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School Meals

There is a rotation of three lunchtime menus.  The basic menus come through from the Local Authority and our Kitchen Supervisor makes some adaptations for our children. 

From the week beginning the 5th October, the lunch menus for Wednesday and Thursday will be transposed to allow roast lunches to be served on Thursday instead of Wednesday.

Universal Infant Free School Meals

All children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 are eligible for universal infant free school meals.  Although your child will automatically receive free meals, please register with the local authority if your are eligible under the criteria for older pupils.  This registration brings funding into school called Pupil Premium.  Each child in receipt of Pupil Premium will be allocated £100 towards the costs of school trips and uniform.


Pupil Premium and Free School Meals

If your child is eligible for ‘free school meals’ and you register them for this, we’ll receive extra funding called ‘pupil premium’. We use this extra money to improve the educational provision and resources at the school. 

What is pupil premium funding?

Pupil premium funding from the government is given to schools to help pupils reach their full potential, regardless of their background or financial situation. It’s provided for pupils who:

•    Are registered for free school meals
•    Have been registered for free school meals at any point in the past 6 years
•    Are, or have been, in care

•    Have parents in the armed forces


Please read the following letter for more information

Free School Meals Letter

Queries about School Meals

Please fill in the contact form below if you have a query about school meals. If your request is urgent, please ring the school office 0161 928 8907 Please include your child's name and their class in your message.