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For information about the Y6 Big (Believe in God) Club please look under the 'Our Church' (Bowdon Parish) page on this website.

Big Club Worship Assembly on Thursday 13th December

Big Club's worship this morning focused on the theme of Advent and 'waiting'. They taught us a little about the time of Advent using a chocolate Advent calendar and wrote a prayer for every day. They acted out a (dramatic) drama based on John the Baptist, they prayed some thoughtful prayers, sang about God's grace with Stormzy and made a human prayer tunnel through which we exited the hall.  Thank you Big Club!

Big Club Worship Assembly on Thursday 18th October


Big Club led worship today which was based on the story of Lazarus.  They enacted his burial and subsequent resurrection by Jesus.  They wrote prayers for us and created a prayer tunnel for us to walk through as we left the hall.

Picture 1 Wrapping Lazarus in grave clothes
Picture 2 Retelling the story
Picture 3 Reading prayers
Picture 4 The prayer tunnel