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Farewell Year 6! 

Thank you for your cards, your gifts, your kind words, but most of all, thank you for being YOU! 

Being your teachers has enhanced our lives this year. 

Good luck to you all, 

Love from Mrs Thompson and Mrs Storey 

British Science Week

After 3 weeks in the classroom our bread experiment has yielded some intriguing results, raising the question which Y6 class washes and dries their hands more thoroughly?! 

It was also interesting to note that in one class the washed hands with soap was more effective than the antibacterial hand gel.

We discussed the different types of mould growth seen but now it will be a relief to move on from mould and microorganisms!


Our other activity in science week was to create a marble run in teams in just an hour: a real measure of teamwork and engineering skills! Can you beat the longest recorded time of 10.32 seconds?

February 2020 - Year 6 have written Mr Men/Little Miss books and they are AMAZING!!!!!

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The Tempest, performed by Year 6 and the Young Shakespeare Company

The Tempest

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The Tempest 2

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Flocabulary - Dividing Fractions - Keep, Change, Flip

This educational hip-hop song uses the 'Keep, Change, Flip' mnemonic to teach students how to divide fractions.

Year 6 Update - January 2020

Welcome back to all of our wonderful Year 6s! The term has got off to a busy start!


On Wednesday this week we were dazzled by the talent on display in 6S's panto (6T to follow on 19 February). Then yesterday we enjoyed a superb visit to Stockport Air Raid shelters, which really brought our learning about WW2 to life - see photos and videos below.  On Tuesday next week (21 January), we will visit Crucial Crew. Please remember, you need to wear joggers/leggings for the activities, but please bring your normal school uniform trousers/skirt to wear in the afternoon.  Then, on Friday 31st January, we will welcome the Young Shakespeare Company into school, where they will perform The Tempest. 


That day will also be the 'rotation' day for Art and DT - 6T will start on their second DT cycle, with Mrs Storey, Mrs Jones or Mrs Murray,  and 6T will be doing Art with Mrs Thompson. 


Please remember that as last term, My Maths and spellings are set on Mondays for both classes and must be done by the following Monday. Monday is also Punctuation/Grammar homework day for 6T, whereas in 6S Friday is setting/due-in day. 



Year 6 are evacuated! See below for photos of our excellent visit to Stockport Air Raid Shelters.

Run Rabbit Run!

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Doing the Lambeth Walk!

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Happy 2020! Here are our first role models and merit winners!

Five a Day in French!

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Investigating Adaptations in Science

We have started the new year investigating the advantages and disadvantages to different shaped beaks.

Merry Christmas to all!


Thank you to our wonderful Year 6 children and their families for our very generous cards and gifts. We are overwhelmed by your generosity!

It has been a superb term and we look forward to seeing you all in 2020.


Very warmest wishes, 

Mrs Thompson, Mrs Storey, Mrs Moss & the Year 6 team



Everyone's working in teams filming our time stop animation nativity scenes!

Update 22.11.19

Gosh - where has the term gone?! Christmas is fast-approaching and we are certainly keeping busy in Year 6!

This half term our focus in English is on Poetry and Drama, and so far we have evaluated and written a range of poems (including Christmas ones for the carol service), and looked at how the English language has evolved from Beowulf, through Chaucer's Canterbury Tales, to the present day. Next week we start Shakespeare - all hail Macbeth! 

In Maths we have spent our time becoming more fluent with decimals, fractions and percentages, before we move on to ratio  and proportion. 

In History we are about half-way through WW2 now - America has joined the war and so we are having lots of good discussions about issues including types of government, racism and prejudice.

Next week we change our Art/DT rotation and 6S will be doing DT whilst 6T look at Chagall's work and create a tribute piece. 

Thank you for continuing to work so hard and be such brilliant role models Year 6 - you really do make us proud every single day! 

Mrs Edwards is in a half term mood!!!!

18.10.19 Role Models & Merit winners from the last two weeks. You are amazing!

10.10.19 - Our brilliant Year 6 Harvest poems, read in church this morning by our brilliant Year 6 poets!

