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Senior Leadership Team

Office and Ancillary Staff

Mrs J Edney School Lead Administrator - Admissions
Mrs A Black School Administrator - School clubs
Mrs L Evans School Bursar
Mr M Garside School Receptionist & school dinners administrator
Mr S Goddard Caretaker and site manager
Miss N Hindle School cleaning services

Lunch time supervisors - Mrs Halsall 

Reception (EYFS) Staff

EYFS Team Leader and Reception Class Teacher - Mrs Horner

Reception Class Teacher - Mrs Currid

Reception Class Teacher - Miss Quinn

Reception Class Teacher - Mrs Lumb (part time)


Reception Teaching Assistants 

Mrs Gallagher, Mrs Banks, Miss Girdlestone


Key Stage 1 Staff (Year 1 and Year 2) 

Deputy Head & KS1 Lead - Mrs Brierley

Year 1 Class Teacher - Mrs Buckingham

Year 1 Class Teacher - Miss Newton

Year 1 Class Teacher - Miss Allcock


Year 2 Class Teacher - Mrs Cochrane

Year 2 Class Teacher - Mrs Norbury

Year 2 Class Teacher - Miss O'Riordan


Key Stage 1 Teaching Assistants 

Miss Barclay, Mrs Brady, Mrs Griffiths, Mrs Jones, Mrs McCoy, 

Miss Mills, Mrs Parish, Miss Puntel, Miss Shaw, Miss White,


Key Stage 2 Staff (Year 3 to Year 6)

Deputy Head & KS2 Lead - Mrs Moss

SLT and Year 3  Class Teacher - Mrs Platts

Year 3  Class Teacher - Miss Lowe

Year 3  Class Teacher - Mr Hayward

Year 3/4 Class Teacher - Mrs Davies


Year 4  Class Teacher - Mr Cunliffe

Year 4  Class Teacher - Mr Booth

Year 4  Class Teacher & Assistant SENDCo - Miss Hong


Year 5  Class Teacher - Mrs Edwards

Year 5  Class Teacher - Mrs Pope

Year 5  Class Teacher - Miss Harrison


Year 6  Class Teacher - Mrs Thompson

Year 6  Class Teacher - Mrs Storey

Year 6 Class Teacher - Mrs White (Mon/Tues)

Year 6 Class Teacher - Mrs Souders (Wed - Fri)

SENDCo & Year 6 cover Teacher - Mr McCarthy


Sports Coaches- Ms Parle and Mr Lewis (SIS)

Performing Arts - Mrs Sales

Instrumental teaching - Trafford Music Service 


KS2 Teaching Assistants

Mrs Anderson, Mrs Asgari, Mrs Barnes, Mrs Humphries, Miss Kay, Mrs Murray, Mrs Reyner,

Mrs Richardson, Mrs Ryley, Mrs Sales, Mrs Teague, Mrs Yeung.

Staff roles and responsibilities

All of the teachers can be contacted by email.  e.g.

However, it is not possible for them to check for emails through the day and so if your contact is urgent please speak to the school office: 0161 928 8907 or email

Staff are instructed not to check emails outside of working hours or in the holidays. 


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