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Moving On to Secondary School

The transfer from primary to secondary school is an important milestone in the life of your child. For most children, the transfer to secondary school will be a straightforward process and the information provided by Trafford, the secondary schools themselves and staff at BCS will inform your decision.


Trafford Local Authority (LA) is responsible for processing applications for transfer to secondary school, for all its residents, for any state funded secondary school, including academy schools and free schools. The Trafford School Admissions Team is always available to give help and realistic advice. 


You can send an e-mail to: 

You can telephone School Admissions on the following number: 0161 912 5007 or 0161 912 5080

Please note, parents need to apply to individual Grammar schools to take the required entrance exams. 

Please the link below  'Grammar School Admission Arrangements' for more information.

We know that moving on from Bowdon Church School can be a difficult time for both children and parents. We have a lot of experience supporting families through this process and are here to offer guidance and support.

The most important advice we have is for families to visit prospective schools and to keep an open mind. Many schools have changed dramatically in recent years and by visiting the school, talking to staff and pupils you will get a feel for where your child feels most comfortable. 

Once places have been allocated, Y6 staff are able to offer emotional support and practical advice for transition to secondary school. Most local schools offer opportunities to be involved in transition days and to meet some of their new teachers.