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Goodbye Reception!

We can't believe that we are in the final week of the school year!  The children all visited their new teacher today and came back very excited.  All their books will be coming home this week and we hope you enjoy reading them together.  We are all delighted with the progress they have made this year.

We wish you all a very happy holiday and would like to thank you very much for all your support.

Sport's Day - Wednesday 26th June will start soon after 1 pm (weather dependent so please check for updates)

The children have been practising for their races and we hope that they will now stay in their own lane!  We are looking forward to seeing you there if you are able to make it.  The children will be sitting with their class on mats at the side of the track.  We would be very grateful if you would ensure that they have suitable footwear in school next week and that it fits comfortably.  If the weather turns hot please remember to provide a water bottle, sun hat and apply sunscreen before school.  Many thanks.

Welcome back to the final half term of the year!  We hope you have all enjoyed a restful and fun time together over the holiday. We are looking forward to hearing your children's news on Monday and to seeing how much they have grown in the past 2 weeks!


Don't forget that from Monday (10th June) you will be dropping your child off at either of the 2 main playground gates with the rest of the school.  We have shown the children these gates and explained this next step in their independence to them.  We are hoping that they will all come skipping onto the playground on Monday!


We will start the final half term with a mini topic on Superheroes so please send in any (named) Superhero books to share with us.  We continue number work with subtraction (counting back one, two or three from a given number).  We will be consolidating teaching of numbers to 20 (ordering, finding missing numbers and counting forward and back from a given number, number bonds to 10/20 and counting in 2s).  We will also be teaching counting in 5s and 10s.  We will also be teaching more about capacity, 3d shape, telling the time, days of the week and money.


Friday Visits

It has been lovely to see some of you coming in on a Friday at 2.20 to look at your child's books with them.  The children are so proud of their progress and love to share what they have achieved with you.  We hope you will want to annotate their work with your own comments and anecdotes!



Recycled boxes and tubes

We will be very grateful for any empty boxes and tubes you are able to send to school. We would like to do some model making and have depleted stocks of boxes etc.  Your children will be designing pet carriers and emergency service vehicles soon!

People Who Help Us

Our current topic is People Who Help Us.  If you would like to come and talk (briefly) to the children about your job please let one of us know and we can give you a little guidance as to what to say.  The children always really enjoy these visits (especially when it's their own parent) and we do too!  We look forward to hearing from you.

Reception Class Worship

We have been so pleased with all the Reception children who have taken part so enthusiastically in their recent whole class worship.  Many thanks for all your support and encouragement.  We are particularly pleased that they all clearly enjoyed taking part and spoke their words so clearly.


Friday invitation

We would like to give parents/carers the opportunity to come to school on a Friday afternoon from 2.20 to look at your child's books with him/her.  This will be a chance for your child to show you what they have been doing at school and the progress they are making.

Please let your child's teacher know if and when you are able to come.   The rest of the class will be going to Singing in the hall with Mrs Brierley as usual. 

We are looking forward to welcoming you in soon!

Drop off Arrangements after Half Term - Preparation for Year One

At this time of year we start preparing Reception children for their transition to Year One and so after half term (from 10th June) all Reception children may be brought to either of the 2 main playground gates where they will wait in the playground with the rest of the school until they are brought in to the class at 8.40.  The Reception gate will be open only for Nursery children and our classroom doors will be locked until 8.40.  Teachers will still be available to talk to on both gates.  

We find that this makes settling into new routines in September easier for you as well as your child.

We hope you are all having a lovely restful Easter break.  We are looking forward to seeing the children soon and to hearing about their holiday. It's hard to believe this will be your child's final term in Reception! We will be starting off the term learning about Animal Lifecycles before moving on to People Who Help Us, Superheroes, Growing Plants, Traditional Tales (Fairy Tales) and finishing off the year with Transport and Travel.


In the Summer term (weather permitting) PE lessons take place outside.  Please will you provide your child with suitable footwear (clearly named) for use on the MUGA (astroturf and tarmac).  You may choose to leave these at school or alternatively your child may bring them in on the day of his/her PE lesson.  RC and RH will be on Tuesdays and RQ on Thursdays.

