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Schemes of work

Rationale for using our scheme of work:

At the start of 2019, we introduced a new maths scheme of work: White Rose Maths, which is supported by the Power Maths teaching resources.

This scheme offers a mastery approach, which, evidence suggests, helps all pupils to improve their understanding of maths.

The White Rose scheme follows a small step approach and is designed to ensure that students will come back to topics time and time again, both within the study of the same area of mathematics and in other areas so that they will continue to deepen their understanding through this revisiting and interleaving.


How can I help my child?


First of all, it’s important to talk to your child’s teacher to give you a better understanding of the topics they’ve covered, the methods they use and any specifics they need to work on. Download a copy of the maths overview for the year and the school’s Calculation Policy (under policies on the website) to make sure that you share the same approach as us. Our website contains links to useful resources which you can access online. When completing maths tasks at home, talking about how and why you found an answer is just as important as getting the answer right!


How can I make my child feel positive about maths?


We believe that every child can succeed in maths, and one of the most important building blocks for success is a positive mindset. It’s therefore essential to help your child feel positive about maths at home, too. For example, you can talk to your child about the maths they are working on in school and encourage them to show you the methods they’ve learned. There are lots of opportunities to help build this positive mindset, because we use mathematical concepts and procedures many times in our daily lives, often without realising that it’s maths! You could talk about the amount of money you have when you go shopping, how much the items cost and how much you have left after you’ve paid the bill. When baking, encourage your child to read the recipe and measure out the ingredients accurately, and when you’re travelling, discuss location and direction.