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Maths- Power Maths


In Maths we are following a scheme called Power Maths.  Every child has their own practice book in which they complete tasks each lesson.  During lessons, children are encouraged to discover and then share their thoughts with their peers about how they would solve mathematical problems and they are encouraged to reason and explain their mathematical thinking.  In Maths, we will be using lots of practical resources to help the children understand concepts and to help them master the different areas of the Maths curriculum.





We will be mastering the following topics: 

Multiplication and Division 








We will be writing a range of genres based on our texts including: non-chronological reports, explanation texts, adventure and mystery stories and recounts.

Weekly English lessons will also include SPaG and comprehension tasks. Our guided reading book this term is Stig of the Dump by Clive King. We are enjoying listening to our class reading book: Anne of Green Gables by L.M Montgomery.



Throughout  the Spring term we will be learning about the following topics in the different foundation subjects:


Science:  Pond dipping and rocks, fossils and soil. 

Geography: How powerful can nature be? (Volcanoes and Earthquakes)

History:  How did Britain change between the Stone and Iron Age?

Art: Impressionist art work (Claude Monet), Stone Age cave sketches 

DT: refining our sewing skills, pop up cards and making pancakes. 

PE: Dance, Gymnastics, Swimming and Team Games. 

Music: Ukelele Reggae and Bob Marley, singing and skills. Composers: Debussy, Erk Satie and Rodrigo.  

Computing: Coding and typing

RE: Creation - how can we look after the wider world?  Salvation - The Easter Story

MFL: French - Our school, days of the week, colours, counting to 20, countries. 

PSHE: How can we do kind things for others? How important is it to say sorry? 

Drama: The children will develop their Drama Skills with our specialist teacher Mrs Sales. 


Ideas for supporting your child at home this Spring Term:


  • School and shared reading

  • Times tables

  • Using coins and access to money

  • Telling the time both analogue and digital

  • Diary writing

  • Logic puzzles 

  • Crosswords (optional for homework)

  • Discussions including explaining beliefs

  • Identifying materials in nature

  • Rock hunts (see our Let's Investigate page)

  • Museum and gallery trips