Imagine That

We had a great trip to Imagine That on Friday.  There really is something for everyone to enjoy.  We hope that you have heard all about your child's day.  Many thanks to the parents (and grandma) who accompanied us. There are a few photos on the 'What's New This Week' page.


Easter Service on Thursday 4th April at St Mary's Church

If you would like to come to church with us you will be very welcome.  We will be leaving school as soon as we can after register (probably around 8.55).  The children may wear an Easter bonnet - we would be very grateful if any eggs, chicks or anything else is securely attached so that we avoid any upset on our journey!  We will be returning to school in time for lunch.

Forthcoming Class Assembly dates for your diaries

The children are always very excited about their class assembly - please come and watch if you are able.  You may watch either assembly at 8.50 or 9.20 (and some people have been known to watch both!)

RH - Tuesday April 30th 

RQ - Wednesday May 8th 

RC - Wednesday May 15th

iSing Pop

The children are all really enjoying learning the new iSing Pop songs - they are great!  We are sure you will all enjoy them too.  If anyone would like to accompany us on our walk to church on Thursday morning you will be very welcome - please let a member of the Reception team know.  Order forms can be brought in to school on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday.  Alternatively you will have an opportunity to buy CDs and T-shirts after the concert on Thursday.

Imagine That - Friday March 29th

Don't forget to have a look at the Imagine That website before our trip (www.imaginethat.org.uk).  This is a fabulous trip and the children always have a great time running about from one activity to another.  These activities range from art/craft, science experiments, physical play, dressing up and role play to sand and water play.   

Easter bonnets for our Easter service at St Mary's on Thursday 4th April

We will be walking up to St Mary's for our Easter service and you are very welcome to accompany us.  Our Reception children are always invited to make and wear an Easter bonnet.  Please feel no pressure to create anything elaborate and if your child does not want to wear one that's OK too.  We do ask you to make sure that any chicks or eggs are attached firmly to the bonnet to avoid us chasing after lost chickens on our journey to church!  We will be leaving school at around 9.30 that morning - please let your class teacher know if you are able to come.

Star Moments

Thank you so much for all the wonderful 'Star Moments' which are pouring in - we love finding out about your child's achievements at home!  We will be sending out more star sheets soon.

'Imagine That', and 'iSing Pop'

A gentle reminder to send in your trip forms (permission slip and lunch choice) as well as any 'iSing Pop' orders please.

Reception Curriculum

Don't forget to look under 'Key Information>Curriculum>Reception' for details of what your child will be learning this term.  After half term we will be looking at Dinosaurs so this may be a good time to hunt out your dinosaur books and brush up on your knowledge of dinosaur facts!  The children will be working hard with their phonic skills and developing independence in their writing.  They will be learning more about numbers and learning early addition and subtraction skills as well as measuring and comparing different lengths, weights and capacities.

Have a look at the photos which have been added to the 'What's New' page.

Request for Pine cones and pots and pans

We would be very grateful for any pine cones you may be able to find so the children can make pine cone hedgehogs.  Also the children love playing with old metal pots, pans, colanders, large metal and wooden spoons in our outside play area.  They have a lot of fun concocting meals for themselves using bark and leaves and more kitchen implements are always gratefully received!

Letter and Number formation

The children are working very hard on learning correct letter and number formation at school.  They are beginning to gain confidence in writing simple sentences independently which is resulting in delightful phonetic spellings.  We love to see  examples of their developing skills so please send any of their independent writing in to school to show us.  We will be delighted to show the rest of the class and give them a sticker.


Chinese New Year

It will shortly be Chinese New Year (5th Feb).  We will be very grateful if we may borrow any decorations, artefacts or other resources to help support the children's learning.  (Please don't send anything precious to school though!)

Welcome back to the start of the Spring term - it was lovely to see the children and to hear about their holidays.  We would like to 

thank you for the kind words and support you are showing to us at this very sad time for the school community.

Christmas Party

Our Christmas Party yesterday went really well - the children enjoyed playing musical bumps, musical statues and the 'Shops' game with lots of energetic dancing involved.  A surprise visit from Father Christmas caused great excitement and we finished off our afternoon singing Christmas songs with the rest of the infants.  (See 'What' New This Week' for a photo of FC and his elf and some 'freezing' children playing Musical Statues).

