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We would like to thank you so much for all the wonderful photos we have received over the past couple of weeks.  We are missing the children very much so it is lovely to see what they are up to at home.  We are so glad some of you have been able to keep in touch via Zoom - even having a Zoom safari birthday party and Zoom Easter bonnet parade!  Remember, if you send the photos to the school homelearning@bowdoncs.org email address as well as to us, Mrs Moss may put some of them on the next school newsletter.


Have a look at The Maths Factor created by Carol Vorderman who have set up free parent access on their Parent Zone (www.themathsfactor.com) for fun games and activities for children aged 4-11.

Home Learning - Spring Topic

We have put a new spring topic on the Topic subpage of Home Learning which you may enjoy looking at with your child.

Home Learning 

We are busy putting together a Phase 3 based Home Learning pack as well as some maths activities covering estimation, counting to 20 and number bonds to 10.  These have been sent home today and are also on the Home Learning section of our Reception page. We also included some Pobble 365 writing activities which your child may enjoy.  We will send home an exercise book with every child for the work you do with them.  (Please ask your child to write their name on the front).  If your child is not in school we will leave all the bits and pieces in the school office for collection.  (Please let us know if and when you will be collecting them so that we can make sure they are ready). If you are unable to collect them yourself, please arrange for someone to take and deliver them to your home.


Home Learning Section of Reception website

We have a selection of general useful websites which cover a variety of areas of learning and are also compiling a collection of temporary websites to which we are allowed access at this unprecedented time.  Please look at the TTS Home Learning Exciting Opportunities Pack in the Topic subpage - this is brilliant!    We are very keen for the children to enjoy a range of learning experiences and will be directing you to suggested activities in our Topics subpage. 

We would love it if any of you would like to compile a scrapbook showing us what you have been doing to bring back to school on your return.

Home Learning Pack

Today your child will be coming home with a Home Learning pack covering Phase 2 words and sounds (as well as a few Phase 3 tricky words).  Later in the week we will be sending home Phase 3 activities.  We hope this will provide clear guidance for working at home.  We will also put these on our website under 'Home Learning' on our Reception front page.

Pencil cases in Reception

Older children in the school are bringing in their own pencil case to help limit any possible spread of infection.  This however is not appropriate in Reception and would cause all kinds of mayhem!  The children are having frequent hand washing sessions instead.


After some queries at parent evening we are clarifying that Numbots was available for a free trial period only.  This 3 month period has now lapsed so you will no longer be able to access it.  Alternatively, you may wish to look at Oxford Owl (maths) or Squeebles, both of which are very good.  There are other maths websites on our 'Useful Websites' page which you may find helpful.

British Science Week - Our Diverse Planet

This week we are carrying out lots of scientific investigations.  Would you like to do some at home?  Please send us, or bring in photos - we'd love to see what you've been up to.


Easter Bonnets for the Easter Service at St Mary's Church - Thursday 26th March at 9.15

Reception children traditionally wear a home made Easter bonnet for our Easter service.  Please do not go to any undue effort with this - it's just nice if the children have enjoyed sticking chicks or eggs on a bonnet.  They will parade around the church during the service which is always lovely to see.  The bonnets usually start falling apart on the way back to school!


If you are able to accompany us on our walk to church please let one of us know.

How to wash your hands NHS song | NHS

A child friendly song explaining how to wash your hands. For a written version of the full technique, head to The NHS website: https://www.nhs.uk/live-well/h...

Imagine That Trip

We had a fabulous trip on Thursday.  The children had a lot of fun and we were very proud of them.  They behaved impeccably and were particularly considerate towards younger children who were there with their families. We hope they were able to tell you some of the activities they took part in.  Photos will be posted shortly.


British Science Week (Our Diverse Planet)

This week (March 10th - 14th) is British Science Week.  We will be sending home a 'Brilliant Bubbles' activity sheet which you may wish to do with your child at home.  The children will be having fun taking part in other science based activities at school during the week.


Sport's Relief

Monday 9th March is the start of Sport's Relief and the children will be investigating science in sport too.

World Book Day - Thursday 5th March

For World Book Day we are inviting children to bring their (named) favourite book for us to share any day next week.

Imagine That Thursday 5th March

We are looking forward to our Reception trip next week.  Have a look at the Imagine That website (www.imaginethat.org.uk) for a preview of some of the fun activities available.

In school the children are learning about different composers and there is a 'composer of the month'.  We  are  listening  to music from a chosen composer in assemblies with the current focus on modern composers.  The composer of the month is Dmitri Shostakovich.
We are looking forward to welcoming you all back to school tomorrow and hearing your news.  We will start the term by reading 'Stick Man' by Julia Donaldson before moving onto our dinosaur topic the following week.  In maths the children will be starting to learn different ways of making 10.

