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Y5 Blog 2020/2021

Golden Value Stars


Pen Licence

This week’s Golden Award winners and Pen Licence recipients. Well done to you all.

Golden Value Award winners as well as a Pen Licence. Congratulations!

The children have been learning about the process of mummification by acting it out. It's safe to say that they thoroughly enjoyed themselves!

Uh oh....

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A quick warm up before a competitive game of Matball! The children all worked well together in their teams.

Pen Licences and Friday Golden Value Awards

A headteacher’s Award. These are extremely rare, so a huge well done to this young man for his extended writing. #proudteacher

Our classroom became a wabet today filled with trainee embalmers and five mummies. They washed and stuffed and oiled and wrapped as well as removing vital organs with a knife and brains with a hook through the nose. I can assure you that no children were hurt in the process and all will be going home unscathed this afternoon!

The big mummy reveal...

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History: A Drought - The River Nile is in danger - the children had to act out a role to help persuade the Pharaoh’s Vizier to pass a desperate message on, so that action could be taken to replenish the diminishing water levels. The debate became quite heated!! Some excellent points and arguments were heard.

First Pen Licences handed out.

Our two fabulous role models. Ready, respectful, kind and safe. Well done.

The planets - choosing fruits to represent planets and then putting them in the right order.....the children learnt that our playing field was nowhere near big enough to be able to distance them apart properly.

We turned the Planets and Sun into fruits and made a scale sized model of the Solar System with the correct spacing between each planet.

RE - The Kingdom of God - the children were taught about how we all fit together to make one big family and reflected on how each of our roles matter.

Back to school. The children kicked off the new term with a comprehension on the Solar System - our first Science topic.

We looked at how views of the Earth’s shape have changed over time based upon scientific evidence. The children read different evidence cards in groups, discussing and sorting the evidence between that which supports the idea that the Earth is flat and the evidence that supports the idea that the Earth is a sphere. We then talked about how scientific ideas change when new evidence is found.

1st Awards of the year.

Coming back to school with a great attitude to learning.

The first Golden Rules Awards were given out on Friday as well as two Pen Licences. Well done!