Year 6 Update - 24 September 2019

Introducing our brilliant School Councillors, Eco Team and Kindness Ambassadors! 

Year 6 School Councillors 2019-20

Year 6 Eco Team 2019-20

Year 6 Kindness Ambassadors 2019-20

Year 6 Update - 13 September 2019

Well done for settling in so well Year 6! We are all getting back into the swing of things now, looking at place value in Maths, biographies/autobiographies in English, WW2 in History and, very excitingly, starting to work on our Chromebooks across the curriculum. 


Things to remember:

- Parent Meeting Wednesday 18th at 6.30pm

- Homework is set on Mondays and due the following Monday (with the exception of 6S Punctuation and Grammar, which is set on Fridays and due in on Fridays). Maths is on my maths; spellings and english (until we start our special books) in your homework book

- Please have PE kit in school every day!

- Please return all outstanding letters (we know there have been a lot!!)



Year 6 scientists Sept '19

We have started our science with thinking about the skills we need to work scientifically, but also having great fun with 'rocket mice'! Our main science topic this half term focuses on our health and looking after our hearts, learning about the circulatory system, so we have also been investigating the effect of exercise on our heart rate. 

Rocket mice and investigating the effect of exercise on our heart rate

Welcome to Year 6 2019-20

Welcome to a new year in Year 6. There will be many challenges over the year, some may be quite daunting, while others are very exciting. However you're feeling, we're here to help you get the most out of your last year at BCS. The year 6 team are: Mrs Thompson, Mrs Storey, Mrs Moss (Robinwood Residential organiser, 6S - Tuesdays, 6T - Thursdays) and of course our lovely group of TA's, who help us at different times throughout the week (but are also often busy around school as well): Mrs Latham, Mrs Brady, Mrs Griffiths, Mrs Asgari, Mrs Murray and Mrs Jones for food technology.

Please can we remind you that Y6 are not allowed mobile phones in school and all jumpers, PE kit and school equipment (including pens) must be clearly labelled with your name. Y6 School manager badges have been given out and these are to be sewn under the BCS crest on jumpers or cardigans. Additional labels can be requested from Mrs Storey.

Please see the link below to the Y6 curriculum page to see what we have planned for the forthcoming term! If you keep scrolling down you will see examples of the range of activities we manage to cram into the year. Of the delights in store, highlights include: visiting theatre productions , sporting fixtures, Bikeability, Crucial Crew, Little Life Savers, Y6 Enterprise Challenge, mock trials in a courtroom, Shakespeare, a myriad of visiting speakers and of course the Y6 residential activity centre - Robinwood!


So long, farewell......

Year 6, we wish you all the luck in the world as you move on to your next schools.

Thank you for your incredibly generous gifts and kind words.

You have made us very proud this year and we have loved being your teachers. 

Warmest wishes,

Your Year 6 Teachers & Team 

21.06.19 We came, we pitched, we secured investment! Well done Y6!


In Y6 the children engage in a project called Enterprise Challenge for the last half term. Children are placed into 10 teams and are asked to innovate and develop a product to sell in school on Thursday July 11th. Each team has chosen a personal charity to support and are working hard to come up with products that will sell!

The teams have produced a survey as part of their market research and we'd love for you to complete these and perhaps share on with other family members. This is an important part of the process for the children, who need to take on board the feedback and adjust their products accordingly. Click on the links below for each team. Thank you for your time and don't forget, the children will be selling an improved version of these ideas on July 11th !

Mrs Moss



TEAM 3 - RELAXIBLES (2 surveys)


TEAM 5 - STORMZ (2 surveys)






Half Term: May 2019

Well done to Y6, who made us so proud at Robinwood last week - you showed determination, resilience, teamwork and positive attitudes throughout.  We will be sharing photos and videos of each group in due course. 

Have a wonderful holiday Y6 - you have earned it! 