Holiday Activity

We would love children to bring in an object which represents a significant time enjoyed by them over the holiday.  This could be a pebble from the beach, a leaflet or map from a day out, a travel ticket, a bike helmet or a menu from a cafe.  The possibilities are endless!



We are collecting interesting sticks (not too large!) for work on "Stick Man" by Julia Donaldson.


Home Board

Thank you so much for all the contributions for our Home Board - they are looking great and it's lovely to see the things the children get up to at home!

We need Cardboard!

We are making 'Chinese slat books' for Chinese New Year.  If anyone has any spare cardboard at home (something like an Amazon package box would be ideal) then please do bring it in and give it to your child's class teacher.  Many thanks!

Home/School display board for achievements and outside of home

We are creating a classroom Home/School board and would love to display photos of your children.  These may be particular achievements (like riding a bike) or special occasions and visits.  Please send a brief written explanation too.  We are very much looking forward to receiving lots of photos soon!

Chinese New Year

Thank you so much for all the Chinese New Year artefacts which have been brought to show us.  We would also love to see any photos taken at the weekend if you are visiting Chinatown.



We are delighted to see that the children are beginning to choose to write at home.  Please try to encourage correct letter formation too.  (This is not always easy we know!)

Name Writing

The children are practising writing their whole name if you would like to support them at home with this too.  We are also teaching them to write their initials.

Spring Term

This half term the children our topics will be 'Winter, Snow, Ice and Dark Nights' followed by 'Dragons' and 'Chinese New Year'.  The children will be working hard with their reading, writing and number work.  Our aim is for them to become increasingly independent in their reading and writing.  We will be teaching more about how numbers to 10 are made up of smaller parts.  Children will be learning more about sequencing and ordering events in their day and in their life.  They will be learning vocabulary associated with time and using a minute timer to find out exactly how long a minute is.

We would like to say a big thank you for all the lovely Christmas presents and cards we received.  We hope you are all enjoying a fabulous Christmas holiday.

Mr Popper's Penguin

Mr Popper's Penguin was a fabulous production. The children loved it and were a pleasure to take.  Quite a few fell asleep on the way home (see photos!)

Our Christmas Party

We had a great time at our party and played lots of musical games.  We were so impressed at some of the fabulous dancing!  The big surprise of the afternoon was our visit from FC himself (accompanied by 2 of his elf helpers).  We had already told the children that Father Christmas would be far too busy to be able to spare the time for us and so we were absolutely flabbergasted when we heard his bells tinkling in the corridor!  He was very friendly and jolly and the children were delighted to see him.  They all assured him that they will be tucked up in bed nice and early on Christmas Eve.



We have a nice new sunflower 'Photos' icon on our Reception page and our New Year's Resolution is to post photos a little more regularly.

Nativity Photos

Please open the star icon above to see the 'Everyone Loves a Baby!' photos.  We hope you like them!

Reception Christmas Party

Our Christmas party is next Thursday 12th December.  The children may wear party clothes all day (or alternatively bring clothes to change into after lunch).  Please make sure their shoes are suitable for going outside!   We ask each child to bring in a small snack for themselves in a named container (usual healthy eating rules can be relaxed)  The children will be reminded that they must be no food sharing at all because some children have severe food allergies.

Everyone Loves a Baby!

We are delighted with the children's performances today and yesterday and hope you are too!  We are very proud of every child and hope that this retelling of the nativity story marks the beginning of Christmas in a special way for you.  

Classroom Christmas Displays

Next week (2.12.19), we will be decorating our classrooms for Christmas and would like children to donate a decoration from home to create a Christmas and Winter traditions display. This should not be anything of sentimental value as it will be handled by children and could easily get broken!  Many thanks, The Reception Team.

Request for a stamped addressed envelope

The children will be making and writing Christmas cards to you next week.  We would be very grateful if you would send in a stamped addressed envelope (addressed to you).

Everyone Loves a Baby! 

Tuesday 3rd December 2pm

Wednesday 4th December 9.15 am

Please let us know as soon as possible (if you haven't already) if you would like your child to borrow a school nativity costume.

We are busy rehearsing and are very pleased with the children.  A little more practice of their lines at home wouldn't go amiss though!  Our dress rehearsal for the Infants is this Friday (29th November) and we have another on Monday for the Juniors.  

Junk Modelling!

We are collecting boxes and packets for junk modelling in school.  We are particularly looking for boxes that could be used for rockets or space ships.  Packets that are cone, cylinder, cube or cuboid shapes would be very useful.  We cannot accept packets that have contained nuts or loo rolls.  Many thanks!

Nativity Costumes

If you are providing your child's own costume please let us know and then send it to school.  If you would like to borrow a school costume let us know and if we have one we will send it home for you to check the size and to wash.  Please pin your child's name on any costume and put it in a named bag.

