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Each year classes from Y2 to Y6 hold elections for School Council representatives.  The School Council runs along entirely democratic lines, where every person’s voice is equally important.  The representatives are elected based on the qualities that they show and after they have presented their ideas to the class.  The School Council is responsible for real decisions made concerning the running of the school and its role in the local and national community.


Other teams in school are formulated based on either application and appointment e.g. the building development team or on a class vote e.g. the Road Safety officers.

At Bowdon Church School each year the children draw up their class rules, the rights and responsibilities associated with these rules. All children are encouraged to contribute to the running of their classrooms and the school.


Our Y6 Management Team is led by a leadership team.  A rota is drawn up each term, giving every child in Y6 specific responsibility for organising and supporting specific aspects of school life.

Our school educates the children about democracy through visits to the school by the local magistrates and through engaging in debates and discussions about topics through our curriculum.  They thrive upon such debates and their level of understanding is at times quite startling.  Y6 regularly base these debates on recent news stories from updates on the whiteboard and their reading of a classroom children’s newspaper.  Aspects of democracy are also covered in our studies of History, The Royal Family, Politics and Enterprise.  In 2012 the two winning teams of ‘Bowdon Enterprise Challenge’ visited The House of Lords and 10 Downing Street.