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Welcome to Year 4!

We would like to officially welcome you all to our joint Year 4 blog page. Here, you will find examples of our learning/ trips/ exciting events on a weekly basis.


We would like to remind parents to ensure that their children have their full kits (including trainers and socks) every day. Earrings must be taken out for their P.E. and games lessons- if your child is unable to remove their earrings, please could you send them in with some medical tape.


Homework will be sent out every Monday/ Tuesday to be returned by the following Monday.


We look forward to getting to know each and every one of you! -Miss Hong, Mrs Davies and Mr McCarthy. 

Pond Dipping - Life cycles and habitats - What can you see?

Enterprise Challenge 2019

Sports’ Day

This Monday was Sports’ Day! The children participated in sprinting, skipping, sack and quoit and beanbag races. It was a brilliant afternoon and we hope you had as much fun watching as we did! 



Year 4 Trip to Bramhall Hall - June 14th

Disaster Hits Y4M!

Still image for this video
Can you use this as a writing stimulus to create your own short story?

Illuminated Letters 4H

This week, we continued with our illuminated letters using oil pastels. Don’t they look beautiful!?



Y4M Show and Tell Quiz


  1. What grade did Ruby do in her drama exam and what score did she get? (5)
  2. Who got into the Guinness World Book of Records and why? (15)
  3. How many miles did Will, Jack and Ben walk on their charity walk? (14)
  4. Roughly how much did Will, Jack and Ben raise for charity and which charities? (20)
  5. Who is going to Cleveleymere and why? (6)
  6. Who went to Orlando, Florida and what souvenirs did they show the class (2)
  7. What was George’s favourite ride in Sea World? (13)
  8. Who had the grossest 'show and tell' and what was it? (12)
  9. What country did Seb and Sophie go skiing in? (1)
  10.  “This pillow is made of baby birds!” was a quote from which movie and who said it in our class? (18)
  11. Cupcakes, Jelly and a key were designs shown on what, by who? (7)
  12. Cameron had a flamingo from Kenya – name as many countries that touch Kenya as possible. (19)
  13. Go Girl is a book of inspiring quotes shown by Leila – who said “I don’t belong to anyone but myself and neither do you”. (11)
  14. What is Alicia’s dog called and how old is it? (3)
  15. Name the two places in Wales that Archer visited. (16)
  16. What two cities did Mr McCarthy go to in the USA? (8)
  17. Whose aunty lives in Dublin and what exciting thing will happen in October? (4)
  18. Name the song performed live by George, Josiah and Cameron.  What is the band called? (17)
  19. What city did Lily visit and which birds did she mention? (10)
  20. When is Ellie’s gymnastics exam and what moves will she be doing in it? (or equipment used) (9)

Bonus tiebreaker BCS won at The Cliff: 9 teams, 8 matches, Final against Tyntesfield (TPS) 3-1, Won 7, drew 1 match.



  1. Grade 3 – 95% / Distinction
  2. Ruby for the largest simultaneous drama show across multiple locations (Beauty and the Beast)
  3. 12.5 -13.5 miles
  4. Over £1000 for Barnabus, Green Peace, WWF
  5. Zoe for her Dad’s 40th
  6. George – a caricature and an alligator’s head
  7. Maco in Seaworld
  8. Elizabeth – a flattened frog
  9. Austria
  10. Madagascar – Oliver
  11. Pebbles by Mindy
  12. Ethiopia, Somalia, Sudan, Uganda, Tanzania
  13. Ariana Grande
  14. Wolfy and 2.5
  15. Colwyn Bay and Llandudno
  16. Miami and New Orleans
  17. Sophie – her aunt is expecting a baby
  18. Friendship – JCG
  19. York – Owl, hawk, golden eagle
  20. May – full turn, hand spring, backwards circle and hip circle / beam, bars, vault
 This week, we wrote letters from Mary’s perspective. The children recounted the events of Easter Sunday focusing on the resurrection of Christ. Well done to the three children who read their letters at church!

Year 4D Birthday Month Class Bar Chart

Anglo Saxon & Viking trip to Tatton Park 4M & 4D

 This week, we went to Tatton Park to start off our Anglo-Saxons and Vikings topic. We spent the whole day outside doing various activities with REAL Anglo-Saxons and Vikings. We weaved string to make colourful braids, made bread, learnt about different weapons and about the different materials available for people at the time. We thoroughly enjoyed dressing up! Thank you to all our parent helpers. 



4D making musical instruments

Preparing our weather forecasts - chilly with a chance of meatballs!

Science investigation - sound insulation testing in Y4M

Y4 Trip to the Mosque

A busy start to 2019 in Year 4

Investigating sound vibrations travelling through different mediums and the most effective way of using a string telephone.

