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Home Learning Plans Week Eight 8th June

Phonics Week 8 

We have now started working on Phase 4 of Letters and Sounds and have added a new Phase 4 booklet.  There are no new phonemes in Phase 4 but there are some new tricky words and longer words. We are aware that some children will still be working within Phase 3 so please only use Phase 4 activities when your child is confident at Phase 3. 


Please assess their knowledge of Phase 3 phonemes and tricky words using the assessment tools below. There are also flashcards you may like to use, however, you could also make your own. Your child may enjoy the sense of achievement they get from ticking off their correct answers. Some children will find this too much to do at one time so you may need to do a little each day.


If your child needs more consolidation in Phase 3, please work through the Phase 3 booklet until your child is fully confident.  Repetition is very important for a child’s success in phonics.


Phase 2, Phase 3 and Phase 4 booklets can be found here: Phonics 

Please only start using the suggestions in this booklet if your child confidently knows all the Phase 3 sounds and tricky words.  Otherwise please continue to use the Phase 2 or Phase 3 booklet, whichever is most appropriate for your child.