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w/c 01.06.20

Hello Year 1!


We hope you have enjoyed your half term in the sunshine! This term's topic will be Commotion in the Ocean. We will be reading Shark in the Park this week and doing some activities based on that. You will also be starting a new learning log.


In Maths, you will be learning about time!


This half term we will be using Phonics Play. There are 5 sounds to be focused on this week.

  • Monday's and Thursday's activities can be used with these 5 sounds.
  • For Tuesday and Wednesday's activities you can select Phase 5. If you think revision of Phase 3 would be useful then you can use this also. 
  • On Friday we will be revising tricky words.


You can access Phonics Play here:


Username: march20

Password: home


Sounds for this week:

ay     ou      ie      ea     oy   


Suggested Activities for this week:

Monday: Picnic on Pluto (select sounds for this week)

Tuesday: Flashcards (select phase 5)

Wednesday: Sentence Substitution (phase 5a and 5b)

Thursday: Buried Treasure (select sounds for this week)

Friday: Tricky Word Trucks (select phase 5)