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18/5/20 to 25/5/20

Wednesday - Friday: Notinwood


Dear Year 6, 


In recognition of the fact that from this morning until Friday you should have been having adventures and new experiences in Robinwood, we have decided to suspend the normal Home Learning timetable for these 3 days and to give you a range of activities and challenges to complete. 

We are calling this Notinwood. 

The activities are listed below. It’s like a menu - you do not have to do all of them, but you must do some. At Robinwood we do at least 4 activities per day, so 4 seems to be a good number. The information for each activity is attached beneath the list.

One task which does not have its own attachment is WRITING A QUIZ. You can do this on paper or electronically and it can be about any subject - sport, music, geography, shoe shops smiley etc. We will use them in our classrooms after the holidays or on Zooms, if we are not able to come back to school straightaway. 

Please make sure you keep in touch over these 3 days and let us know how you're getting on - remember, we are your teachers and you are our job - just think what mischief we will get upto if you don't keep us busy!! Mrs Thompson would buy even MORE shoes online and Mrs Storey's garden would be begging her to leave it alone. So send us messages and photos. 


We miss you.


Love from Mrs Thompson & Mrs Storey


PS. One of the important aspects of Robinwood is TEAM WORK, so if you can work with your friends on any of the tasks, on FaceTime or whatever, then do so! 


Year 6’s Notinwood Activity Menu

1. Elevate a basic dish to Masterchef heights! 

2. Plant a tomato and then make a stop motion/video of it growing 

3. Write a poem about chocolate for entry into a competition 

4. Make a corona-mask from an old t-shirt or bandana 

5. Build a cave, castle, house or fortress - IKEA style (SORRY PARENTS!!!!)

6. Create a time capsule 

7. Do some maths puzzles 

8. Read Mrs Thompson’s BBC 500 Words shortlist and vote for your favourite* 

9. Make a rocket launcher, rubber band car or even perform keyhole surgery 

10. Make a Lego creature 

11. Have a ride on the Mars Rover 

12. Visit San Diego Zoo 

13. Draw or paint! (ideas provided) 

14. Create a sign with wise words on it 

15. Blindfold yourself and then try to draw or write something. One of the best activities at Robinwood 

involves you being blindfolded so this will get you rehearsed!! 


*You have a survey in your gmail inbox to use to vote. If you can't access your gmail then please ask one of your parents to email Mrs Thompson with your vote. 

Empathy Day


The 9th June is 2020's Empathy Day and there is a 14 day countdown to it. The link below takes you to the section on our website where you will find a link to 14 family empathy activities and also stories being read aloud.

Tuesday 19.5.20



Go into your writing from yesterday and check any comments made by Mrs Thompson or Mrs Storey.

Thank you! yes


Lesson 1: SPaG

Spelling: Revision

You all have 2 spelling tasks set on Purple Mash. Do these please, and also any previous SPaG tasks on Purple Mash that you have not done.

Remember, we check completion of tasks on Purple Mash.........wink (but if you cannot access it, we understand, so do not worry!!!)

Grammar: Tenses

See the sheet below. You need to read the first page carefully.

We have done this before in class but it is dull (ha ha) and you will have forgotten it. 

If you read the first page carefully then you will be able to do the second page easily. 

Please either write your responses or type them and share them with Mrs Thompson or Mrs Storey. 

When you set up your document, your NAME, the DATE and the TITLE (Grammar: Tenses) must be at the top.

Thank you! 


Extensions (do these on the website and then check your answers):

Tense consistency

Confusable words 1

Confusable words 2

Confusable words 3


Lesson 2: Maths




Warm up:

Do Arithmetic Paper 1 (attached). 

Print it off if you can (doesn’t need to be full size), or jot your answers down in your book or on paper. 

This should take you 30 minutes and no longer. 

The answers are at the end so please self mark. 


Main task:

We are continuing to work from White Rose this week. Today you need to watch the video for Lesson 2 (multiple decimals by integers) and then do the activity attached below (in your book or on paper). The answers are on a separate document - please  mark yourself and check you understand any errors:

As yesterday, if you are yearning for more Maths, then you have mixed questions set on My Maths so get giddy with those. 



History / Geography:

Complete your Ancient Greece mini project and share it with Mrs Thompson or Mrs Storey. 

Once you have done this, have a look through the geography on grid references and then have a go at the geography worksheet attached.

Monday 18.5.20


Lesson 1: Writing

Later in the week we will come back to the hooks you wrote on Friday. 

This morning we are doing some writing with a Science theme. There is lots of potential for creativity and to use your Science knowledge, so I know that you will be good at it. 

You are imagining that a new species of plant or animal has been discovered and you are writing an article about it for a scientific journal. 


There are several things that you must do:

  • Describe who found it and where. You need to establish the credibility of the discoverer - they must be a professional explorer or university professor or something (obviously, it can be YOU!).

  • What does it look like (size, colour, markings etc) and what other species it is related to? Could it be a hybrid of two creatures we already know? (sketch it if you like)

  • What does it eat (if an animal)

  • Mating habits and caring for young

  • Why is has not been discovered until now


Below are some examples by other Y6 children. If you read them and produce something similar, we will be happy. 

If you don’t read them and just start writing, then what you write probably won’t be what we are looking for. 

So PLEASE read the examples. 

As usual, if you can type this, do so and share it on gdrive with Mrs Thompson and Mrs Storey. Otherwise write it and pop it in your folder. 

You need to spend at least 1.5 hours reading and writing. This is not a short task. Thank you! 


Lesson 2: Maths

Warm up:

Sequence Snake game on Purple Mash. This is a bit of a silly game and Mrs Thompson was RUBBISH at it but you will all be brilliant because you are digital natives 😂

Main task:

Follow this link, click on Summer Term Week 5 (18 May), watch the video for Lesson 1 (multiply and divide by 10, 100 & 1000) and then do the activity attached below (in your book or on paper). 

The answers are on a separate document - please  mark yourself and check you understand any errors:

If you want extra work, then you all have tasks set on My Maths which you can be ploughing through! 



Drama & Games

Mrs Sales’ final Mary Poppins lesson is attached below. 

It is DANCING!!!!!

Please send us a video!

Mary Poppins Dance Activity Music.mp3

There is a Mary Poppins video to look at too - it is in the 'Music and Performances' section on the video Resource Centre. Use the link below!

Check out our VE Day video - click below!