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Travelling to and from school

Travelling to and from school


We are keen to decrease the number of children travelling to school by car, it will alleviate traffic problems, help our neighbours and research shows that children arrive at school more relaxed and ready to learn following a walk (scoot) to school.  Of course we understand that some of you are under pressure of time or live too far away for smaller children to walk.  We would like you to consider the ‘Park and Stride’ option of parking on wider roads e.g. near the Co-Op and walking the 5 minutes or so down to school.  Alternatively please consider using one of our walking buses, running from Bowdon Parish Centre or from Pheasant Rise.  It will save you significant amounts of time (parents are saying 45 minutes) and your child will be able to walk safely to school with all of the health, social and wellbeing advantages that this brings. 


If you walk your child/children to school, please leave them in the playground to go into school or (infant children) take them to the classroom door.  Notes and messages can be left with the members of staff on duty, for safeguarding reasons please do not wait in the playground.


Children who cycle or ride their scooter to school (most will need adult supervision because the roads around school are busy), should dismount at the gate and carefully walk into the playground to the cycle/scooter racks.  Safety helmets can be either left here or taken into class.  The cycle/scooter storage in the playground is within the perimeter fence and there locks should not be necessary.


Dropping off children

  • Children may be dropped at school from 8.25am
  • Members of staff man the gate between the drop off zone and the playground.  Younger children will be taken from the car into the playground
  • members of staff will be in the playground to supervise children before the start of school and as they go in
  • This additional playtime before school is very popular and it helps to settle the children at the start of the day.  Of course if it is raining they will come straight into school. 
  • Reception children can be brought into the main lobby and will be collected from there by staff
  • Registration takes place at 8.40am


Dropping off children at Breakfast Club.  You may pull up in the drop off zone and take your child into Breakfast Club between 7.45am and 8.20am.  Please do not park in staff spaces, as many of them arrive at this time.


Please note the new parking restrictions on Grange Road.  No parking between 8am and 5pm.  These restrictions will be enforced by Trafford Council and fines will be issued.


Collecting Children at the end of the school day

This can still be an issue for our neighbours.  If you are parking in the locality please consider the needs of neighbours to drive in and out of their gateways. The school gates open at 2.50 pm,  parents collecting on foot should walk into the playground and wait close to their child's exit door .  Please do not enter the building unless you have an appointment with a member of staff, in which case you should go in through the front door and sign in at the office.  Parents/carers are responsible for their child once they are out of class.  Junior children who have not been collected are told to go to the school office. where they can wait safely while we telephone parents.  Please be punctual when collecting your children, particularly at the end of after school clubs.


Bicycles and scooters may not be ridden in the playgrounds.


If after school clubs are cancelled for any reason, this will be posted on the school website and placed on the answerphone message, please check during the afternoon.


Children may be collected from the internal road but cars must not be there for longer than a minute or two and may certainly not be parked there.  Please do not arrive to collect children until after their finish time to give them time to walk to the playground gate.  Junior parents should not arrive until 3.10pm to collect from the turning circle.  If you are collecting an Infant and a Junior child, the Junior child may go to the Infant classroom to collect the younger child and bring them to the gate.  A member of staff is on duty on the gate to supervise car collection.


Please leave the playground area by 3.20pm so that we can ensure safeguarding by locking the gates ready for the after school clubs.


Collecting from Clubs

School's Out have their own entrance and exit at the first gate.

The children will be brought through to the playground gate onto the internal road at the end of the club.  Please be punctual when collecting from clubs, the staff usually have other meetings to go on to.


Please consider our neighbours when parking around school.  They must be able to enter/exit their driveways and the pavements must not be obstructed.