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Pupil Absence

Term time pupil leave of absence


All children should be in school every day.  However, there are occasions (exceptional circumstances) when children may be absent from school.

  • If your child is clearly not well enough to be in school i.e. they have a high temperature, they are contagious, the doctor has advised that your child needs to rest, they have been vomiting in the previous 24 hours

Please telephone the school office before 10am, giving the reason for your child's absence.  


For any of the instances listed below, an absence request form must be submitted to the Head teacher at least two weeks before the requested absence.  Authorisation will only be given if it is clear that time off school is necessary.

  • they have a medical appointment that could not be offered outside school hours
  • they have a music or dance examination
  • they are undertaking an assessment for secondary school
  • they are celebrating a religious festival 
  • there is an exceptional family circumstance


Governors’ Policy Regarding Holiday requests


The current regulations make it clear that head teachers may not grant any leave of absence during term time unless there are exceptional circumstances. Examples given are absence for funerals, illness, medical appointments and examinations.  Holidays to celebrate special family occasions are not permitted.


All unauthorised absences must now be reported to the Educational Welfare department, these include incidences where absence for illness has been requested but the school receive information that a holiday is being taken instead.


Parents/carers who take their children out of school without authorisation are liable to receive a penalty notice (fine) and in the case of either repeated unauthorised absences or those exceeding five days in total during a term; the child may be removed from the school’s register.


Attendance information for the whole of primary school life is now frequently requested by secondary schools when they are allocating places.


Unfortunately school governors have little flexibility, even where parents/carers are restricted by work commitments and they must enforce the regulations.