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Year 6 Big Club

All members of Year 6 are invited to join BIG CLUB.


The first part of the session runs from 11:45 to 12:15 and focuses on themed activities, discussion and preparing a presentation in a school assembly

The second part of the session is open to all to attend 12:15 to 12:35 for further discussion, prayer and fun.


Big Club is led by Kirsten Wood (St Mary’s, Bowdon) and a rota of helpers from St Mary's and St Peter’s, Hale.


We play lots of games, enjoy craft activities, prayer stations, watch film clips and chat in Buzz Groups, all of which relate to the theme and bible verse of the day. Through the year we cover lots of really useful topics, which will equip our leavers with tools to make sure that they have a solid, practical faith to help them with the transition to secondary school.

We welcome all Y6 at Big Club - you don’t need to be a Christian or even believe in God. However, we really welcome all those in Year 6 who are curious about God, faith and their spirituality and want to come on an exciting journey with us to learn more.

We have lots of fun and the leaders love being part of the BIG CLUB family.!