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6/7/20- 20/6/20 - Weeks 6&7

Home Learning (OPTIONAL!)


Dear Year 6, 

Please find below work for the next two weeks, should you feel inspired and want to keep your skills in tiptop condition ready for September!

You will find below Maths, English and suggestions for afternoon work. The answers are all supplied.

None of this needs sharing with us but please do let us know if you are stuck on any aspects.

(We will be both be in school so may not be able to answer immediately.)


There are additional resources available at both 


which has 'activity clubs' covering art, baking etc as well as lessons on every subject.


Please remember that you can also send pictures in for the school newsletter.

We love to see all the creative activities you have been having a go at!


It has been wonderful to have you back in school over the past 3 weeks.

We are working on the Virtual Leavers' Evening and links to the videos will be sent to you next week. 

We will hopefully see you all at the Leavers' Church Service in Autumn!  


Have an amazing summer break, look after yourselves and your families and stay safe.

From Mrs Thompson & Mrs Storey smiley



White Rose Maths plus answers are attached below.

You also have your Power Maths Book C at home now and the answers for sections 13,14 and 15 are also attached.

Some of the maths asks for a protractor which you may not have - just miss this part and go on to the next question.



See below for comprehension and P&G work. 



See below. We know that most of you love History. The powerpoints are about a part of human history which is disturbing, and which you will find upsetting, but that you need to know: slavery, apartheid and segregation.

There is no written output, but do please store this information in your brains.  If you do wish to do any written work on this then please email Mrs Thompson, as she has additional tasks which you can undertake if you wish. 

There is a really good film on iPlayer at the moment about Martin Luther King. It is called 'Selma'. It is a 12 and so you will need to ask your parents if you are allowed to watch it, but it is excellent and demonstrates really well the struggles that black Americans faced, years after the dismantling of the apparatus of slavery, just to be able to vote


Summer Science - Royal Society

This year, the Royal Society is  moving their Summer Science Exhibition online: an exciting week of science streamed straight into your home, with talks and videos on subjects including the science of pets, doping in sports and Antarctica exploration, and some highlights from their favourite exhibits over the years. You can also find out what some of the researchers from past years have been up to since showcasing their work at Summer Science. You can view the full programme on the Royal Society website: 

Whether you're keen to delve into the rich, 350-year-old archive to explore the legacy of the Exhibition and the historic artefacts, manuscripts and records, or want to tune in for the family friendly big Summer Science quiz, complete with a round for younger viewers, there's something for all ages and interests. 

Parents can subscribe to the YouTube channel where activities will be streamed for free between 13 - 17 July 2020, or follow on Twitter  @royalsociety.


DT challenges

This is where the mini DT projects have come from if you want to have a go at any more of them!