We would be very grateful if you would send in a carrier bag as soon as possible for your child's Christmas book and other belongings.  

Christmas Holiday

It's hard to believe we are at the end of your child's first term already!  We hope you will all enjoy a lovely Christmas holiday and have lots of time to rest and recharge batteries.  We do not expect you to do any particular 'homework' over the holiday except for phonics and reading practice please.  Traditional board games which involve counting forward and back are great for number skills and if your child is so inclined hand writing practice never goes amiss!

We would like to thank you for the support and encouragement you have given to your child/children this term.

Reception Party on Thursday 20th 

For our party we are asking you to provide a little party snack for your child. They will have lunch as usual so won’t need a feast!  Also please do not send anything to school containing nuts.  The children will be playing musical bumps and musical statues before their little snack.  

Party clothes can be worn all day but delicate shoes may be better brought to school in a bag to change into after outdoor play.


Please find your nativity photos on the 'What's New This Week' page


Our practice today was great - the children are doing so well and were very excited to use the microphones.  A little last minute practice of their lines at home would be helpful please.  You and your child's close family are very welcome to come to either performance (Tuesday 1.30 or Wednesday 9.15) but please only come once or we won't be able to squeeze you in.


Sale Waterside Raymond Briggs Father Christmas (Thursday 14th December)

A gentle reminder to pay for this exciting trip via parentpay (£12.50).


Teach your Monster to Read 

We love this website and we think your children will too.  It's a great way of encouraging your child with phonics.



Request for Stamped-Addressed Envelopes

We will be reading The Jolly Christmas Postman at school next week and talking to the children about sending letters in the post.  We would love you to receive your child's Christmas card by post and would be very grateful if you are able to provide a stamped-addressed envelope before the last postage date (Tuesday 18th December for 2nd Class stamps).  

Tapestry Letter Challenge

Can you make a letter (of the alphabet) using everyday objects?  We would love to see your ideas - please post them on Tapestry and we will share them with the class.


Hey Ewe Nativity

We hope you all really enjoyed watching our nativity this week.  We are so pleased with them all and think they were amazing.

Nativity Start Time on Tuesday 4th December

Apologies for giving you the wrong time for the start of Tuesday's nativity - this will start at 2pm not 1.30.


We are very much looking forward to receiving exciting news or photographs from home or your child's achievements.  Tapestry posts are lovely to share with the class and the children are always very proud to have these recognised in school.  

Please check in your emails (including junk) for an invitation to join Tapestry.

Hey Ewe! - Tuesday pm 4th and Wednesday am 5th December

We are all getting excited about our nativity play 'Hey Ewe!' and hope you are too.  Please let us know whether you are providing your own costume or would like to borrow one from school (stocks are limited so if you need to borrow one please ask soon).  If you are using a school costume you may wish to wash it and make sure it fits well and that you are happy with it.  Children will have bare feet so there is no need to provide tights (unless they are footless).  You may return costumes to us as soon as you like as long as it's before Tuesday 27th November.  Please label your child's costume as well as the bag in which it comes.  There is no need to provide extra bits and pieces (shepherd's crooks or gloves) which can easily get lost.  

We are busy practicing our nativity songs and hope your children are entertaining you with them at home!

Letter formation 

We would be grateful for any letter formation practice you can do at home with your child/children.  Persistent and regular practice is the key to good handwriting as bad habits can be hard to break.  We are also trying to ensure correct pencil grip in reception as, once again, once an incorrect grip becomes ingrained it can be hard to change.  Please also encourage your child to write their name correctly as we are still finding that some children are writing their name with a mixture of capitals and lower case letters or forming letters incorrectly.  Writing Christmas cards can be a good way to practice!

End of WW1 Celebration Day - Friday 9th

The children look amazing in their Edwardian costumes today and we are all having lots of fun.  The whole school observed a minute's silence at 11.00 in the playground which was made extra special by The Last Post being played at the start and finish.  We all sang Keep the Home Fire's Burning and It's a Long Way to Tipperary. 


