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Spring 2

Spring 2 Information

Our topic this half term is: ‘All Creatures Great and Small’. This involves learning about animals and dinosaurs but will also include Spring and Easter.


P.E and Games

P.E continues to be on Monday for Y1BL, Wednesday for Y1H and Thursday for Y1N. The children will need a white T shirt and blue shorts for this lesson.

Mr Lewis will continue to teach games skills on Tuesday afternoons. Please can the girls have an extra pair of socks if they wear tights.



In reading, please continue to discuss the story to ensure understanding. Please also identify capital letters full stops and question marks. We are also sending out a sharing book for bedtime reading or for your child to read independently. 


Spellings are still tested on Tuesdays and given out on Wednesdays. Your child will be tested with the National Phonics Check in June. You have been given a reading sheet containing ‘alien’ words (nonsense words) which is part of the reading homework. Your child should use their phonic knowledge to segment and blend these words. Extra sounds may be given for some children.


MyMaths homework will continue to be sent home on Tuesdays. 


Numbots also seems to be a popular addition to our maths homework.


An optional learning log has been given to your child. This can be returned to school any day before the Easter holiday.


Shrove Tuesday

Shrove Tuesday  1
Shrove Tuesday  2
On Shrove Tuesday we learned about the differences in pancakes around the UK and tasted some pancakes. We also enjoying having pancake races in the playground! 

Bowdon Vale History Walk

Year 1 have been on a walk around Bowdon, looking at the buildings and how they have changed over time. We learned about terraced and detached houses and used investigative skills to find out and record when the Co-op was built.

Five a Day

Five a Day 1
Five a Day 2
When the weather is too wet to use the running track, Year 1 find other ways to get moving! We enjoy using Five a Day to get some exercise. Here we are pretending to be builders! 

World Book Day 2020

World Book Day 2020 1
World Book Day 2020 2
World Book Day 2020 3
We enjoyed sharing our favourite books with some of the older children in school!

British Science Week - Making DNA

British Science Week - Making DNA 1
British Science Week - Making DNA 2
British Science Week - Making DNA 3
British Science Week - Making DNA 4
British Science Week began with a visit from two scientists. They taught us about how DNA makes things different, we even had a go of making (and eating) some DNA of our own! Did you know we share 50% of our DNA with a banana? 

British Science Week - Digging for Fossils!

Our love of all things Dinosaurs was greatly fuelled this week; we hunted for fossils and used brushes and magnifying glasses to closely inspect our findings.

British Science Week - Waterproofing Experiment!

The fun of British Science Week continues with a waterproofing experiment. We learnt how to use pipettes to make the experiment a fair test.

Golden Time

Golden Time 1
Golden Time 2
Golden Time 3
Golden Time 4
During Golden Time this week, Year 1 enjoying using their creativity and inventiveness to create a game of classroom bowling! We really enjoying capturing these action shots!