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Useful links and Resources

Useful websites - Kiddle (a child friendly search engine) - an exciting new initiative from the BBC for parents, carers and professionals and it is aimed at developing children's language and communication skills and closing the 'word gap' in children aged 0-5.  Please take a look at some of its fun activity ideas as well as useful tips and advice. - a government initiative providing simple and fun activities to do with your child - Words for Life is created by the National Literacy Trust, funded by Kindred², the Department for Education, and supported by UK publishers. It provides parents, children and young people with activities and support to improve their language, literacy and communication skills from home.  - this is a fabulous game that teaches phonics, blending and segmenting and is free on computers - the children love engaging with Alphablocks and learn their sounds as well as blending and segmenting skills too - phonics help and resources  Whether you are just helping your child with their handwriting or need support because they are struggling, these age related resources, information and advice will guide you through the handwriting process.  

The UK's largest reading charity. From running the Children's Laureate to giving out books to families and schools, running exciting reading campaigns or celebrating the very best children's books with our prizes, everything the book trust do aims to inspire children – from babies to teenagers – to get started on their reading journeys. - lots of useful resources for phonics and reading as well as maths - tool for inspired writing and conversation


Numicon-guide-for-parents- Guide to how to use Numicon for parents. Numicon is an approach to teaching maths that helps your child to see connections between numbers, it supports your child as they learn early maths skills in nursery and primary school. It is a multi-sensory way of learning, which means your child learns by seeing and feeling.  We all use maths every day, often without realising it. We believe that every child can develop the numeracy skills they will need, both at school and throughout their lives. Helping your child feel confident about maths now gives them a head start.  Sing along and learn all about numbers with the Numberblocks! - science


The Woodland Trust - Lots of lovely ideas for enjoying nature with your child games selected for younger children ABCya - educational games that keep learning fun. - TVO is funded primarily by the Province of Ontario and is a registered charity.  TVOKids gets kids ready for school, life, and to take on the world through the power of learning Marks - has great literacy and maths games - fun literacy and maths games created by a UK teacher, aimed at KS1 children - Owlieboo,a first series of very simple computer games that could be handled by toddlers and young children: by just pressing any key whatsoever, something happens on the computer screen.It teaches children how to use a mouse through simple games. - Poisson Rouge - online colouring, teaching mouse control and use of colour