Robinwood 2019 - see the separate subpage above for more photos

BIG club assembly

Thank you to team ‘Tatton’ from Y6, who developed and presented the 4th BIG club assembly this year, focusing on the Beatitudes. They performed a modern version of the parable of the Unforgiving Servant to illustrate the importance of forgiveness. We’d also like to say a huge thank you to the dedicated team of parents and members of St Mary’s church, who come in each week to work with the children to explore aspects of faith and worship: Kirsten Wood, Katie Riley, Caroline Royle and Hilary Gartside. A reminder that Year 6 children are invited to attend ‘Underground’

Summer 1 - Week 3

Your Year 6 Teacher’s Vows:


We do solemnly declare that we, your year 6 teachers, shall not pressurise you, our wonderful year 6 pupils, about SATs. From this day forward, until lunchtime on May 16th, and indeed thereafter, we shall not subject you to stress and shall protect you (to the best of our ability) from Key Stage 2 testing.


We promise that we will strive to keep you stimulated and engaged, even as together we revise the difference between coordinating and subordinating conjunctions and why a sentence is active and not passive. We will be excellent teachers, for better, for worse, and we shall not continually mention that SATs are coming up. Instead, we will endeavour to equip you with the skills and knowledge that you need to succeed for the rest of your lives, until we are parted forever in the summer.


We pledge that we will respect, trust, help, and care for you, remembering that after all, you are only 10 and 11 years old. We will support you, in sickness and in health, not only to secure your academic success, but also your emotional wellbeing, social ability and general well-roundedness.


And when July comes, we promise to reassure you, in joy and in sorrow, that we, your year 6 teachers, believe that you, our year 6 pupils, have qualities that the tests could not test. We will be your champions, reminding you that you have the capacity to succeed in so many different ways.


And as the last day of school rolls around, and we are rent asunder, we will wave you off, confident that your sanity and happiness remain intact, as you look forward to the summer.


These are our solemn vows.

Electrical investigations

Bikeability - well done to all those who took part in learning to be a safer cyclist on the roads

ISING POP, Blue Planet 2 and Mr Men?!

It may seem a strange mix but this week in Year 6 we have experienced a myriad of activities. On Tuesday we tuned into the BBC Live lesson to learn about the threat to our oceans through plastic pollution, overfishing and climate change. On Wednesday and Thursday we have been singing and dancing, joining in with the rest of the school with our ISING POP project - great moves Y6! And in the midst of all this we have been battling with spreadsheets, algebra and writing our very own Mr Men and Little Miss stories. Life in Year 6 is certainly never dull.


Y6 on stage at St Mary's, 28.03.19

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Lead Me Home

Fighting for Love

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We also found time to create some stunning jungle animal pieces using oil pastels!

'Get me another bag of rats!'

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We are loving reading The Lie Tree in Guided Reading. Here, Faith and Paul have a combative exchange.

Paul & Faith : Take 2

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Researching Biomes on our Chromebooks to create a class fact file!

A good mnemonic to remember how to find the area and circumference of circles!

Still image for this video

And again!

Still image for this video

And another!

Still image for this video

We definitely know it now!

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Magistrates visit and talk to us about their work - 13.02.19

Mr H Day - 31st January

Mr Hamblett was a veteran of outdoor cooking in all weathers, so Y6 had a flavour of cooking over an open fire with Mrs Storey and Mrs Moss. Pockets of foil with potatoes, onion, carrot and mince (optional) were made and cooked on the embers; meanwhile we toasted marshmallows , trying not to burn them! So now you know why everything smelt of smoke. The day also included cricket, a Mr H style quiz, hot chocolate and dancing. 

We miss him more than we can say but he would have loved all of our activities and his memory lives on in us.

Class photos 11.01.18

UJ Choir at Lady of the Vale Nursing Home

UJ Choir at Lady of the Vale

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The doctor will see you now......Mr Morgan visits to teach us about bones!

A very busy Y6 Christmas!

Christmas is a special time for all of us and in Y6 we've been working hard to bring joy to family, friends and the local community. Below you will find pictures from the famous Junior Carol Service and it certainly lived up to expectations with Y6 poems, readings and of course numerous songs. Y6 led the service from beginning to end: greeting people at the door; writing thought-provoking poems; reading with confidence and clarity; bringing the nativity scene to life; singing solos; leading carols in small groups; jingling bells (!) and at the end, wishing everyone a very merry Christmas as they donated to our Ugandaid charity.

