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Spring 2

Yesterday we went to Manchester Airport. We learnt a lot about planes and what people do at the airport.

We went inside an aeroplane to learn about the different jobs people carry out at airports and also got to sit in the pilot's seat in the flight deck. We also dressed up in different costumes!

We then went to see the fastest plane; the concorde. All in all, a very fun day!



This week is Science Week and we have been very busy in year 1.

We have all had a go at planting bulbs and learning about the parts of a plant with Mr Hamblett. Then, with Mrs Brierley we went on a nature/ spring walk and observed the changes we were seeing in plants and animals. With Miss Hong, we conducted a science experiment. We had to find a suitable material to help Winnie the Pooh make an umbrella.

Mr King kindly came to talk to us about how he uses his knowledge and understanding of science in his job. Thank you very much, we all enjoyed it!



Maths problem solving

In today's maths problem solving lesson we looked at adding three numbers together. We had to arrange the numbers 1-6 into a cross shape and then figure out what the total of the three numbers going across and down were.

This involved some tricky mental maths, but was enjoyable!


On Tuesday, we celebrated Shrove Tuesday by eating delicious pancakes!

We participated in pancake races in the hall. 

After this, we learnt about why we eat pancakes on Shrove Tuesday. It's to get ready for Lent; the time when people often give things up and think about God and how to be a good Christian. 



Odd and even numbers

In today's problem solving lesson we looked at odd and even numbers. This links to the maths learning we have been doing recently.

We chose a number card and then had to find the numbers that were 2/3/4 more and less than the chosen number. We looked at the colour pattern that we created and discovered that when we add an even number, the colours stay the same, but when we added an odd number the colours change.