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Using Power Maths

 Y4, along with most other year groups, have decided to change our Maths Home Learning scheme to Power Maths.  As we use Power Maths at school, the children will be used to the layout and it will also make the transition back to school easier. 


How to use Power Maths

Confusingly, there are two different "books" for Power Maths.

1) Textbook- this forms the actual "lesson" where the adult guides the learner and introduces them to the lesson content. This is in colour in the e-book.

2) Practice Book- this is the "exercise" book that the children work in/ work from. We recommend that you purchase book 4C from Amazon as it will probably save on printing costs in the long run. This is in black and white.


Both can be accessed using the link above. 


Each day, children will need to be guided through a couple of pages from the textbook before they can complete the questions in their practice book (4C). 


After clicking the link, please follow these instructions:

1) Hover over "Open book", then click on "Year 4: Textbook C".

2) This should open a new window. You can then skip to the page as directed by the weekly instructions.

Remember, the textbook forms the "lesson" part of maths. Children will need guidance for this part of the lesson.

3) Once you have gone through the Textbook pages, pupils will need to complete a few pages from their practice books. 

4) If you would rather print the pages off, you can access the practice book online. 

- Go back onto the main "Library" page (the page you were directed to after agreeing to the terms and conditions).

- Click the green folder icon.

- Click on "Resources" and then the correct Unit.

- Click on "Practice Book"- this should download the PDF.