The Y6 choir has also been singing in the local community, at a community lunch at St Luke's, spreading  the Christmas message far and wide.

Thank you Y6; be proud of what you have achieved this term!

Mrs Moss, Mrs Storey and Mrs Thompson

UJ Choir at St Luke's - 7/12/18

The Twelve Days of Christmas

Still image for this video



Thank you to all those who baked or brought in donations.

Y6 celebrate Children in Need 2018 by baking spotty cakes

WW1 remembered in Y6

Although Y6 usually focus on WW2 for their local history topic, due to the 100th anniversary of the end of WW1 we have also spent some time focusing on these events. Our focus started with WW1 poetry and looking at the messages these poems have for us today. Y6 then wrote their own poems using the originals as inspiration. Artwork and drama followed,  together with thought provoking discussions in RE lessons 'Is it ever right to kill?"

As part of  school activities, we helped to paint the poppy boards at the front of school, sold poppies at the beginning and end of each day, baked scones for the community tea - where members of upper junior choir sang WW1 songs.

All these activities have developed a greater understanding and respect of the sacrifice of those who fight in the name of their country or personal commitment, but also respect for those who are affected by war or who choose not to fight. 

We will remember.

In Flanders Fields

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WW1 History Day 09.11.18

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Year 6 performed poetry, sang and acted to commemorate the centenary of the ending of WW1. Here's 6T (6MS to follow).
Please see the video resource centre below for 6MS's video recorded on History day (it was too large to place direct on this page)

Pictures from our History Day to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the end of WW1

'The Poppy Fields' at the front of school
Morning assembly - well done to our Y6 poets
Front entrance display
Y6 preparing scones for our visitors
The community tea with scones, jam and cream.
Combined choirs singing for the community event

BIG Club assembly by team Dunham

We had a wonderful start to our day today.  This half term’s Y6 Big Club team had planned a worship assembly for the school based on the Bible story of Jesus’ friend Lazarus who died and was brought back to life. Aidan was wrapped up as ‘Lazarus’  and then came back to life after Jesus’ prayers, bursting through the tissue paper! Prayers written by Y6 BIG club were read out and then we left the hall through a ‘prayer tunnel’. Thank you to Y6 Dunham team, Mrs Royle and of course Kirsten for your leadership and time. 

Harvest festival 

Thank you to all those who helped to walk to church for the Harvest festival on Thursday and for all the harvest gifts. We are very proud of Y6 who read in church for the reading and their own poems. 

Harvest Readers

Still image for this video

Poem 3.MOV

Still image for this video

Poem 4.MOV

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Our Y6 School council, Anti Bullying and Eco Ambassadors

Y6 School Council
Y6 Eco Ambassadors
Y6 Anti Bullying Ambassadors

Y6 investigate whether exercise impacts mood and concentration

Y6 using the Chrome books in our WW2 history topic

September update

It's been a busy time in Y6 but with most examinations now out of the way we can now settle into a more normal school routine. 

In Maths we've finished revising place value and have been tackling reasoning questions involving negative numbers (hence the fun video below!). We're now moving onto multiplication and division, recapping basic skills and explaining our reasoning. 

In English following on from biographical writing we are now tackling poetry. Comparing and contrasting a range of styles as well as looking at World War 1 poetry. Take a look on our Exciting English page for some stunning examples.

WW2 has definitely arrived in Y6, along with gas masks and replica hand grenades! (Thanks Theo!) If you have a family story about WW2, especially if it is connected to the local Altrincham area we'd love to hear from you.

We have now completed our science topic on classification, which included a biography on Linnaeus and we're moving onto How to Keep Ourselves Healthy. This week we are investigating if exercise lifts our mood or affects our concentration.

Challenge Y6 - can you create a sorting diagram to classify these hover flies? You'll need to look really closely!

Just for Fun...

Below you will find a further selection of photos, news items, links and information from previous Y6 classes. Some of them are special memories and will give you an insight into what Y6 at BCS is like!


How do we sum up Enterprise Challenge?

