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Pond Life

It’s amazing what sort of wildlife you discover on a Saturday morning at 8am in the school pond. An odd selection of bipeds: enthusiastic parents, keen but tired staff, long- suffering husbands and partners of staff and past parents who, despite having no further connection with school, gave up their time, expertise and endless enthusiasm. The aim was to tidy up the pond area, allow more light in and reduce leaf litter and after 4 hours of hard work and a very noisy wood chipper we felt satisfied we had ‘done Mr Hamblett proud’. Once the wood chipper was turned off we were serenaded by the frog chorus as the water was teeming with endless frogs. 
This is just the beginning of an ongoing maintenance and ‘pond-care’ program to hopefully enable our children to develop a lifelong fascination for caring for our natural environment. A huge thank you to all those who give their time and muscle power so willingly, to those who braved the full pond experience and got wet for their endeavours (John!), but most importantly past parents: Karen and James Bushell from Dunham Fisheries and Paul Antrobus from Cheshire Trees, without whom we would still be there, exhausted, wet and muddy!      Sue Moss