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With recent events in the USA, children at home and in school have been learning about the struggle people face on a daily basis, purely on the basis of the colour of their skin.  Here, Oliver K and Heidi are reading a famous poem, written over 50 years ago, on the same topic - Caged Bird, by Maya Angelou.  She also happens to come from Missouri, where the recent protests started in the USA. 


Oliver K also wrote this fantastic poem, which has a very clear message for people:


It does not matter what is on the outside, 

It's what is in the inside that's important.

It does not matter if you're Black or White or Asian or not,

All the matters is you are special, no matter what.

To see the video of Y5 children toasting VE Day, please click here: 

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We all know the importance of keeping children active at school and at home. "The imovement" platform will contain resources that will support you and your children. It will help them to stay physically and mentally healthy, as well as focused and ready to learn. New resources will be added on a daily basis, and will include Quick Blasts, Active Blasts and Additional Activities to support Maths and Literacy.


Mrs Cochrane has put lots of ideas together on this page (click on the PE icon) to keep you fit and active.




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HeartSmart have got activities/songs/clips on their website to promote emotional well-being and have a YouTube channel with lots of videos to support children with their anxieties, fears and problems.



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