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Child and Family Wellbeing

Children's Mental Health and Wellbeing / Parenting advice

We have been exploring ways in which we can support children with mental wellbeing at Bowdon Church School.  Several Mindfulness activities have been introduced by class teachers and these work alongside our existing Lego Therapy and Nurture groups.  The Mindfulness activities used in school are sympathetic to our Christian Values and the children are encouraged to use them along with prayer and reflection.


We are also very much aware of the pressure on families and have an increasing number of parents asking for advice with their children at home.  Some of these requests can be met by the school nurse or special needs team but some come down to help with parenting and children’s behaviour at home.


To continue our work supporting children's mental wellbeing we have appointed Mrs Power as our  'Faith and Family Support Officer' to work in school to support children, parents and staff.  Mrs Power has a background in Paediatric Nursing and teaching.


Mrs Power's role will involve the following:

  • further developing our church links
  • developing faith, prayer and worship in school

  • supporting families with children’s behaviour at home

  • supporting parents needing advice

  • supporting children’s wellbeing and mental health

  • supporting the perpetrators of unkind and bullying type behaviours

  • supporting the targets of unkind and bullying type behaviours


If you feel you would like to contact Mrs Power about any of the above please use the contact form.

Faith and Family Support Officer Contact Form

Please use this form to make initial contact with Mrs Power about any concerns. Please expect 2 working days for a response.