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Transition Y6 to Y7 - March to September

Offers are made by the local authority on March 1st. Please follow the link above for Trafford's advice on what to do next.

This can be quite an emotional day for many families as school offers are confirmed. Please remember that while children will be relieved and happy, others may feel quite the opposite. It is important for parents to let Y6 teachers know how their child is feeling so they can support them at school.

We send out an form to gather information on offers, since the local authority cannot share the data with us. Knowing what schools the children have been allocated helps us to plan the summer term, establish possible new friendships, support transition and introduce team building activities. It also helps us to advise the following year group and answer their questions about school offers.

Y6 to Y7 transition

All through the year, Year 6 staff have been helping to prepare the children to be ready for transition to secondary school. They have been taking on more responsibility around school, managing more complex homework routines, taking more responsibility for their own learning and possessions (we hope!).

The last half of the Summer term (June to July), many secondary schools initiate transition activities. These may include some or all of the following:

  • Y7 staff visiting BCS staff and pupils;
  • Y6 staff visiting secondary schools;
  • pastoral reports to help secondary school staff know how to support learning and wellbeing;
  • transition days or evenings organised by secondary schools;
  • sports or extracurricular activities run by secondary schools.


In school children who are anxious about moving on can speak in confidence to Year 6 staff, Mrs Moss or Mrs Power, who can all offer support and guidance.