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Y4 Homework

A note about homework

In Year 4, homework is usually set on a Monday and is due in the following Monday (unless stated otherwise). 


Homework generally falls under three strands:


Spellings - children are expected to learn up to 10 spellings each week for a test the following Monday. These will be uploaded onto your GoogleClassroom page. 


Maths - Each child has a MyMaths account and maths homework will be set on MyMaths to align with lessons that are currently being taught, or which have been taught the previous week. This means that skills knowledge should be fresh in the children's heads! 


Written homework - There will be a written assignment each week uploaded onto GoogleClassroom. Sometimes this will be a longer task which may last over more than one week, up to a homework project to last an entire term. Keep checking GoogleClassroom on a Monday for homework updates!


We hope that homework should be an enjoyable experience for children and enable parents to see where their child is up to with their learning. It shouldn't be lest until Sunday night as this will only lead to household upsets! Please encourage children to take responsibility for their homework and enable themselves to find this an enjoyable (rather than stressful) task.