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Pastoral groups


Pastoral groups offer a nurturing and supportive space for children to focus on their social and emotional needs. The content of the  groups is tailored to the needs of the individuals in the group. However, groups usually focus on developing social and emotional literacy. The aim of the groups is to help equip the children with the support, knowledge and skills they need to  develop strategies to manage social situations, including school.  A key intended outcome is the minimisation of any social, emotional or behavioural issues that may be causing barriers to children's learning in school.


1:1 Active Listening and Coaching

Staff are available for children to express their worries to at all times. However, for some children a short, pre-arranged time to talk over concerns or work on strategies with a specified adult can be beneficial. Some children may be able to access our Mental Health Practitioner provided by the Place2Be.




A fun, CBT based activity that builds social and emotional resilience in children and young people. Offered by trained members of staff on a referral basis.



Our school garden is open to children to drop in to for supervised gardening fun on Tuesday and Thursday lunchtimes.    


Lego Therapy

Lego® therapy is a social development program for children particularly beneficial for children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or other social communication difficulties. It uses children's love of playing with Lego® to help develop communication and social skills.


Expressive Art Groups

Expressive art allows children to put their feelings into artwork, giving children a safe outlet for emotions through an enjoyable activity while supporting  development of artistic, expressive and fine motor skills.


Sensory sessions

A specific programme of activities available to selected children to help assist with remaining relaxed and focused.


Support at Lunchtimes

A variety of activities are available at lunchtimes to support any child who may sometimes prefer a more structured environment or a calmer space during this time. Activities available at different times of the week include: gardening, board games drop-in club, prayer and contemplation drop-in,  art club and calm space in the reflection room.