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Spring Term 2



Spelling will go home on Wednesday to be tested the following Tuesday. Please prioritise statutory spellings, there are 5 a week. 

Week 1- ly words (Tested: 25/02/20)

Week 2 - no spellings (see Volcano comprehension)

Week 3- no spellings (see Art project)

Week 4- past tense verbs (Tested: 17/03/20)

Week 5- suffixes: -ful, -less (Tested: 24/03/20)





26/2/20 - Volcano comprehension. Please write the answers in full sentences in your homework book. Due in 3/3/20. 

4/3/20 - Speech Marks worksheet. Due in 10/3/20. 

18/3/20 - Improve this. Due in 24/3/20. 


Weekly optional crossword.




MyMaths will be set on a Wednesday to be completed by the following Wednesday. 

We have a weekly 140 Times Table Check- please ensure your children are continually learning their times tables.

There may be weeks when times tables sheets are sent home. 


4/3/20 - This week for your homework please could you learn to tell the time both analogue and digital in preparation for our time topic.


Please ensure an adult CHECKS and SIGNS your English work.


All homework is due in the following Tuesday, but if is completed before then, children are encouraged to hand it in before.