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At BCS we have healthy, motivated pupils with good all round well-being. We see children choosing to be active in their ‘own’ time i.e. playtimes.

Participation in after school clubs increases each term (numbers allowing), and we are seeing an increase in pupils competing in competitive sports, both for the school and for clubs.



BCS teachers and coaches use formative assessment during lessons. Through observations they can closely monitor and observe children individually, or in a group/team. By doing this they can offer instant feedback or ask questions to encourage the children to explore their learning. This style of assessment can change the content of the lesson as it is happening, teachers are flexible and adapt their approaches to allow for this.

Summative assessment takes place at the end of each unit of work, it should quite simply be; has the pupil met the unit of work objectives or not? If they haven’t the PE lead  and the next class teacher should be informed. Teachers can use this information to make adaptations in the unit of work the next time they deliver it.



At BCS we pride ourselves on our reputation for creating skilled, sporting ‘all-rounders’. We often have reports from secondary schools complimenting our pupils on the prior knowledge and experiences, as it has put them in good stead for secondary school PE and sports. We love hearing from past pupils about their sporting achievements (see Schools sports page - past pupils)

Being physically active is a mind set for life; even if pupils aren’t ‘sporty’ they leave us understanding the importance of keeping active and healthy.