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2019 -2020 School Council

This year school council have discussed the following issues:

  • Using our new school running track and how to increase activity in lessons.
  • How to improve our outdoor play areas to give more choice and improve behaviour at playtimes.
  • Do we need clearer consequences for poor behaviour, especially in the playground?
  • What den building materials do we need?
  • How can we eradicate rubbish in the playground?
  • Can we improve choices for school meals?
  • What choices are there for vegetarian and vegans and are these enough?
  • What types of charity events do we want to support and how can we do this?
  • What are 'Values' and which ones best represent our school?
  • What makes BCS special?
  • How can we promote our values in school?

Get in touch with School Council

There are suggestion boxes in every Y2 to Y6 classroom but pupils can also get in touch on this contact page with ideas for school council to discuss. Please ask your parents' permission.