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Year 6 2020-21: homework in a nutshell! 



We read full novels in group guided reading sessions in Year 6. Your child will come home with a book each half term (ish - depending on the length of the book) and will have pages that they have been asked to read to discuss in the next session. It's a bit like a book club! The books have all been hand-picked because we love them and we know the children will too. Please note: in the first half term the books will be kept in school, but thereafter we are hoping to resume normal service levels! 



Maths homework is set on My Maths. Your child has a logon. Tasks will generally be set on Mondays and need to be completed by the following Monday. If they are struggling, they need to speak to us and we will help. 



Spelling lists will be stuck in homework books. Year 6 spelling lists are not meant to be easy - we are introducing tricky Tier 2 vocabulary. Your child must learn them. Punctuation and Grammar homework tasks are online at Tasks will generally be set on Mondays and need to be completed by the following Monday. 


Comprehension/Other English work

We may sometimes set comprehensions if we feel the children need to practise skills we have learnt in school. 



In the Autumn term we do our big research project, on any aspect of WW2 that has gripped your child's interest!

During Enterprise Challenge, the children will have tasks they need to complete at home. 


Useful apps

Screen time need not be wasted time!

Apps we love are:


TT Rockstars

Spelling Shed

Word Cookies

The Reading Realm

Block! Hexa Puzzle


Please contact us if you have any questions about homework!