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w/c 14.04.20

Hello Everyone.

We are missing you all but hope that you have had a good holiday with your family.

We are trying to give you the work which you would have been doing in school.  Sometimes you will have to use Youtube as some of our books are not easy find!

If we can, we will put a photo of a completed worksheet to see what we expect. Please always write using a lead pencil and always try and be as neat as you can. Remember, you can send photos of you enjoying your work and send them to

Love Mrs Brierley, Mrs Lumb, Mr Hayward and Miss Newton.

Friday 17th April


This will be an Outdoor Learning Day in remembrance of Mr Hamblett. 


Here are a selection of ideas which you could do at home - inside or in your own garden. You don’t have to do them all - just pick a few which are interesting to you, and that your grown-ups are happy with. There are lots of attachments which have information or instructions. You can 

send in your pictures to



  • Twig Pictures

    • Can you make a picture from twigs, leaves, petals etc that you have found on the floor? (Don’t pick flowers to use - you could get into lots of trouble!) You don’t have to stick them down - you could just lay it out on the floor or table and take a photo of it!

  • Drawing / Painting

    • Draw what you can see from your window or go outside and draw a close-up picture of a plant.

  • Muddy Faces

    • Use fallen leaves and twigs to make a face 

  • Bark and Leaf Rubbing.

    • Find some fallen leaves, can you make a picture using your rubbings?



  • Birdwatching - Over 30 minutes see how many birds you can spot.

    •  Sit at a window  and use the spotter sheets to help you identify them. If you think you can be super quiet you could sit in the garden! Keep a tally chart of how many of each type you see. You Could put some bird food out if you have any to help attract them!

  • Planting 

    • If you have any seeds, ask if you can plant and grow something. You will need to remember to look after them by watering them and talking to them too! (Plants like that!) 



  • Cakes and Biscuits - a firm favourite of Mr Hamblett’s.

    • If you are allowed, bake some biscuits. Can you think of any interesting shapes to cut them into. You could make some fairy cakes or a big cake. You might even be allowed to decorate them.

    • If you can’t bake (I know there is an issue with flour) perhaps you could have a biscuit or piece of cake with your lunch or for snack!

  • Build a bird’s nest!

    • Follow the instructions on the sheet. If you haven’t got a branch which you can safely reach, just make it on the ground like swans and ducks do!

  • Make a minibeast home!

    • Find a quiet corner of the garden and make a safe place for minibeasts to live. Take care with sharp sticks - ask a grown-up if you need help! 



  • Scavenger hunt

    • If you’re going out with an adult for a walk you could do this, or maybe in your garden.




Please can you revise these sounds this week...

ai     ay     a-e      a

(rain)               (stay)                (bake)                  (trap)


  • Read the sound
  • Read the sound in words - remember to sound out each sound in the word (b-ea-ch)
  • Read a word to your child with the sound in, and ask them to write the word (using sound buttons)


Below is a document with a list of this week's sounds with a few suggested words and alien words (these are not real but can be read using phonics). You could use this to read from or cut up and use as flashcards.


Find a poem about the weather.
Now choose your favourite weather and write a poem of your own.

Adverbs – Fast, faster, fastest. Discuss and complete the sheet. Can you think of other examples.

Handwriting – Wild Weather Soup sheet (copy underneath).

Verbs - complete the sheet using the words at the bottom of the page.



Multiplication White Rose link -

For each week there are 5 lessons. Each lesson has a teaching video (about 6-8 minutes long) and an activity, as well as the answers to check your work when you are finished. For this week, please complete the lessons under Summer Term - Week 1.


Practise counting in 2s, 5s and 10s.



Phonics Play is offering free use during the Home Learning period. This is a great resource for children to practice phonics in a fun way, and is something they are familiar with from school. Make sure to select Phase 5 sounds when playing. It can be used on a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Username: march20

Password: home



Design weather symbols and start your daily weather recording – for 2 weeks.


Wild Weather Soup- By Caroline Formby. Listen to the story on Youtube. Talk about the different types of weather around the world.

There is a drawing worksheet - 'before and after' if you wish.


Start your bean diary. 

Please feel free to plant whatever seeds you have available.



Daily exercise and fresh air.

RE - Think/read about what happened on Easter Sunday - copy the passage 

PE - Links to activities by Mrs Cochrane on Y1 Home Learning Page
Computing - Purple Mash 2code. Log into your Purple Mash account. Your teacher will have set activities in To-Do. Children have used this during Computing Lessons but 2code is a new topic all about coding. Complete both activities any day this week.

What a good one looks like!

Here is an example of some good work from last year for your topic work this week. This picture shows the weather symbols, the weather chart and the Wild Weather Soup before and after drawings.