Lots of creative ideas, innovation, learning to work as a team, project management, learning about finance/profit/break even point, pitching to a panel of business experts, filming adverts, marketing campaigns, emails to charities, production, production, production, stress, FUN and selling!


A huge well done to: all 61 Y6 pupils, their parents (especially those behind the scenes),  parents who came in to share their expertise, the rest of school who bought our products and Y6 staff.  See below for a selection of photos taken on Enterprise Day!

Our Final Sports Day for Y6!

Enterprise Challenge in Progress

Pitching Business Ideas to Our 'Business Angels'

In the midst of sports events and Oliver performances, Y6 are also fully immersed in their Enterprise Challenge. The children are split into 10 teams and asked to innovate a business in just 4 ½ weeks from start to finish. Leila Smurthwaite led a fantastic workshop on innovation at the start of the half term and each team has been developing their ideas, assisted by Y6 staff and parents who have come in to give talks and advice (thanks to Mr Burtinshaw, Mr Edwards and Mr Keeling). 

Y6 are now half way through the project and on Friday they visited Manchester to pitch their business plans to a panel of business experts, to be questioned on their usp, financials, marketing strategies and project management. Thank you to our ‘Business Angels’: Mr McDowell, Mrs Whiteley, Mr Thorniley, Mr Beazley and Mr Summers for their time and valuable input.

Y6 are currently in the process of buying materials, looking for sponsors, contacting their chosen charities and making their products. If anyone has unwanted items they wish to donate (Plain or light coloured plain T-shirts, old shoe laces, unwanted odd socks, teddies who need a new home, scraps of ribbon,  any unwanted fabric paints, T-shirts with logos or football shirts, coloured tissue paper, plastic drinks bottles, plastic containers (eg Chinese containers), old cardboard wrapping paper tubes, corks, patterned fabric scraps), then we have a box in the front entrance. 

The selling day in school will be Thursday 12th July - in school time for all classes and Y6 parents, but after school at 3pm for all other adults. If anyone would like to sponsor a small prize for a team or 6 or 7 children, please email Mrs Moss

Enterprise Challenge Pitching Day

Experience Easter and Ukulele Concert

Ukulele Concert and Experience Easter

World book day - Y6 reading books to younger children in school

Chloe takes to the stage and WOWs us all!

What's that lurking in the shadows... ?

We have been studying Norse mythology and Beowulf, so have been inspired to write our own monster descriptions. Here are some gruesome extracts from our writing - enjoy!


Never was there ever a creature so cunning as the Talonorswing. This entrancing beauty may seem the most harmless, docile, pitiful being ever to have walked this foolish planet, but under all its grace and elegance lies an incandescent, gelatinous, shrivelled heart.  - Bea

His gargantuan fluffy feet, which out matched any shoe size across the nine realms, made  its mark in the weak, cracked stone. He finally reached his  longboat of gnawed bones: that was bigger than any viking army. He had caught a few men tonight from that village that he left in ashes earlier that day. The monster crushed his pitiful meal with his hand that was a mighty bulldozer and plummeted the first petrified victim into his belly, followed by the other fearful warriors.

This one was truly the worst of the worst. - Lachie

Splat! Slime dripped,oozing great globs of mucus : the beast was up! Getting out of his snow bed, he gave a huge yawn and glaring out of his cave window gave another yawn. The smelly beast was gone; he was hunting.

    Without warning, he was off hunting for those two-legged delicacies. His teeth were as sharp as the finest diamond sword and his claws were as sharp as spears - no-one went near him. The stench of halitosis breath would have  been overpowering - if anyone was alive to smell it! - Eddie

Moonlight flickered through the tree canopy making speckles dance on the lifeless floor. Mist enveloped the gloomy blackness like a deathly hug; owls hooted in their branches as the trees quietly whispered their secrets.  