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5

Autumn Walk - Friday 2nd November

We had a lovely Autumn walk yesterday - it was a perfect Autumn day and the sun even came out for us.  The children enjoyed finding some mud to squelch through and even a few puddles.  They found and saw lots of interesting things on the way including the postman in his van (twice), a huge dog, some smaller dogs, people walking, a man running,  aeroplanes, lots of red berries, some tiny feathers, a bridge over the Bollin river and some slippery cobbles.


Next week the children will be using lots of positional language: over the stile, down the path, along the lane, next to the river, up the steps and any others we can think of!


A big thank you to all the grown ups who came with us.

Picture 1 down the path
Picture 2 over the bridge
Picture 3 through the mud
Picture 4 along the lane

The children have been practicing their cutting skills this week.  We have found quite a few children are not holding the scissors correctly which makes the task a lot harder.  Please would you check this at home and encourage them to practice if necessary.  Thank you!


The children are working hard on independent writing skills.  Please encourage them at home by practicing oral blending of words and by revision of sounds and letters.  We always love to see how they are getting on at home so don't forget you can send us photographs on Tapestry or send any work in to school.

It's hard to believe that the children have already finished their first half term!  We hope you all enjoy the half term holiday and have plenty of fun and relaxation too.


If you're looking for any ideas for how to help your child/children at home please look at the 'What's new this week' page.  Here are a few more ideas below:


The children have been learning all about adding one more to another number.  We teach them that 5+1 is the same as 6, rather than 5 +1 equals  6.  They have been learning by throwing a bean bag on a hopscotch grid and then saying the number which comes next.  They have been adding 2 die together when the second one shows a one.  

We are still reading lots of rhyming books as well as those with a repeating refrain which the children can join in with.

We are going over and over the letters and sounds which  are in your reading record books, along with the tricky words.  Any practice of phonics  (letter recognition and blending sounds as well as letter formation) is always helpful.


Tapestry Online Learning Journal

You will shortly be receiving an invitation to activate your account.  In Reception Tapestry is used for you to share updates of your child's progress and achievements at home.  We love to see what your children have been doing at home and sometimes share photos with the class.  As a team we will continue to use the school website to provide information and photos and we look forward to receiving your Tapestry posts.



Parent Helpers

We love to invite parent (or grandparent) helpers into class.  From the week commencing November 5th one adult per class may join us from 1.20 until the end of the day to help with an activity.  Available days will be Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.  We will put up a sign up sheet during the first week back.  To allow as many of you as possible to come in we only allow one visit per half term per child.

We will prepare an activity (usually crafty, sometimes messy) for you and ask that you carry it out for the afternoon.  We will be very grateful if you tidy up as well!

We look forward to welcoming you soon.


Request for a piece of fruit or vegetable

This week (commencing Monday 15th October) the children are learning through a topic called 'Sharing the Harvest'.  We would be very grateful if children could bring in one piece of fruit or vegetable for us to investigate and use to make prints with too.  We would like the children to compare the colour, texture, seed or stone, pattern inside  and smell of each.  


Request for a plastic bottle (large or small)

We will be making large Remembrance Day poppies and to this end would really appreciate any plastic bottles.


Many thanks in advance!

Infant Harvest Festival - 9.15 on Thursday 11th October 

You are all welcome to celebrate Harvest Festival with us this Thursday in the School Hall. 

Harvest gifts (tins, packets, boxes only please) may be brought in through the side doors of the hall any time from 8.30.  


Reading Bags and Books

We are starting our reading scheme this week.  Some children will be taking home reading scheme books and others will have phonic activity sheets.  Each child has a reading day (marked on the front of their reading record book) and this is the only day we need to have their reading bag in school.  If you were unable to attend our Curriculum evening last week you may need a little more explanation of how our reading scheme works.  If you have any questions about anything please arrange to see your child's class teacher.

Don't forget to look at www.oxfordowl.co.uk - it has some great resources and advice for helping your child to read.

The children are working hard on their handwriting and learning to form letters correctly.  Any letter and number practice at home will be a big help.  We will have covered letters s a t p i n m d g o c k by the end of the week.


This week we are making repeating patterns - for example, red, blue, red, blue; circle, square, square, circle, square, square etc.

We are encouraging the children to look for repeating patterns at home.  Do they have any stripey clothing?  Can they see patterns in any textiles?