Christmas Party - Feasting and Games

Ground level at Y3/4 Christmas Party

Still image for this video

Ukulele Concert

 This week, 4H performed their ukulele concert. A very musical day, all in all, as we also took part in two carol services on the same day!  Well done to everyone for their beautiful singing and excellent musicianship. Keep it up!



Talk it, Ask it, Solve it

 In today's maths lesson we completed several "Talk it, Ask it, Solve it" tasks. This involved us reading questions to eliminate certain answers. We had to convert measurements in order to do this- useful revision! We then took it in turns to choose answers and our partner had to ask us questions in order to guess which one we had chosen. 



A fun morning of maths activities 6/12/18

'Rewind to Christmas' at ABC

Today, November 27th, Y4 visited Altrincham Baptist Church for 'Rewind to Christmas'.  The morning consisted of a variety of activities including quizzes, code-breaking, candle holder making, and of course lots of fun learning and discussions around the Christmas story.   Thank you to all the volunteers at the church for making it such a fun-filled and atmospheric morning.

KG to G, G to KG

  In maths this week, we have been looking at measuring mass and converting from kg to g and g to kg. 

We learnt about how we can use place value grids to help us divide and multiply by 10, 100 and 1000. 

During Golden Time, Emma decided to do some more maths learning of her own and created this table! Well done, Emma and the rest of Y4!


- 23.11.18

November 23rd - a week in Y4.

Dr Walton (orthopedic surgeon) visits Y4

We had some very creative posters, videos and poetry homework handed in to help us remember about decimals.

Here is Alisia's rap from Y4M:

Decimal Rap

By Alisia

Decimals, decimals, you gotta get ‘em right,

If you want a higher number, move it to the right,

And if you want it less, move to the left,

But yeah the middle is the best.


You can only have one - cause if you have two,

You’ll get muddled up in some kind of stew!


After the number next to the decimal ,

You can have as many zeros as you like;

You can have a thousand, a million, now that’s all right!


Decimals, decimals, found in lengths and costs,

Looks like a full stop - but it’s actually not!


It’s placed between HTU and tenths & hundredths

Well I get that.


Decimals can be hard or easy,

or even easy-peasy lemon-squeezy!


Y4M Class assembly

WW1 History day   09.11.18

 Today, we are all dressed up as school children from the 1910s. We are doing this as part of our Remembrance Day at school. Year 4 walked up to church to learn about how WW1 affected those who lived in Bowdon during the time. We certainly learnt a lot! There was a "trench" area set up inside St. Mary's, a medical cabinet inside the Stamford Chapel and the poppies that were hung up inside the church were breathtakingly beautiful. On our walk down to school, we walked through the graveyard where we were able to find three WW1 graves. 


Thank you to our parent helpers!

We remembered them - a very special day

Remembrance Day Centenary 9.11.18


This week we are looking at fractions! Today, we looked at the different ways fractions can be represented and how we can find fractions all around us!



 This week, we went up to church to celebrate Harvest. The Y4 children wrote some harvest prayers and a few of us were selected to read them out at church. The teachers were all impressed with how beautifully and confidently we read! Thank you to all the parent helpers who walked up and down with us!



Irish Dance sneak preview!

Still image for this video
Here is a sneak preview of our class Irish dance - all shall be revealed on Nov 14th!

Digestive System Investigation

 This week in science, we have been looking at the digestive system. We wanted to really understand what happens at each stage of the digestive system inside each organ. As a class, we conducted an investigation to visually demonstrate what happens when you eat food. We used a knife and a plate to represent the teeth and then put the banana and crackers inside a bag (stomach). We added water (saliva) and orange juice/vinegar (acid in stomach) and mushed it all together to mimic the actions of the stomach wall. We then emptied the contents of the bag into a pair of tights. We observed that juices leaked out of the tights- this is similar to how the nutrients are sucked by the small intestine to feed the body. Then the waste food travelled down the tights (large intestine) and out into a "toilet" bowl. We found the experiment insightful and slightly disgusting!




Picasso Inspired Art

 In art this term, we have been looking at several famous artists. In particular, we have been inspired by Pablo Picasso. We have learnt that he likes to use shapes as part of his portraits. Last week, we copied one of Picasso's famous portraits. This week however, we looked at creating our own abstract designs. To do this, we drew two pictures of our partner. Then we split the portraits into sixths. We then stuck them down (mixed and matched). As you can see, they're eerily abstract!



Nets of 3D shapes

This week, we have been looking at 2D and 3D shapes. We have learnt a lot about what language we must use when discussing their properties and have particularly enjoyed creating nets of 3D solids. We learnt that the faces of the 3D shapes determine the nets and investigated which nets would make cubes.