank you to Mr Hamlet for organising such a memorable trip! 

It was back to work with a bang this week however- multiplying increasingly large numbers in Maths and in English, writing a narrative from the perspective of a ...... donkey. In Science we have been looking at air resistance, friction and gravity, and in RE we have started the Christmas aspects of the curriculum: thinking about and discussing the incarnation and different names given to Jesus.


Please remember: Trumpets and warm PE kits on Mondays. It is COLD! 

An old favourite - no better way to learn and remember what a preposition is!

Remembering conjunctions!

Autumn 2 Week 1

Welcome back everyone! We were straight back into our studies this week, thinking about the story of Zacharias and Elizabeth in English and then looking at prime and composite numbers in Maths (see link below to a Youtube resource that really helped embed this - can you spot the missing number?!).  We started our new D&T project, which is looking at the work of Giacometti and creating a functional sculpture in his style. In History we are bringing our Egypt topic to a close; we discussed the importance of the Rosetta Stone and and thought about how Ancient Egyptian society was structured. 

Prime Song

This is an educational song about prime numbers, set to the tune of Fight Song.

Autumn 1 Week 7

Well done children and parents - you have survived the first half term in Year 5! It was another busy week this week, learning about multiples, factors and prime numbers in Maths and completing our poetry work in English. 5M really enjoyed their rewriting of Tennyson's Lady of Shallot and 5T added verses to Roger McGough's Sound Collector. In History we thought about how the pyramids were constructed and how mummies were made (and why they are so-named). On Thursday and Friday we participated in an e-safety themed dramatic production and then a workshop, both of which were full of useful tips on how to stay safe online. 

After the holidays:

  • DO NOT forget your trumpets. The number of trumpet-forgettors is now reaching unacceptable levels and it really does impact on the quality of learning. We will introduce consequences for those who repeatedly forget their trumpets. 
  • Coloured pencils - as we approach Christmas and complete lots of Christmas writing and artwork, the children need a set of coloured pencils in school. 
  • PE kits - the children require a full PE kit, including joggers and a sweatshirt, for ALL PE lessons. As with trumpets, if children do not have PE kit in school without a reasonable excuse then consequences will apply. 

Autumn 1 Week 6

This week we worked on our problem solving skills in maths, using our skills in estimating and trial and error to solve arithmagons and magic square puzzles. In English we read The Highwayman (see link below) before writing our own narrative versions of this classic and brilliant poem. We are doing very well with reasoning but please remember that a wide-ranging vocabulary is absolutely key here, so read, read and then read some more in order to help with this. In History we continued learning about the Egyptians and on our Egyptian artwork and in Guided Reading we particularly focussed on how authors select language and whether or not it is positive or negative.

Next week: Monday is trumpets and PE kits. No homework will be coming home apart from a reading task - we would like you to immerse yourselves in poetry and write about it! Also over the holidays please continue to practise your times tables, and to review the spellings we have covered this half term. 

The Highwayman

Animation video of the popular poem by: Alfred Noyes (1880-1958)

Autumn 1 Week 5

This week we used rounding to estimate and check our answers in Maths, and then finished the week off with some pretty tricky number puzzles (for example, 'Two numbers have a total of 318 and a difference of 132. What are they?'). In English we continued to read and write our own poetry and our P&G focus was pronouns . Please see a link below to a super Youtube resource to help the children remember this! In History we learnt more about how the Ancient Egyptians ate and farmed and in French we revised greetings, numbers, days and months.


Next week:

1. Please remember your trumpet letters. 

2. School photos are on Monday. Beautiful hair and sparkly teeth please! 

Pronouns Song

Autumn 1 Week 4

This week we worked on our mental adding and subtracting skills in Maths, as well as revising roman numerals and thinking about how we find percentages of numbers. In English we continued our work on poetry, adding verses to Michael Rosen's 'Down Behind the Dustbin', and our punctuation/grammar objectives were apostrophes, modal verbs and on decomposing sentences into word types (we are pretty good at this now!). In Art we continued working on our Egyptian sketches and we looked at pictures of Ancient Egyptian artefacts to make assumptions about their civilisation.


Next week: please bring your Parents Evening letters back promptly in order that we can send appointments out in plenty of notice. Please note: Mrs Morrow is available on Monday 9th and Tuesday 17th October whereas Mrs Thompson is doing the infant dates due to a personal commitment - she will be available Tuesday 10th and Monday 16th October, but is happy to arrange an appointment at a mutually convenient alternative time if necessary. 

Please also return your trumpet letters and so you can all take your trumpets home to play for your parents (oh lucky lucky them!!). 

Autumn 1 Week 3

Super attitudes on display from most of Year 5 this week, who are really rising to the challenges set and our increased expectations. In Maths we looked at mental addition and subtraction and revised Roman Numerals, and in English we commenced our Poetry unit, reading lots of poems and writing our own. In Science we completed our work on Space; next we move on to a History unit (Egypt). Our Reasoning lessons have started well, with most children comfortable and confident with the work.

The one area where we do need to see improvement is in presentation of work - we (on behalf of the government!) require neat, joined handwriting, and we would appreciate parental support in reminding the children of this when they are completing their homework. 

Autumn 1 Week 2

Another busy week in Year 5. This week we turned an information text into a series of instructions in English, and learnt about the 3 correct ways to use commas (in lists, for clauses and for parenthesis). In Maths we rounded numbers and multiplied them by multiples of 10, as well as completing our Times Tables test (50 questions based upon the 2-12 times tables). The children did very well in this test and we were delighted. In Science we continued to learn about the Solar System, sketching diagrams of eclipses of the sun and moon and learning about the phases of the moon. 

Thank you to all of those parents who attended the information evening on Wednesday. A document exemplifying how to support your child's reading in Year 5 is attached in our 'Useful Documents' section. 

Please also see below a link to a page on the Bond (educational publisher) website which explains the difference between the two main types of test set for entrance examinations by the selective schools in Trafford, which may be of interest. 


Autumn 1 Week 1

Welcome to Year 5, the home of unapologetically high expectations!

This week we looked at place value in Maths: reading and writing numbers up to a million, comparing and ordering numbers and determining the value of each digit in a number. In English we wrote about our holidays, using the 4 different sentence types (statement, question, exclamation and command) and in Science we started our first topic - Space. 

Next week:

Times tables - REVISE them! We will be doing a test and your recall needs to be near-automatic. 

Homework will go out on Monday - Maths, reasoning, Comprehension and Spellings. Do NOT leave all of this until next Sunday evening......

Homework is due the following Monday.