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Nothing is going to stop 5E from smiling. See you all very soon!

We had a fabulous day on Friday as part of Science Week. The children had to firstly look for creatures and examine the type of habitat they were in: dark/light, damp/dry, sheltered/open etc... After this, they came back to the design lab (the classroom!) and began to design their very own Bug Hotels based on what they had observed - matching the materials found in each habitat. Once their blueprints were ready, the teams collected suitable materials and built their designs. We have never seen such big smiles, enthusiasm and superb team work. Here are some photos of the process from beginning to end:

Bug Hotel designs.

Science Week 2020 - Investigating, researching and designing invertebrates' habitats

Making our Invertebrate Habitats (Bugingham Palace)

Seeing things from different perspectives in our Heart smart lesson. The children were given a scenario and had to role play: 2 children, 1 argument and a mediator.

Looking at irreversible changes in Science. The children created new products by combing different reactants: a type of plastic and CO2.

This week's super stars! Well done for following our Golden Rules and shining brightly this week.

DT: Structures - testing to find out how our structures could withstand extreme conditions.

This week’s worthy winners of our brand new awards.

Music - learning to understand the rhythm and composition of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

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HeartSmart - Don't Rub it in, Rub it Out! - reflection - what forgiveness means to me.

Shrove Tuesday

Science Experiment: Evaporation - three flannels each weighing the same before and after saturation were placed in three locations. The children made a prediction and wrote up their experiments before reading their findings and making a conclusion.


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5MW: RE - Salvation - Freeze Frames from the Stations of the Cross

This week’s Role Model and Merit winners.

DT: Structures

Construction of our shelters

Learning a traditional French song in our latest topic: In France

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Art: the children looked at Islamic architecture and designed their own buildings and palaces using inks, paints and dyes with a final outline in black. Our class display is going to look amazing.

Look at the detail!

Salvation - the children worked together to order the events leading up to the Crucifixion.

In our Salvation topic, the children had to order the story of Jesus’ betrayal, arrest, trial, crucifixion and resurrection. Images painted by Caravaggio, Titian and many other great artists were used to sequence the events correctly.

The three states of matter: solid, liquid and gas.

Learning about particles in Science. Can you guess what the children are trying to be: solid, liquid or gas?


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Rockstar Role Model and Merit winners!

Enjoying some variety on Friday as part of mental health awareness week

Y5MW Times Tables Rock Stars!

A class Merit for 5P awarded for their impeccable behaviour and manners. Mrs Pope will be overjoyed to read this. Role Models and Merits in 5E and 5MW were awarded for golden rule abiders, resilience and hard work. A good week in Year 5!

Pictures from our Islamic drama workshop. The children had a great time learning about the Golden Age of Islam through a number of different drama methods.

Drama workshop

This week’s Role Model and Merit winners. What a fantastic bunch.

The first complete Arabian Nights story. The children have really enjoyed writing in this genre - it’s been wonderful to see such enthusiasm for writing.

All hands on deck! The children are working in groups to design their own city - inspired by Baghdad in AD752.

These delicious biscuits were more tasty than any Bake Off showstopper!

Useful information for the consortium entrance exam.

This week’s standout superstars. Golden rule ambassadors and fantastic Arabian Story writers.

Creation Lesson 2: Compassion. The children made a class collage of pictures and words that described what 'Compassion' does showing the love of Jesus.

Maths: Problem solving

A very impressive young lady in Y5E put together a presentation to inform the children in her class about dyslexia. She independently researched at home and collated the information into this super poster, delivering it to her class excellently. She explained what it means to be dyslexic and how people are challenged by it. Truly inspirational.

The children are really enjoying their new history topic: Baghdad AD900. Here they are planning the design of their own ‘super city’, having been inspired by the ingenuity of Caliph Al Mansur in 752AD.

RE - Creation - Looking at how God would like Christians to look after the world's resources.

Geometric patterns were very popular in the early Islamic civilisation and they decorated everything from clothing to mosques. Geometric patterns could be used on their own or combined with calligraphy or vegetal patterns to form more complex artwork. Geometric patterns consist of repeating, interlaced or overlapped shapes arranged in complex, intricate patterns. Here they are totally engrossed in creating their own.

Finding out exactly where Baghdad is....

Maths: Problem Solving.

The Spring term’s first Role Model and Merit winners. Well done for hitting the ground running - very impressive.

Last school day of 2019.

The Y5 Christmas Party. Serious dancing and party games - a great afternoon!

Serious moving!

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Year 5 just love to dance!

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Christmas Cards

Maths: Problem solving Area and Perimeter. Whole class teaching with children working / problem solving on wipe boards on the carpet.

Computing: our new coding program - Purple Mash - which seems to have gone down as a treat!

Our trumpet concert. The children did really well in learning the notes as playing the trumpet is notoriously difficult to learn.

Our DT unit this term focussed on designing and creating animals with moving parts

Designing, making and marketing healthy smoothies

This week's merits - for perseverance, kindness, partner work and sharing ideas.

The final round of pen licences in 5MW for 2019

Half term projects: Comparing Locations

It needs some work, but here we are singing a brand new French song in our new topic: En Vacances. We will be polishing it each week!

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This young man was a stand out superstar on our residential. Noticed by all staff, he showed kindness, support, respect and strength of character. A true Role Model.