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W/C 13/7/20

This week's English & History Project


This week, you are going to create a non-chronological report based on the Tudors/ Henry VIII.


You will need to conduct some research using books/the internet.


You could choose four different areas to write about (such as. Henry VII's wives, Henry's Sports, Henry's Religion, Tudor Crime & Punishment, Tudor Fashion) and on each day, you will find out about your chosen area and complete a section of your project.


You can choose to present your research on the computer, by creating a set of posters or by designing a booklet.


Maths this week

Friday Activity - LAST DAY OF TERM


Draw a self-portrait of yourself. This can be done using any form of media.


After you have finished, write words/phrases (adjectives) around your self-portrait to describe yourself.




Year 4, we know that this year hasn't gone to plan and we are so disappointed that we didn't get to see the year out with you all. Despite this, you have been wonderful learners and we know that you will go on to achieve everything you want in Year 5. Your teachers are all lucky to have you! We hope you have a fabulous summer break and we will see you all in September! 


Lots of love,

Y4 Team smiley