Christmas Nativity - 'Everyone Loves a Baby!'

Tuesday 2pm 3rd December

Wednesday 9.30 am 4th December

We are in the process of allocating parts for our nativity play and we will be letting you know your child's part very soon.  If you would like to provide your child with a costume that will be great - otherwise we do have a limited selection at school.  After finding out which children would like to speak we have allocated around half of them a speaking part in the nativity.  We will be sending home these words for you to practise at home as a matter of some urgency! (We only have a couple of weeks before our performance).  The children are all busy learning the songs at the moment and are doing so well.  We are all very excited about starting rehearsals next week.

Autumn Walk to the Bollin

We all really enjoyed our Autumn walk yesterday and your children were delightful.  One little girl came back to class and said 'That was the best day ever!  Can we go again tomorrow?'  Many thanks to all the parents who were able to come with us.


Parent Evening

We are looking forward to meeting with you tomorrow (November 7th) or on Wednesday (November 13th).  We will need to keep our appointments to strictly 10 minutes to avoid keeping you all waiting.  We find that it is helpful for you to knock at the door at your appointed time to help keep us on track!

Tuesday 5th November

A friendly reminder for all parents that school starts at 8:40.  All school gates will be locked at 8:40 and late children will need to go to the office. 



Just a reminder that as a church school we do not celebrate Halloween. Please do not allow your child to bring in any Halloween paraphernalia on Thursday.  

Favourite Books survey

From the surveys which have been returned so far it is clear that Julia Donaldson is the children's top favourite author with her Gruffalo books, A Squash and a Squeeze, Stick Man, Tiddler, Zog and the Flying Doctors and he Smartest Giant in Town and the Selfish Crocodile.  The Tiger who Came to Tea and The Bear Hunt are also very popular.  


Parents' favourite authors were Enid Blyton and Roald Dahl.  


It's not too late to send in your questionnaire - we love to read them all.


Autumn Walk

We are planning to go on our Autumn walk around the Bollin next Tuesday morning (November 5th).  If you would like to come with us please let one of us know.  You will all be very welcome.  Children will definitely need their wellington boots in school as it could be extremely muddy.  The path is not suitable for push chairs.  We will be leaving school first thing in the morning after registration and estimate that we will return by 10.30 am.


Technology Questionnaire

We would love to find out what technological devices your child uses at home and are sending home another questionnaire for you and would be very grateful if you would fill it in and send it back to school.



Welcome back to school!  We are looking forward to hearing all about your child's half-term break.  This half term your children will be learning all about Light and Dark, Space and Christmas and Winter traditions so please dig out your information books and brush up on your own knowledge.  We will be finding out what your children already know about each topic and what they would like to find out.  


We will also be shortly going on an Autumn walk down to the river Bollin and you will all be very welcome to join us.  More details to follow soon.


We also have 2 theatre dates this half term.  On Monday 16th December we will be watching Christopher's Christmas at school and on Wednesday 18th December we will be going to see Mr Popper's Penguins at Sale Water Park.


Your children will be working hard in phonics to learn all Phase 2 sounds before Christmas.  Please keep up your hard work at home - it really will make all the difference!


Does anyone have any old house phones?  We would love to have them in our role play areas if so.  Also, if you are clearing out old pots and pans please send them our way - the children love to make leaf stew and mud pie outside.

Favourite Books

We will shortly be sending home a little questionnaire about Favourite Books in your household.  Please let us know the books which your child asks for again and again.  We would love to know your own favourites from when you were a child too!


We kindly ask the children to bring in special bread from home for their peers to try in class.  This could be a family favourite or a type of bread that is specific to your culture or background.   This is a yummy way for the children to talk about their family and links tastily with our Harvest activities.  We will be tasting breads on Wednesday 16th October.  Many thanks!

Friday invitation

We would like to invite 3 parents/carers each Friday from 2.10 to spend an hour with us in Reception.  This will be an opportunity for you to read or play a game with a group of children.  There is a sign up sheet in each classroom - please put your name down if you would like to come.  We look forward to welcoming you soon.

Harvest Festival in the school hall on Thursday 10th October - Reception and Year One

You are all welcome to come to celebrate Harvest Festival with us next week.  The children are learning the following songs: 'Paintbox', 'Thank you God for the Harvest', 'Big Red Combine Harvester', 'I can see Cherries', 'Under the Harvest Moon' and 'Dingle Dangle Scarecrow'  You will not be able to find all of these on youtube but the children may be able to sing them to you!  

The children are invited to bring in dry or tinned goods to display in the school hall.  



Curriculum Evening - this Thursday 3rd October in the school hall at 7pm

Please come on Thursday to find out more about our curriculum.  We will be explaining how we teach phonics (reading and writing) and maths.  



