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Have a go a learning a VE dance...

Video 12 - 2020 VE Day Celebrations. Learn 'How to Jive' (Part 1 of 2).

Dancing like any other skill is all about practice. Very few people could describe themselves as natural dancers, ourselves included and so we have just had to stick at it. This video assumes you have never danced before and we break down both your arm movements and footwork for you. If we go too fast just rewind and start again. Here we look at the two foundation moves, open and close hold which the entire dance is built upon. Master these and you are well on the way to jiving just like the G.I's of World War II.

Video 13 - 2020 VE Day Celebrations. Learn how to dance 'The Stroll' (Part 2 of 2).

At vintage dances the DJ will often play a 'Stroll' to give the jiver's a break from the faster music. Why not give it a try? As you will see it is a simple routine and you can learn it in about 10 minutes.

World War 2 VE Day. 1940's dance at The People's Palace & Winter Gardens Glasgow -

Glasgow Big Band That Swing Sensation ( with Lee and Seema from The Fly Right Dance Company at We'll Meet Again, VE Day celebrations.

Strictly Come Dancing Pros ~ VE Day 70 A Party To Remember,

The Pros of Strictly dance at the VE Day 70 A Party To Remember, Video Credit @Clrhmly