We have also been reading stories with repeating refrains - 'We're going on a Bear Hunt' and 'Little Rabbit Foo Foo'.  Do you have any books with repeating refrains at home?

Kids Collective Parents

Please remember to look in your class box for letters.  There are lots of parent evening slips which have not been picked up.

Picture 1 Drawing around each other in the sun
Picture 2 Voting for favourite season

Reception Meeting

Just a reminder that we will be holding our Reception meeting on Wednesday (3rd October) at 7pm in the school hall. This is where we will go over our curriculum and school routines. Please could you spread the word to other parents.


Many thanks, looking forward to seeing you there! 

Morning Drop-off

The children are doing so well with the new morning drop-off.  Quite a few are now skipping into school with hardly a backward glance.  We understand that for some children it will take longer but we are actively encouraging children to leave their grown up at the gate!

Letters and Sounds

We've now started teaching letter names and their sounds as well as how to write them.  If your child is beginning to write letters at home please encourage correct letter formation and pencil grip.  We always love to see what they have been doing at home so any of their fledgling letter writing will be gratefully received!  This week we learned all about letters 's', 'a', 't', and 'p'.  Next week we move on to 'i', 'n', 'm' and 'd'. 


Parents' Evening - Monday 8th and Tuesday 16th October

We are looking forward to meeting you all over the next couple of weeks.  At this meeting we will be talking about how your child has settled in to school and hope to answer any questions you may have.  We try very hard not to keep anyone waiting so please knock on the door when it is your allotted time.  We will be giving you a correct hand writing formation and pencil grip sheet.  We will also be giving you a copy of the 30-50 and 40-60 month expectations and Early Learning Goals.


Reception Curriculum page

Don't forget to look under the 'Curriculum' page for our Autumn term curriculum, details of the Letters and Sounds reading programme (www.letters-and-sounds.com), the Jolly Phonics letter actions and the Early Learning Goals towards which your child is working.

Picture 1 Hard at work


We are working on rhyming skills at the moment and reading lots of lovely rhyming stories.  If you have any at home that you would like to read with your child/children or send in to school for us to read that would be great.  We really want to make sure that the children can hear rhymes and are able to continue a rhyming string.


Number work

The children are working hard on reciting numbers to 20 and counting back from 10.  They are also practicing number recognition to 10 and ordering number cards from 1 to 10.  We would be very grateful for any reinforcement of these skills at home.


New Parent Curriculum Evening - Wednesday 3rd October 7pm in the school hall


Next Wednesday we will run through key areas of the Reception curriculum and address any questions you may have about how and what your child is taught and how you can help your child at home. 


We will explain how we teach phonics and prepare your child to learn to read.  The following week (commencing 8th October) we will be sending home a reading record book with each child as well as a 'sharing' book from our class book shelf.  When children can blend confidently and have learned most alphabet sounds they will be ready to start our school reading scheme.  Until then they will concentrate on learning sounds and on blending skills. All this will be explained in greater depth at our Curriculum Evening.

The children are settling in so well now that we will be encouraging them to walk through the gate by themselves from Monday 24th September.

Week commencing 17th September

We are looking forward to another busy week.  We will be talking to the children about the signs of Autumn all around them.  If they would like to show us any Autumn fruits (conkers, acorns, chestnut cases etc) we would love to see them.

We will also gratefully receive plastic bottles (large or small).  We will be using the ends to make giant poppy wreaths for the centenary celebrations for the end of WW1.

Monday 10th September

The children settled in very well last week for their one day and we are hoping that it won't take too long before they are all running into school without a backward glance!  We will all be doing our best to help your child/children settle in happily. 

Please remember to talk to any of the Reception staff if you have any questions or concerns.

Welcome to Bowdon Church School!


We are all looking forward to getting to know you and your children and are busy getting ready for the new term.  The first few days when we only have 10 children in each class will give us a really lovely opportunity to spend time with every child.  We do understand that leaving your child at school may be difficult for some of you.  Please talk to your child and prepare them for the separation, reminding them that they will have a really good day and that you will look forward to hearing all about it later. 


If you have any questions or concerns please speak to any of the Reception team.


Named PE kit can be brought to school in a named bag at any time.  Book bags will not be needed immediately.

Suitable Snacks allowed in school

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