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Tolerance of different Faiths and Beliefs

Tolerance for different Faiths and Beliefs


Although a Church of England school, Bowdon Church School is a diverse community with several Christian families coming from other cultures/countries and a significant number of children from different faiths.  However although founded on the Christian faith, the school recognises the importance of teaching our pupils mutual respect for those of different or of no faith and of helping them to understand the similarities of the core principles.


Our Religious Education Programme of study includes the opportunity for pupils to ask the ‘Big Questions’ as well as learning about other major faiths.  Children from a background of different faiths enjoy looking at the similarities and explaining aspects of their faith to the class.  As a school community we respect and value this opportunity to learn about different faiths and beliefs.


Visits to local places of worship happen regularly (cathedrals, churches, temples, synagogue and mosque) and both visitors, pupils and parents are invited to talk about their faith and culture within the classroom setting.