Like an icy shadow, the gnarled figure slipped unnoticed and unheard, his snake-like nose sniffing the poisonous cold night air. Suddenly, it stopped, tripping over it’s fatal ivy cape but it had heard something, someone… It twitched its nose and pricked its ears, trying to catch a scent or a sound. A stick cracked from underfoot, breaking the silence. The creature turned around: a splash of ginger could just be seen in the distance for the creature had nocturnal vision but it was hardly discernible for human. It quickened into a run following the orange. The Pixamort stopped as the colour stopped; it stared and realised that the colour was in fact a small boy around six years old. - Maisy

Huge rotting carcasses littered the vast opening. Hundreds, maybe thousands of bones were piled up in a corner, the blood licked clean from the remains. Satisfied with his daily massacre, Stalghar glided into a mountain of bones to rest. This beast’s body took up most of the room: its serrated spikes gently brushing against the coarse edges of the cavern. His intricate scales used to glow a pale green: after his killing, it was caked in dried blood.

Stalghar’s home was situated by the roots of Yggdrasil, the world tree. Every now and again, a hero would enter his maze in search of Mimir’s well.  - Charlie

Year 6 children displaying 'CounterBalance' and 'CounterTension' skills during Friday morning gymnastics

Check out our gardening skills! Planting bulbs to dress up the school grounds.

Children in Need - thank you to Shula, our prospective photographer, for taking these photographs

Demonstrating how food moves through the body!

Computational Thinking - the Bebras / Oxford University Challenge (The Bebras Computing Challenge introduces computational thinking to students. It is organised in over 40 countries and designed to get students all over the world excited about computing.)

Year 6 loved their 'Day In The Life Of An Evacuee' at Stockport Air Raid Shelters, thank you to our parental volunteers who joined us.

Year 6 Evacuees

Fantastic technology - up-cycling old clothes to create useful items and brilliant electric buggies!

Extracts from Year 6's .... MACBETH!

"Macbeth was terribly anxious. His fists were tightening. Biting his lip he shook his sweating head at his now evil wife (the adrenalin was starting to run though his nervous body). " (by Joe)

"Macbeth was confused: scratching his head; pacing up and down; hands sweating. (On the inside he could fell himself falling for his wife's trap - to kill King Duncan.) "  (by Shanzy)

"Macbeth stumbled out of the bloody bed chamber onto his knees: looking onto his shaking, shivering guilty hands; squelching the warm sticky blood that they were immersed in. (On the inside he was shell-shocked, apprehensive and nauseous), what had he done?" (by Lachie)

Poetic Year 6 have been experimenting with Haiku and Tanka poetry.

The sea calm and deep

The waves gently whisper

It sends me to sleep.


The hypnotic sea

Draws its enemies closer

It has no mercy

The waves will lift you away

To a bottomless chamber


by Bea

Griffindors Venture Anywhere (based on the poem 'Cats Sleep anywhere')  by Shula

Griffindors venture anywhere

Under table, or a chair.

By whomping willows, the window edge,

The forbidden forest, in a wedge.

With Moaning Myrtle , she will do

She could take you down the loo!

The chamber of secrets, fight the snake,

swimming in the dark, black lake.

All you'll need is gilly weed,

The room of Requirement for your need.

They love adventures, as you see.

Like Harry, Ron and Hermione.

Anywhere, they don't care.

Griffindors venture EVERYWHERE!

Can you guess who we are? Chagall inspired abstract self portaits

Science - classifying penguins

Thank you to St Mary's Underground for organising the activities today - here are the group photos from the top of St Mary's tower

Final sports day 2017 - well done to Tatton

The Highs and Lows of Enterprise Challenge

Inspirational writing - Shakespeare # boy's writing

We had to share an extracts from our writing this week. We discussed the plot of Romeo and Juliet and then focused on the scene where Mercutio is killed by Tybalt, looking at the effect pathetic fallacy can have upon the scene. Enjoy William's setting of the scene.


'Danger, destruction and death. Yet the day started so well. And ended so horribly. Six boys woke up that

morning, all six would sleep - but two will forever.

The sun baked the golden sand of the packed beach. Two friends - Benvolio and Mercutio -  were burnt by the summer sun. Slowly walking, they both made their way to a dilapidated umbrella in an attempt to steal its shade. The sun-shield did its best, but sunlight navigated its way through the holes in the once-white canvas. Not a cloud passed over the sapphire sky, not even the lightest breeze to relieve their scorched skin of the blazing sun. Simply, it was hot.'




