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Years 1 to 6 or mid-year admissions

If you are interested in a place for your child, please complete the Additional Admissions Information Form (above) and return it to the school office in person or by email:

Please do not telephone the office or visit the school to ask about places.  If one becomes available we will contact the family who should be offered the place, based on our over-subscription criteria (see Admissions Policy) and local need in this part of Trafford.


Although our school building appears large, classrooms are designed to accommodate 30 pupils and we are therefore unable to accept additional children.

From time to time places become available in Y1-6 or during the year in Reception.


When we have places available Trafford Admissions are informed and the list of families who have expressed an interest in a place is checked to see who, on that day, should be offered the place using our over-subscription criteria (detailed in the Admissions Policy) and subject to demand within this part of Trafford.


Families wishing to register their interest in a place should complete an Additional Information Form (found at the top of this page) and submit it to the school.  You will be added to our expression of interest list and contacted if a place becomes available provided your child is eligible to be offered the place during that school year.


If your child has not been given a place an appeal can be lodged with the Local Authority, however it is important to note that your appeal cannot be considered just because your child has not gained a place, there must have been a breach in the admissions code or the way in which it has been applied.  


Schools have a duty of care to their current pupils to ensure that additional pupils do not increase class sizes detrimentally or compromise the health, safety or education of others.