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Our new school - Autumn 2015

Dedication of the new building, March 2016

Bishop Libby Lane led a ceremony which took place in the new school hall, where the guests joined 480 pupils for a celebration, blessing and dedication service. Following speeches, worship songs and a lesson from Bishop Libby, the school choir sang, 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow'.


David Reid, the chairman of governors, thanked Trafford Council for its support and investment in the school. After prayers, Bishop Libby blessed the school. Pupil Amos Gillingham, aged seven, said: “It felt really special when Bishop Libby asked us to stand so that she could bless us and the school. She said that the people in the school are the most important part.”

After the service guests and the school council stood under the new flag as Bishop Libby opened the curtains to reveal the plaque, positioned by ones from 1806 and 1969 - another piece in the school’s 463 year history was in place.


In January 2015, former Hale vicar Libby Lane became the first woman to be consecrated as a bishop in the Church of England. Prior to her historic appointment, she was vicar at St Peter's in Hale and St Elizabeth's in Ashley, for nearly eight years and was a governor at Bowdon Church School, leading regular assemblies for the our school community.

The changing landscape as the new school is built - September 2014 to September 2015

Blessing of Bowdon Church School Building Site and the Project Team - 27th November

A blessing service was held on Thursday 27th November at 10:30am, with representatives from St. Mary's church, St. Peter's church, the building team, the school council (Y3-Y6) and the school building team (Y5 & Y6). The service was led by Rev. Preece and included: a reading from Paul's First Letter to the Corinthians by Charlie and Alicia (head boy and head girl); Psalm 121 read by Mrs Martin (Headteacher) and prayers by Dr David Reid (Chair of Governors).

"Bless this site and all who will work here and all concerned with its building and design."


Blessing of the New Building Site

Building Update 11th December 2014  Reporters: Isabel and Amy
Being on the building committee is a lot of fun and very informative. Two children from each class in years 5 and 6 have been selected for this and we go onto the site every Monday to learn more about the new school building. We have been given high visibility jackets and hard hats to ensure our safety. The building company, Willmott Dixon have worked very hard and the steel frame is already finished.
At the last building committee meeting, we met Darrell, the site manager and first aid man. He told us that they use clay rather than plastic to make drain pipes because plastic is really difficult to recycle. We also learnt that instead of using clay bricks, the builders use solid concrete because there has been a big building boom and the prices for materials has grown. From a safe distance we watched concrete being shoveled into the foundations, we noticed that every part of the builders’ bodies were covered, apart from their face, in protective clothing. Apparently concrete is dangerous if it touches your skin. For safety precautions the builders have different kinds of soap for washing themselves after some jobs.
We really enjoy being part of the building committee and can’t wait until we can sign our names on the steel frame!

2015 Building work


February 2015

Building team update 23/2/15

24/2/15 Signing the steel frame

25/2/15 Signing the steel frame

March 2015

April / May 2015

Taken from Google Earth, an aerial view of the two buildings side by side

10th June 2015 - 3 months to go!

The new sign goes up - 30th June

A sneaky preview inside - 6th July 2015