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23/3/20 to 27/3/20

Friday 27 March


We have got through the week! 


Today is a finishing off/checking day. 


Below you will find the answers for the TYM work. Please mark it. If you don't have the pack and have been doing My Maths, please check that too, and go over any questions you got wrong. 


If you didn't complete the comprehension, do that, and then mark it. 


Please go back into your Just So stories and diary entries and finish those off/edit them. 


Ensure that you have been on both TT Rockstars and Spelling Shed, and that you have read pages from your book. If we have not given you a book to read then find something else to read - anything at all will do!


Have a WONDERFUL Easter!

Creative Children!

Update from Year 6 - 27 03 20

Yes I know the date is wrong on this - #brainmalfunction

Thursday 26 March


Good morning Year 6 - Day 4 of #coronaclosure! 


* If you are doing My Maths, please don't forget to check-out properly to make sure your scores are saved!


Hope you're all working hard but finding some time to enjoy the sunshine too. There are some activities on next week's page if you are stuck for something to do when you have finished your work!


Don't forget - PE with Joe at 9am for some exercise and Helen is singing again at 10am. 

Science information and ideas are further down this page!


Please share your Just So stories if you have done them in Google Docs. We're really enjoying reading them - great work! If you've written on paper and want to share,  just email us a photo!


Your diary entries can be done on docs (share with us) or on paper. They don't have to be long. 


Have a great day!


6S - I have shared a geography Powerpoint in Google Classroom with you. - There is no work associated it, I just thought you might be interested in having a read through some of the information. There is a particularly annoying 'States' song which 6T seem to enjoy...

Phrases & Clauses with Mrs T.

For our amazing Year 6 children - a grammar recap. Scriptwriter is self isolating so all mistakes are my own.

Wednesday 25 March


Good morning Year 6 - Day 3 of #coronaclosure! 


Below you will find the mark schemes for the Going the Distance  comprehension and also some of the L6 P&G papers you have in your pack. 


We are just supplying the answers for those who have completed them already. 


If you do not have the Going The Distance comprehension, the reading and question booklets are attached below. You don't need to print them out- you could answer the questions on paper.


We will provide the mark schemes for the L6 maths papers after the holidays. If you need them in the meantime, here's a link to a website that has them:


We will post the answers for the TYM work you have been doing on Friday so you can mark your whole week's work in one go and do any corrections. 


The Just So stories you started today are BRILLIANT! 


Have a lovely day!

Tuesday 24 March - Writing!


Well Year 6, this will be interesting! 


Please find links below to the slides for today's lesson. Read them! 


Then click on the links, which will take you to some Just So stories to use for inspiration. 


What we are expecting today is


1. familiarisation with the genre


2. a first paragraph (the first paragraphs are always pretty similar, as you will see)


3. The beginnings of an idea for a story. A fully-formed story does not come quickly! We will spend a lot longer than we have today making these stories brilliant!

Week commencing Monday 23 March 2020

Dear Y6, 

Most of you took home a 'corona pack' on Friday. 

This contains Maths for you to do every day this week. We will post photos of the answers later in the week so you can check how you did. **The TYM P139 C1b - the green sector is the one labelled '5% Percussion'

You should also be doing at least 10 minutes on TT Rockstars and at least 10 minutes on Spelling Shed per day. 

Your English work will be from your CGP book. 6S, please go upto Page 6. 6T (you are week ahead due to homework), please do 3-5 pages. 

You also have the Year 3/4 and Year 5/6 statutory spellings for revision. Please look at some of these every day. 


If you were absent when the packs were given out, there is work for you to do on My Maths, and we will endeavour to get the pack to you as soon as we possibly can. Please bear with us. Remember, My Maths have tutorials if you are stuck!


Below is a sample timetable for the week. 


Remember, you can use Google Classroom to keep in touch with us, and you should be checking this page of the website every morning. 


Most importantly: stay healthy, take care of yourselves and your families, and we will see you soon!


  Lesson 1 Lesson 2 Lesson 3 Lesson 4

English: Y3/4 and Y5/6 spellings & CGP book pages

Maths - TYM (printed)

Games - go for a run, play football (2m apart!!), trampoline - anything that makes your heart speed up! Check out Joe Wicks on Youtube:

Drama - do some singing/dancing or watch a great film!
Tuesday Writing - we will post resources tomorrow, but you will be having a go at writing some Just So stories! You can do these on paper or on a PC.  Maths - TYM (printed) Geography - work on North America in folders or on G Drive Geography continued
Wednesday Maths - TYM (printed) English comprehension -  Going the Distance

French - look at BBC Bitesize and watch some videos!


You could even do 5 a Day in French:

Music - look at BBC Bitesize and watch some videos!


or sing along with Helen!

Thursday Maths - Mental Arithmetic RE: write a diary entry explaining how you are feeling at the moment. These are uncertain times.  Science - see resources and links below for ideas!  Science - see resources and links below for ideas! 
Friday Guided Reading - read 20-30 pages of your book. Then do a couple of pages from your 'Tricky P&G' book.  Maths - TYM (printed)

Art/DT - do something creative and send your teacher a photo of it! Ideas below:

1. Sketch the Golden Gate bridge:

2. Make a Mondrian-inspired wallet:

3. If you have paints, have a go at a Cezanne:

Carry on with your Art/DT

P.E with Joe / Monday 23rd March 2020

Day one of my 9am daily workouts


Please continue with your science question books, try to do one or two pages each day. The answers are in the middle, but try to answer the questions without looking first!

Our next topic in science was to be all about Light!

Please watch the BBC Bitesize videos here: 

Then have a go at these simple activities below - all you need is a torch and some simple equipment

Light Refraction Science Experiment

Cool Light Refraction Science Experiment In this Video we show you the steps to conduct this cool science experiment and you can follow along at home using a...