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Well here we are, the last week of the school year.

Here is the link for our end of year assembly:


There is a poem that I like to read to Y6.  It is about reaching for the sky; being ambitious, resilient and determined.

Let No One Steal Your Dreams by Paul Cookson


Let no one steal your dreams

Let no one tear apart

The burning of ambition

That fires the drive inside your heart.


Let no one steal your dreams

Let no one tell you that you can’t

Let no one hold you back

Let no one tell you that you won’t.


Set your sights and keep them fixed

Set your sights on high

Let no one steal your dreams

Your only limit is the sky.


Let no one steal your dreams

Follow your heart

Follow your soul

For only when you follow them

Will you feel truly whole.


Set your sights and keep them fixed

Set your sights on high

Let no one steal your dreams

Your only limit is the sky.


Y6: This is a time for you to feel proud of your achievements and to look forward to what is to come.  Well done for all that you have achieved at BCS.



I thought that you may like to see a picture of that little courgette that I was growing - it is not so little now.

I hope that everyone has a really fantastic summer.  See you in September.

Mrs Hudson smiley

Hello everyone,

Here is the link to the assembly for next week:

I hope that you enjoy the music, both are some of my favourite Beethoven.


Have you been growing anything over the past few weeks, while some of you have been at home?  My mum gave me a little courgette plant and some tomato plants and they are doing well, even though they keep on being drowned in the heavy rain.

Here is the courgette plant.  The courgettes grow behind the flowers.  Can you see a small one growing?












Here are the tomato plants.  They are quite tall now and there are lots of small yellow flowers.  The tomatoes will grow where the flowers are, hopefully we will have a lot because I love home grown tomatoes.


I hope that everyone has a lovely week.

Mrs Hudson smiley

Good afternoon everyone,

I have just recorded the assembly for tomorrow morning.  Here is the link:


It is about bananas and has music by Beethoven, who is our composer of the month.


I hope that everyone is having a lovely Sunday.


Love from Mrs Hudson


Hello everyone,


I have been in school this week and it has been strange because it is really cold in my office.  We have all got used to the sunshine.  I have seen quite a few of you on your Zoom class calls and you all look very well.  I can also see that you are all continuing to work hard - well done everyone.


I have some lovely news for you this week.  This is my son, Josh and his wife, Ruby and they are going to have a baby in October.  It will be my first grandchild and I am very excited - you all know how much I love babies.


We are now in May and it is time for a new composer of the month.  Mr Cunliffe has made a great sheet for us on this month's composer - Rossini.  He wrote a very well known piece of music called, 'The William Tell Overture.'  Tell your mums and dads that it is a great piece of music to tidy up to - see if you can tidy your toys away by the end of the piece of music.  Alternatively, you could see how many times you can kick a ball (I would be most impressed if you can do keepy uppies for the whole piece) or run around the garden.  I will upload the document separately.


I know how many of you really enjoy iSing Pop.  They are putting online assemblies with the songs on YouTube and the first one is 'Joy.'  You can find it here:  Now your mums and dads, grannies, grandpas and everyone can learn the actions and the songs.  Look out for that towards the end of the clip.


Miss Barclay has been really busy this week.  She is a super star and has been stamping and sorting the new reading scheme for Reception, Year 1 and Year 2.  There are thousands of books and she has really big muscles now.  Look at all the boxes stacked up behind her.


Next week we have a special day on Friday.  It is the celebration of 75 years since the Victory in Europe Day at the end of the Second World War.  I know that the teachers are putting a lot of lovely ideas on the website and we look forward to seeing your photographs afterwards.  Have you made bunting for your gate, front window or garden?


Next week in school we have work on the new KS1 play area starting, which is very exciting.  Hopefully it will all be finished by the time that we next see you.  Work is also starting soon on Mr. Hamblett's sensory garden.


I hope that everyone has a super weekend.  It was Josh's birthday this week and so we are having a big family Zoom quiz tomorrow - about 30 of us.


Mrs Hudson smiley







Composer of the Month - May

Hello everyone,  I hope that you are all having a good week so far.

I have been having a look at the work set for you to complete this week and can see that if you are managing to complete most or all of this work, you will be doing really well.  The teachers have all been messaging me to say that they are very pleased with the work that most of you are doing.  If you are finding it hard or are struggling to access the work, please contact your teacher and they will try to help.  We want you all to do your best, just as you do in school and then you will continue to make the progress that you should.


I have been on holiday from school this week (although I have still had a lot to do) and have been enjoying some time with the dogs, with my husband and in the garden.  I am learning the Ukulele, although I need a lot more practice.  Are those of you who play instruments using the extra time that you have to practice?  Have you been out playing for the NHS on a Thursday evening?


Lots of you have been interested in our composer of the month.  The composer for April is Dvorak, who wrote some very famous pieces of music.  Here he is:

Anton Dvorak (you say it Devor-jacques) lived from 1841 to 1904 and he was Czech.  He wrote a piece called the New World Symphony.  The second movement was used for a well known advert - see if your parents and grandparents recognise it.   Here is a link:  Another famous piece by him was Humoresque  Can you find any other pieces by him?


So far this year we have listened to Einaudi, Shostakovich and Copeland.  We listened to some great music.


I hope that you all have a lovely weekend.  I am looking forward to seeing the home learning pictures of you in this week's newsletter.


Mrs Hudson

Friday 17th April


Hello everyone,


Well, we are having a lovely outdoor learning day here to remember Mr.  Hamblet

and I hope that you are too.  The children here have made dens, bug houses, baked cakes and lots of other things.  What have you been up to?  We all sat round after lunch and ate a cake, baked by the children, yum.   


It was Darcey's first birthday this week and she celebrated by chewing my hairbrush up!  Hopefully you will be able to see Alfie and Darcey again soon.


I hope that you have all settled back to work following your holidays.  It is very strange but this is the first week of the summer term.  We miss you all but are enjoying seeing your photographs and I know that the teachers are impressed with how well you are working - well done.


We have lots of people who have got involved with helping the NHS and carers, you are doing a fabulous job.  Mrs Yeung is involved with a group who are organising the equipment that NHS workers need.  I will put some details on here as we go along and hopefully some of you will be able to help.  At the moment she is working with a lady called Jo Cushing making visors and this is a link to the funding page:  We also have children making scrub bags, as detailed in the newsletter last week.


I am so proud of our school family.   I always say to you (the children) that we are judged on how we treat others and there is no doubt that our school community show themselves in their best light when help is needed.  The pictures and rainbows that you have made will be cheering everyone up.


Look out for me reading a prayer in the Bowdon Parish online service on Sunday at 10am and have a lovely weekend.


Here are a couple of pictures of the children in school today.  You will all be able to have a turn in the den building area when you come back to school - not all at once though.


Mrs Hudson



Outdoor learning day 2020

Here is Mrs Yeung making PPE