This week we are sending home reading bags with our Reading Record  (and communication) booklet.  We will be asking you to help your child to learn particular sounds and tricky words as well as practising blending (sounding out) the words listed in each set.  We will be explaining more about our curriculum this Thursday evening .


We would be grateful if you would reinforce the concept of 'pairs' with your child.  One pair being made up of two objects can be tricky for a child to understand.  We are talking a lot about pairs of socks, shoes, gloves etc and showing the children that 2 pairs of gloves is  the same as 4 individual gloves.

Curriculum Evening on Thursday 3rd October at 7pm

You are all welcome to come and find out more about what your child will be learning and how you can help support them.


Tripod Grip

Please encourage your child to use the correct tripod grip (3 finger hold) when drawing and writing.  An incorrect grip is a really hard habit to break.



As cold weather approaches it will be a huge help if your child can put on their coat and do it up independently.



All children will take home a 'sharing book' next week from our book corner.  All children will receive a school 'Reading Record'.  Please look at this book carefully as there will be sounds and 'tricky words' highlighted for your child to learn.  Children who know most sounds of the alphabet and can blend confidently will begin our reading scheme.  More about reading at our Curriculum evening on Thursday 3rd October.

Using scissors

The children have been busy practising their cutting skills this week.  We would be grateful for any extra practice at home.  We do have left-handed scissors (yellow and green) at school for those who need them.


Getting undressed and dressed for PE

Please encourage your child to be as independent as possible when they are getting dressed in the morning.  We would like to have as much time as possible for our PE lesson (and less time spent dressing and undressing children!)


Rhyming Books

We are reading lots of rhyming books the children at school.  Please help your child at home to listen for rhymes in songs and stories.  This is an important skill for them to learn and will help them with reading and writing.



Running Track

The children have been using the running track this week.  It was lovely to see all 90 reception children running together in the Autumn morning sun.  We will be taking them out most mornings for a little blast of activity before they settle down for phonics in class.


Morning Drop-off

We are now encouraging the children to take their next step of independence and to be dropped off at our gate and walk into class by themselves.  Please talk to your child at home to prepare them.  We are hoping that by Monday 16th September they will all be skipping into school from the gate leaving their grown up behind.  You may of course collect them from the classroom at 3.10 as usual.

The children are learning about Autumn fruits and seeds. We have been asking them to bring Autumn leaves with their fruit to school and then we are identifying them.  We are building up a collection of oak leaves and acorns, horse-chestnut leaves and conkers and hawthorn leaves and berries.  We are encouraging the children to be able to name each leaf and fruit or seed.  The Woodland Trust (nature detectives) website is a fabulous source of information as well as having lots of fun activities for children and families to do together.  We love the look of the Autumn aged 3 - 5 activities (Giant Nature Letters, Conker Maths, Leaf Animals etc).

Please let us know if you do any of them - we would love to show the class. www.woodlandtrust.org/naturedetectives


On another note, we have noticed a lot of itchy heads in class. Please try to check your child's head regularly for head lice and treat them promptly if necessary.  Head lice spread very fast amongst little heads!







We are so pleased with the way in which your children are settling in to school.  They are learning lots of new routines and rules.  This week all the children have had their first PE lesson in the school hall.  Their lessons will be inside until the Summer term so they only need a T-shirt and shorts at the moment.  For those children who have not been at Bowdon Nursery they are becoming confident at taking their green tray, a knife, fork and spoon, choosing their lunch and carrying it back to their seat.  They choose to have milk or water with their meal (either a yellow or clear cup).  They have been playing outside in our play area as well as on the wooded area at the front of school.  We will soon be taking them on the running track on the back field.  Please remember to look at the 'What's New This Week' page where we put details each week of what your child has been learning.


If you have any concerns, queries or questions do please ask one of the Reception team and we will do our best to help.


We hope that you are all excited about this next stage in your child's life and will try to make the transition as easy as we can for you and your child.  We are all looking forward to getting to know you and your family this year.  Please speak to any of us in the Reception team with any concerns or questions.


This is your Reception page where you will find lots of helpful information about what your child is doing at school.  Please check here regularly for updates and don't forget to look in the 'What's New' page to find out what your child has been up to each week.


On your child's first day they may wish to bring in their little 'All about Me' which we are looking forward to reading. They will also need a coat and a water bottle (both clearly named please).  They will not need their book bag or PE kit just yet but you may choose to bring them in and leave them at school for safe-keeping.  All infant children are provided with a fruit or vegetable snack but you may provide your own if you wish (please ensure that it is kept in a named container).  


Your child's transition to school will be made easier for them if all their uniform, book bag, PE bag and kit, water bottle and snack container, coat and shoes are clearly named.  Named items are generally speedily returned to their owners but unnamed, unloved property can disappear forever into a mysterious black hole never to be seen again.




Suitable Snacks allowed in school

Some Research into Boys Development...