Shakespeare's view on classification of animals!

Shakespearean science!

LEPIDUS: What manner o' thing is your crocodile?

ANTONY: It is shaped, sir, like itself, and it is as broad as it hath breadth. It is just so high as it is, and moves with it own organs. It lives by that which nourisheth it, and the elements once out of it, it transmigrates.
LEPIDUS: What colour is it of?
ANTONY:Of its own colour, too.
LEPIDUS:'Tis a strange serpent.

Working Scientifically.... and having fun!

British science week is a great excuse for Y6 to get their sleeves rolled up and 'play with water' once again. We all had to predict which fruits and vegetables we thought would would float and which would sink before investigating. We measured the weight of each item and the water that was displaced: hence calculating the volume and density of each. We had some surprising results including a rogue blueberry that floated, while all the others sank!

We also discovered the trick about how to get raisins and grapes to dance in fizzy water!  Why not continue your own investigations at home?

Science week- Why do some fruits or vegetables float and others sink?

A quick reminder about BODMAS

Writing inspired by The Jungle Book. Can you spot the subjunctive tense?

Science - Forcemeters and investigating paper spinners

Bikeability - update 

The week started well with over 50 bicycles of varying sizes arriving on site. The first session on Monday consisted of carrying out important safety checks and ensuring everyone had full control of their bicycle - even when putting one hand on their head!

   The following sessions were on the road, becoming accustomed to road markings,  road positioning and light traffic. Even storm Doris couldn't stop our intrepid cyclists on Thursday, braving rain and wind. The instructors were impressed with their behaviour and tenacity. 

   Year 6 - Please remember if you decide with your parents to cycle to school that you must continue to follow all the safety advice and wear visible clothing and a bike helmet. Please also wheel bicycles across any school path or playground for the safety of younger children. Bicycles can be locked in any of the three bike sheds on site.

Bikeability - learning to be safe on the road

Terrific Science - counting fungiform pipillae

WhatsApp advice for parents


Y6's exciting Live Science lesson! We had ball throwing, tongue dying and a bit of fire too!

Cluedo mystery writing

playing cluedo

Who knew that school was such a 'dangerous place'?! Year 6 have been creating their own Cluedo characters and then playing cluedo around school - inspiring a multitude of crimes for our writing. Some staff members have even been implicated - clues are all around if you look for them!


Extracts from our description of Macbeth's final battle...

It was a ghostly desolate landscape. The icy wind, which stung the ground like wasps, blew over the grass that was leaning towards the hard ground to try and escape the wind's long, icy fingers. The trees cast ghoulish shadows in the mist. Footsteps beat on the cold, hard ground like drums.

Then, as if by magic, the trumpets - which were blown by people doomed to die - chorused their mournful song of war and the forest turned into men.


Designing a house for a chosen climate

With a focus on Geography and our climate topic this week,  we've been busy considering what it would be like to live in different parts of the world. After some initial research we all decided where we'd like to live and designed a house to cope with that particular climate. We have some budding architects, judging from some of the detailed designs.  'Grand Designs' here we come, we just need the financial backing! Well done to Eloise for this fantastic design for a house in Venezuela.



Y6 Poetry

Following on from our visit to the Royal Exchange we have been continuing to study a variety of poetry, including 'If' by Rudyard Kipling. The first line in particular seems quite apt for Y6 and teachers alike:

'If you can keep your head when all about you

Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,'

We have also written our own collection of animal poems using a range of free verse, limericks, haiku, acrostics and rhyming structures. Great fun has been had by all performing poetry in the classroom!

Our visit to Isaac's Garden with Vicky Maley

A lovely way to help us remember a special friend, who will forever be in our hearts. 

Animated Grammar Guides: Determiners

Climate change - why should we care?

Year 6 watched this clip as part of Mrs Mackie's presentation to us about sustainability. We learnt about the Global Goals for Sustainable Living and how Unilever have reduced their waste to zero! We are now all going to think how we can REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE in order to aim for sustainable living.

Year 6 is ready for action
Small bags only please in the cloakroom.

Signing the steel frame of the new school