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Week 10:15.06.20

Note on Maths home learning from this week - Mon 15th June

As you will have probably noticed, White Rose have begun to repeat the home learning blocks that you have been doing. They have created a 12 week home learning schedule, which we have now completed as we have followed the content from the start. They are providing some alternative content from BBC Bitesize but the worksheets remain the same; for this  reason we have decided to focus on the Power Maths and provide an additional challenge relating to the concept. The challenges will provide an opportunity to put learning into problem solving - some may be quite tricky and need a little more adult support. Where we can, we will provide more than one level of challenge so you can choose one that suits your ability. Don't be afraid to push yourself though and have a go at something that's slightly out of your usual comfort zone!


Weekly Plan

  Power Maths Textbook pages Power Maths Practice Book pages
Monday 160-163 120-122
Tuesday 164-167 123-125
Wednesday 168-171 126-128
Thursday 172-175 129-131